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  1. Streaming some New World if anyone is interested. Trying to level and learn the game.


  2. Apologies for the staff shanter on @TinyBigJackos page.


  3. Yo. If anyone is bored and has a few minutes/hours/cash my mate is doing a 24 hour stream for stand up to cancer and could use some encouragement for his last few hours. Check him out here:


  4. Chilling with the boys during a storm on Valheim. @The Bearish Crusader@Dcay Kevin


    1. Romly


      Favourite boss fight? Go.

    2. Vladic Ka

      Vladic Ka

      No idea. Only fought one.

  5. Playing Sea of Thieves today with the boy with mostly PvP. Will be doing a Valheim giveaway at the end if anyone missed Fridays.


  6. If anyone is after a copy of Valheim Ill be giving 2 away on stream tonight.

  7. fart GIF

    1. Vladic Ka

      Vladic Ka

      I cannot deny that I have done this. 

  8. 7 years ago today ALUK server went live.

  9. MENTAL stream tonight guys. Thanks for the support. As always RPUK are awesome with particular thanks to @Maverick Delta@Robbie @sciencefreak74and @Aidenyou absolute madlads.

  10. Giving away COD Coldwar right now jump into twitch.tv/Vladic_ka and type !raffle to enter

    You have 5 minute


    1. Robbie


      Thank you for the entertaining stream again! Makes work for me fly! Also thanks for the game 😄

  11. Just want to start by saying that what you see on the few times I do stream nowadays (havent been able to as much lately) that this just shows a small part of my involvement in RPUK. Im sure if you ask any of your contacts within the staff team if they were to ask which members of management regularly attend and have input into our meetings or any ongoing discussions it would be myself and Aiden. With regards to "throwing verbal abuse" I am an opinionated person and am extremely passionate about RPUK and regularly challenge the norm, just like you are doing now, by voicing my opinion. If there are any times that anyone feels like a line has been crossed there are other members of the management team and staff leads that anyone can approach to deal with the issue. Dont get me wrong the staff team get the same challenges from me when I see something that doesn't sit right or there is something brought up in any chats or meetings which I have a view on. Thats part of my role here using my experience and being part of previously trending issues and dealing with them. I will agree with you that sometimes I dont understand what the current meta is or the intricacies of the current rule set however I will always ask the team for clarification before I make any calls because of this. I will disagree with what you class as my lack of activity though as I am regularly dealing with community members and staff issues mostly on discord nowadays when I am able and am available to all on TS most nights to deal with anything when called. Happy to discuss and appreciate any feedback on the points above.
  12. Legion is gonna be police free now. Come back and have snowball fight guys!

    1. Shepherd Kingston
    2. Wilco


      snowball fights are not a crime! 

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