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  1. Keep it on the side. The colder something is the less your tastebuds will actually taste the flavour, which is terrible for chocolate.
  2. Big props to devs for the addition of the market. Having non-whitelisted legal jobs like these are a great addition to the server economy.

  3. @Jonny BarnesHere is how to rebind it (no dev work needed): tldr; the 'ACTIVATE ANPR' command is actually tied to the default GTA keybind for 'Sub Pitch Back'. If you want to rebind your activate ANPR button off of num pad 5, change the 'Sub Pitch Back' bind shown above.
  4. Smith

    Gruppe 6 officers

    Wanted to thank the Gruppe 6 that we were running security for this evening. Truth be told we didn't have a client this evening for the Bahamamamas party as they bailed at the last second, so it was very welcomed to have something to do! It's all banter at the end of the day with this security company rivalry, so thank you for being well spirited and giving us the chance to RP this evening!
  5. Who are we? Spartan Security Services Ltd. is a private security contractor operating out of Los Santos. Founded in 2021, we are a newly established business, offering a wide variety of security services. What services do we offer? The services we offer include (but are not limited to); personal protection (bodyguarding), site protection (businesses, property), convoy/vehicular escorts and consultancy. We currently have a fleet of 3 vehicles, including x2 Novak SUVs for escort and response, as well as a fully kitted out Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk IV: What are your prices? Prices are negotiated on a job-by-job bases. If you would be interested in our services, please get in touch on the above number. What experience do you have? Spartan Security Services was founded by Maxwell Smith, a seasoned firearms officer and serving SGT within the Los Santos Police Service. As such, our staff are well trained and familiar with how to carry out the tasks at hand in a professional manor and to a high level of service. Are you hiring? We are currently hiring. If you are interested, please get in touch on the above number. Applicants will have a background check carried out. Payment for employees is a cut of the total payment for the job. When not on a job, you are free to go about your day.
  6. Let me double check, when I purchased it it said 100. 2 secs feel free to close this, it said 100 at the truck shop menu when i was buying it, but it is infact 250.
  7. The Rumpo van only has a boot size of 100, which is the same as most cars. I propose it be increased to 250 to reflect the fact that it is a van and not a car.
  8. My Tesla feels worthless now; lost 1/3 of the charge when driving for about 3-4 mins. Seems like the Tesla especially has awful battery drainage issues, other electric cars it is worse that pre-update, but not as bad as the Tesla, though in general I feel the cars run out of fuel far too quickly now, esp considering the prices.
  9. Date / Time: 11/07/2021 Release: It's coming Rome New Additions: New player tutorial @Mathias @Archie Staff Tooling changes @Recon Nine Harley Roadglide added @TinyBigJacko Bug Fixes / Changes Prison lockpicking changes @Mathias Removed trams @Mike Polo Changes to Gruppe 6 allowed impound time (decreased) @Archie Fixed seatbelt and door lock icons not appearing when in passenger seat @Smith @Mike Polo Fixed issues with mechanics impounding while car is attached @Hugh Fixed Housing Interaction Points (263, 264, 265, 267, 268, 269, 270, 271, 274) @Paint Fixed issues with certain storage/houses/trunks not loading in properly @Recon Nine@Archie Inventory optimizations @Recon Nine Fix for null vehicle in highway maintenance vehicles rental list @Hugh Lost MC safe location moved @Recon Nine Door coordinates for houses 219 and 146 fixed @Recon Nine NHS priority queue slots increased @Recon Nine Removed old processing resource @Recon Nine Final Notes ITS COMING HOME
  10. Nah, I was at the PD when it was just one of you. Don't suppose you have it on vid? The one where we took you to the church for an exorcism?
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