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  1. Just came back after about 6 odd years and im finding poseidon really confusing. So let me get this straight and please correct me if im wrong, but poseidon are basically the inverse of cops. They do not allow legal activities taking place, but allow illegal activities? And they guard those and keep the peace. So for all intents and pourposes you just do illegal stuff on the east side, and legal stuff on the west side, and will never run into any conflict? (mostly) It seems like theres virtually 0 risk involved doing opium for example, yesterday i witnessed like 4 different gangs
  2. they have a prisoner transport that transports prisoners in need of medical assistance, so i guess you were just handed over to them
  3. How about just pressing W keeps you at speed limit, and holding shift goes all the way
  4. I think you would have a bigger problem getting tickets, "i think". Anyway banning people can be fun too
  5. Same too bad star citizen wont be there on thursday
  6. It's truly not beacuse we are cops, plus vehicles arent that expensive, and perhaps ifrits wont be used to troll kavala streets anymore. From a rebel standpoint i would still vote for the vehicles to be destroyed forever.
  7. You guys probably dont even realize how much of an advantage a simple silence will give you in a fight against police, when i was a rebel i had times when i fired a silenced shot at the police and they turned at the completely wrong direction and scouted for me in a completely wrong area. It does alot for you so i think the prices are fair, even as a rebel i had thought about this and i came to the conclusion that its fair, just my opinion ofcourse.
  8. I definately like snickerbars idea, that would balance the tazer action on close quarters quite a bit, but it would still leave them to spam at vehicles with their tazers... News splash a tazer wouldnt pop a tire
  9. Its more about them calling in before we tell them to drop their comms. When you say don't move or be shot for example they will instantly say it on ts.
  10. Foobar

    Buying drugs

    How about the drug dealers acctualy deal drugs aswell ? instead of only buy them they could sell them
  11. How about talking in direct as you are talking in ts then ? that would avoid the laggyness
  12. How about that, when the police are told to drop on the ground or well, are in the procces of dropping things, everything they say has to be in group chat so we can know if they called it in or not. Atm if you tell a cop to drop his things i can guarantee you that he is telling his mates on teamspeak that he is being robbed or taken hostage most of the time Before his comms are taken ofcourse
  13. I see this so many times, impounding their vehicle before moving in to action or, just impounding a car thats correctly parked... You should only be impounding vehicles that have been wrongfully parked or broke the law in any other way, say driven without a license... And please when you impound things, take into considiration that it would realisticly take a truck to come and pick it up, so dont doo it before or in between battle situations, it really kills the mood.
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