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  1. New profile song hits me right in the nostalgic feels.

  2. https://www.twitch.tv/vladic_ka

    First war in an attacking role on New World.

  3. I had a 2 hour log in queue today. Wish I had staff queue jump on there.
  4. I think most people are locked into whatever server they picked. I am playing on Ketumati as part of a large group of several companies. Going to war tonight which will be fun.
  5. Change of server for us. I’ll be on Ketumati. Unsure wether I’ll be streaming now as COVID is kicking my ass.
  6. Fair enough. I haven’t had much experience in MMOs so can’t comment. I have tried a few but nothing has gripped me like this. The graphics, the soundtrack and the satisfying gameplay. Looking forward to playing the storyline in this.
  7. Confirmed that EU servers will be online from 7 am on Tuesday with a roll out to other regions throughout the day. Gonna be a shit show.
  8. Well I have a few days off next week so will be streaming the "new player" experience. Last MMORPG I played was eve online. Couldnt get into WoW. I have heard this game gives people runescape vibes...
  9. I haven’t been this hyped for a game for a few years. The music was done by the same guys that did game of thrones. So much content to get into as well.
  10. Afternoon my dudes. So I have played some of this during the open and closed beta and was wondering how many people will be playing this on launch day (28th Sep). I have already joined a large company but was wonder what your plans were and if there was anyone else out there that was part of a large group?
  11. Streaming some New World if anyone is interested. Trying to level and learn the game.


  12. Apologies for the staff shanter on @TinyBigJackos page.


  13. Yo. If anyone is bored and has a few minutes/hours/cash my mate is doing a 24 hour stream for stand up to cancer and could use some encouragement for his last few hours. Check him out here:


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