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    2. Nomad


      Gotta agree with Shepherd, it remvoes the stupid lengths of the old script, but still keeps some kind of decamp script. (Also it automatically triggers the "pull out gun" thing on MRAPS but not other vehicles so there still is a difference)

    3. Jaffa


      Looks like I forgot to add a check on the new get out handling, we'll see how this goes for now though.

    4. Simon


      At least now you can tell when your weapon will actually start firing - I doubt the difference in time between getting out of the mrap and actually being able to shoot is much different at all.

  1. @Mad Yoke Seems we were a bit late for the meeting..
  2. Scorpex

    ConAir Update

    This would be a great addition to the server, especially if rebels could cap the zone for a discount, making their gear cheaper and giving a boost to rebel activity. As currently there is barely any. Big fat +1
  3. Was there with Rice Krispy, he simply got revived by the police after we took you from the cops and lost the gunfight, Also how are you sending us text messages when you are in restraints in the back of a car? You're also sending him messages by ''finding his ID'' in the car when you clearly just metagamed his name. And pretty sure its common sense that he got revived as its literally impossible to die in Kavala as Poseidon and be back there fully geared in 4 minutes, as we have to spawn at Poseidon Base and neither of us have access to a helicopter. I'm not sure what you're reporting him for, seems like you're just salty we caught you.
  4. Heard Alpha Group is looking for members
  5. @Antollyme Become a dev already duuuudee
  6. Any updates regarding faction restrictions? Its been almost 2 months since we heard anything

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    2. Wilco


      @Aethon not towards a balance where people can abuse there positions to win, Your not thinking of the same balance I am clearly avoiding! Pointless going into this further, What will be announced is the decision along with rules to fill any gaps, The question of when that will be announced is another matter... soon! this weekend maybe... all depends on when the next update is due.


    3. Wilco


      @Scorpex Correct it is upto management and the delay has been with management as IRL comes first, The police command did there research, provided there concerns and what might cause them issues and I decided upon it.

    4. Wilco


      @Rice Krispy You are clearly confused and making assumptions, Like i advised the vote will be honoured however 11 people who are currently in positions who advised they play rebel maybe now and again will need to decide if they want to have a new role or keep the current one, For the other 137 people who may or may not be in the police they get to play police and rebel in a new role outside the current rank structure

      I feel like i am repeating myself here.... Is it only Thursday! 

  7. I have the same thing after the latest arma 3 update, it sounds like you're underwater.
  8. A warrant has been placed on you for your arrest!
  9. Whats wrong with enjoying combat and action? After all it is a military shooter. I still enjoy roleplay and provide plenty, but if I wanted to simulate day to day life i'd just go outside.
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