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  1. If you see things like this its best to report it with evidence.
  2. Best to posted here https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/162-forum/ But I'm sure an admin can move this maybe.
  3. Should be able to make it. Will know for certain closer to the day.
  4. I noticed after i bought some cars when i was a medic these also showed up when i was a civ in the civ garage.
  5. After you apply car upgrades to a car you own. you can no longer lock and unlock the car.
  6. Is there any restrictions on vehicle?
  7. Can you press F1 to skip the animation?
  8. Gold name is looking 🔥

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    2. Scorpex


      Excuse me sir i cant read names above peoples head you're ruining my immersion...

    3. Busterguy


      Seeing I donated around 2-3 years ago and I'm still here. Yes.

    4. U N C L E

      U N C L E

      People don't know all of the Lifetime Donators and Investors are all held up by gun point. 

      Wilco: gIvE mE mOrE MoNeY pLs? *Points Rook*

      Lifetime Donators and Investors: PLS NO MR WILCO NO HURT NO HURT. 


  9. What does it look like with a rig over i,. from frount and back. If somone gets a black rig it would look alot like a cop. Maybe try not use U_B_T_Soldier_F as its the same used by AR.
  10. The new FiveM server is looking 🔥🔥🔥. Can't wait to play.



    1. Busterguy


      o, and 1.5k posts 😄

  11. Was that the thing for people who are underage? If so, no its not a thing.
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