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  1. Hi, I've noticed inconsistencies with the time that is given for fuel delivery runs. For examples I was given 15:30 to get to Paleto and back, something that at full speed and with no refuels was impossible, whereas to get to Zancudo and back I was given 40mins. Also, the distance bonus seems to sometimes only be a few 100 for the longest trips, yet a grand or so for shorter ones.
  2. Bio Petrola Ltd. was founded in 2021, and is a C corporation, registered with the Los Santos city council as a private business, after being renamed from Symtech Industries on 17/01. Information: Bio Petrola Ltd. is a private company in Los Santos, with a focus on the fuel industries. Recently licensed as of Jan. 2021, we are seeking to aggressively expand into these emerging markets, and aim to do so by tapping into the rich natural resources that Los Santos has to offer, along with capitalising on the opportunities presented by an ever increasing demand for goods as the city grows.
  3. Anyone know how to fix problem with functions keys not working at all on computer? they literally just stopped working today, no idea why


    1. Smith


      Apparently uninstalling the logitech keyboard software for my logitech keyboard worked. Cheers for that logitech

  4. There is a bug at the moment with trailers for fuel delivery missions. The trailer follows the truck but at a distance, and sometimes parallel to the drivers cabin itself. This isn't seen by the driver and leads to the trucks smashing through absolutely everything that is nearby to them. The drivers cabin is also seen to be phasing in and out and generally flying around, which can blow up the fuel station you deliver to even if you yourself do not see this effect. Also, it seems as if the distance bonus is inconsistent. I had a few grand bonus to harmony, but only a few hundred to
  5. Smith

    Panic Button Change

    The whole point of a panic button is that odds are you cant communicate a message over the radio, as someone is as you list as an example, pulling a gun on you, preventing you from radioing in a detailed message on where exactly you are. That's the entire point of a panic button
  6. Smith

    Panic Button Change

    Image setting off your panic button on san andreas avenue and having this massive area where the officer could be, due to the road being so long. It doesn't make sense that someone on a much smaller road would have an easier time being found than someone on a longer road. Also, panic is done off of the radio, which is supposed to have highly accurate gps from what I'm told. It's bad enough as is not even being able to see our GPS at all. This would make it even worse.
  7. Smith

    Panic Button Change

    -1 terrible idea
  8. Smith

    Speed indicator

    Just a small one. The speed indicator shows speed as 'MP/H'. The '/' stands for 'per' and so the speedometer shows 'miles per per hour'. The '/' is redundant. Cheers
  9. Just some thoughts, sorry I can’t type this up a bit more formally, as i’m visiting family and away desktop (which is currently somewhere in tier 4 now RIP): I’m posting these thoughts in the context of someone who has played, somewhat consistently with a few breaks, since mid 2015, having moved exclusively to FiveM since its inception at RPUK, and only ever played AL at ALUK/RPUK. I will likely say some things that many people will disagree with or perhaps be offended by, however, at this point, it is what it is. I consider myself a role play, and am never really interested in frequently
  10. Hi, at the Sandy shores PD several of the locks are far away from the actual doors themselves and do not actually lock the doors.
  11. Hi all, was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to post a list/pic of the sell/buy prices at the export, as well as any info/recipes about the smelting/manufacturing process. Cheers. Need this info for something I’m working on.

    1. Nuclear


      You will have to find people in-game and ask them that information, nothing of the sort will be shared outside the game as its part of the roleplay experience to figure that out by interacting with other players.Best of luck!

    2. Smith


      Aight then.

  12. image.gif.7b57cea8349d8e63af93847ecec1f074.gif

    @CC Gordonracing to get out a status update.


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