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  1. Does this mean there will be a reduction in Police as you said the map is smaller and the aim is for smaller groups. So does this mean that it applies to everyone or just rebels/civilians?
  2. Hi All,

    I wish to improve the Arma community and server with some suggestions, which I have. However I would like honest feedback from new and old players alike as we all wish to see the community grow again and be strong. 

    I now have been given a warning point for trying to find out what has happened with everyone last night because I genuinely dont know but now have a warning point from this. Brilliant :D! The warning point states

    'There has been years of talk.... Right now the server needs people to connect not cause silly arma drama! 

    I expect to see you on the server for several hours tonight rather than on the forums.'

    The issue isnt connecting, its there is not enough enjoyable content anymore. The major thing that needs to change is Rebel life. Wilco clearly thinks that connecting is the issue, but it isn't in the long-term. The minute the server introduces new content people agree on the server will flourish again. 

    Would everyone be happy for a community meeting between MANAGEMENT, STAFF, FACTIONS and PLAYERS, this can only help. But at the moment there is no clear communication of when, if and how this would take place?



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    2. GREENY
    3. Robbie


      See its all good saying "when new content arrives the server will flourish again" but at the moment would you want to make stuff for a server which looks like it's on its last legs? Would you put all your free time into creating something that people might not even log on for? It's all good saying we want more and we will play but for how long? I feel for the devs, as people are wanting stuff doing but the only thing they can see is negative comments and hardly anyone on the server. I wouldn't say that would encourage them to create new things for people would you? The only thing people need to do at this moment in time is like what wilco said and get playing on the server, show them that Altis isn't dying and then hopefully they will be encouraged to do more stuff. 


      -this is my own opinion-

  3. If a similar situation takes place again. I will flow with the RP as I do 99% of the time and then address the issue once it has finished in the correct manner on teamspeak. I will not moan and will go through with the RP so no ones fun is ruined, then I will use the correct steps in addressing the issue. cheers Ross
  4. Obviously I do not think that the rules do not apply to me. I have been a player on the community for a long time and have followed the rules regularly! I jumped out the PD when I lost my cool and temper, which from my record you can see I do not do regularly. I have made a mistake and I completely agree with you. I am human, I make mistakes. I have acknowledged this and learnt from this mistake. I shouldn’t have done what I did and I apologised afterwards as Loki stated as I felt bad and had calmed down. We have all act led carelessly when we lose out temper and we have all made mistakes. I have apologised and clearly I do not think the rules don’t apply to me I just made a mistake. Over my 5 years here I have brought a lot and influenced many players in a positive way, I do feel that this is being overlooked because of a massive mistake I made. I am aware if someone is breaking a rule it is not okay to do it as well. 2 wrongs do not make a right, and I have and am apologetic for this. It was a stupid mistake. I can only apologise, I cannot take back my actions, only learn from them. If you feel my time here was not well spent because of this mistake then I respect your decision. thanks for reading Ross
  5. Unban Appeal for Psychos Ross In-game Name: Ross Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198050806598 Ban ID: N/A Reason given for your ban: A1.4 - Using exploits in game. In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned because I decided to exploit through a wall in the Kavala Police station. I went in to RP with cops and it was going well. Then when Loki wanted to take my firearm, which he was entitled to do as i was breaking the law, I decided to jump through the wall to escape. I did this because I felt I was being powergamed by Loki at the time. Why should we unban you ?: I should be unbanned because after reading Samantha's response on the forum I can see that I was wrong in interpreting Loki to be powergaming and in fact he wasn't. I lost my cool at the time and made a rash and stupid decision. This I have learnt from and have no intention of doing again. As can be seen from my rather rash comments in the comment section of the original report. I was wound up and arguing with Loki, which isn't on. I also said somethings I regret such as 'this was all worth it' as I was wound up and not seeing the bigger picture. I hope this can be looked past as everyone has said things in the heat of the moment which they regret. Moving forward I intend to do what I normally do and bite my tongue and wait until after - which would be the correct way to resolve issues, on teamspeak. However this time I clearly did not do this and I regret this as well as seeing how this was wrong due to it ruining the RP situation for Loki and breaking server rules. Going on the fact I have played for over half a decade, I love to RP and am loyal to the server. I wish to continue to RP with people and spread good word about the server as well as release stress and have fun with my friends on the server. I made a stupid decision and I completely regret my actions, after calming down I have apologised to Loki and felt awful for offering such shit RP to him. I normally pride myself on my RP and interaction with others and here I have let myself and the server standards down. This isn't an excuse, but people make mistakes, I have learnt from this and hope I can be given another chance and I can continue to interact with people on the server. Many thanks for taking the time to review this and I hope you can give me another chance to enhance the server with my RP. Ross Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  6. Right. Firstly how did you know we were in the same gang? You are taking an interaction with someone else, I cannot control by the way, and then taking it out on me because we are in the same gang. This is the point where you say you aren't taking it out on me, BUT you are aren't you as you told him to put it in the car whereas I was 'under arrest'. So the way I look at it is, it is either one of two things that caused this. 1) = The other guy could move about freely and therefore you didn't want to risk any roleplay you could not control (meaning you powergamed me when you treated me differently because I was 'trapped'). 2) = You used meta information to take your anger out on me for my gang members actions, as if you can remember it now 2 hours after it happened then it definitely pissed you off enough to metagame and punish me for it. Either way you are breaking 1 of either 2 rules. Rebels have to carry weapons to protect themselves, we could of RP'd fine if you wanted to RP which you clearly didnt. The argument of dont have a weapon is dumb and flawed as you need it to survive on the island, aren't the police force always on 'servere or critical threat level' meaning I would need a weapon in RP to protect myself from these hooligans. However you wouldn't think like that because as stated above you wanted to 'win' and now clearly 'punish' me for my gang members actions towards you. So I cant come into a building to RP with someone, who by the way I was RPing with before you turned up to ruin it as seen above. Nalurah had an illegal firearm was she begging for it as well? I dont think so I think she was RPing. You should not use advantages to powergame which is what you did. If I was 'begging for it' why was I leaving voluntarily when Hyper was going to let me out. Your argument is flawed and dumb. To finally put the nail in the coffin if you wanted to arrest me for illegal firearms did you arrest Nalurah after I was gone? If you didn't that again reiterates my point of metagaming your anger at my gang member onto me. Which just goes to show again you metagaming. Please link a 5 min video so I can see the before where you 'saw no rebels before me' and the bit after to see if you were carrying out 'Justice' as your putting it and so I can see you treating 'Nalurah' the same. Because I bet you didn't. My gang member was waiting to pick someone up from PD and got initiated on, he fled. He called for help, he had no initiated on anyone... YOU DID. We came to the scene to see cops pointing guns at him and saying he would be disabled. We told you to get in your cars and leave, before we deem you a threat for pointing guns at us all. When you didn't and then 'COUNTER INTIATED ON OUR LIVES' you were killed. There is nothing wrong with that. You were given the opportunity to leave, you chose to fight. IT ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED IF YOU DIDNT INTIATE. yes this is all worth it. I can and so can everyone else clearly see your ability to power and meta game and it is very amusing. I will not respond further and I ask you do not and we leave this to staff. I agree I should not have jumped the wall, however you took away all aspects of fun and options for me (powergaming) and I couldnt be arsed with that poor RP. However I am glad we can clearly see you are more then happy to metagame. Cheers, Ross
  7. Hi Loki, Firstly people do that all the time, so shall we get the ban hammer out for everyone or is this personal? Also you lie, a full 5 minute video will show all the people you saw before me. Link the whole video of 5 mins to show people how many people you saw before me, but couldn't trap in a bluezone . It wasn't powergaming to initiate on me in a bluezone, its power game to create a scenario the other party can do nothing to stop and you have all the control which is what you did. Secondly I agree maybe I shouldn't have jumped over the wall. It is wrong I agree with you. However I think that the fact you lock me in a bluezone after I was talking, and having a nice time with another police officer 'PC Hyper' and we were joking about' for you to come in and try to ruin the RP with arresting me in a zone I can do nothing in is kind of bullshit RP. Yes you are RPing as a cop, but do you have to be a dickhead every time you see someone RPing? No you dont. You just chose to be. I wouldn't be mad if you hadn't tried to arrest me in an area I can do nothing back, after making sure I was locked in. That seems very powergaming to me. There is no way for me to RP with you, There is no chance for escape, I can literally do nothing, which is what you wanted. Me to have no power in that situation as you clearly say 'Don't let him out' The reason for this is because if he lets me out the playing field is levelled. By keeping me trapped here, before having me in restraints taking away my: Ability to escape, Ability to fight back and you had every intention not to RP with me as I could tell. I class this as powergaming. So in retaliation to you powergaming me I jumped over the wall or through it 'like a magician' as everyone else says. I would not have done this if you were more interested in roleplaying and not keeping me locked somewhere I cannot do anything so you could 'WIN'. This took all elements of fun out of it for me and I really don't see how you don't see this as powergaming as you made it a situation where nothing else could be done. So yes overall I shouldn't of jumped through the wall, that is on me. However you should in future do the following: Join in on fun RP instead of trying to play your character to the fucking T every time. Its more fun to go with the flow for everyone as Hyper was instead of prioritising 'winning'. Its not about just fun for you, think of my fun, there was loads of posidoen there, Nulurah for example who had a firearm, yet you dont bother her, you just wanted to 'win'. Don't attempt to create a situation where the other party has no options, its not fair, its not fun and its powergaming. Try to resolve this on TS instead of killing the already struggling player base. I know you probably wont take on board the criticism, but you seriously need to learn how to make the server fun for everyone BY RPING instead of POWERGAMING to WIN. Take a leaf from Hyper he prioritised RP over causing unfun situations through powergaming. You could of asked me to leave, but then you wouldn't of won would you Loki? Its all about winning to you, not RP... So sad. Cheers, Ross
  8. You all say the cop is dead because of his GPS, but when you come to shoot us all, the GPS no longer says critical and the cop is alive as seen. Which means, saying he is still dead or the GPS told you, you would of realised he was still alive. Meaning the side chat told you he died as his GPS wasnt critical when the cops got there, and wasnt dead. This is Bullshit, all cops do it, never pulled up on it and as far as im aware was fine. You are now disputing it being fine, because it benefits you in this argument in my opinion, please stop trying to deflect. I agree lets leave it there, this isn't a personal attack and its not to have a go at anyone in particular, however the way the cops conducted themselves here was severely out of order. So when my friend gets killed, and I'm no where near, I can shoot anyone around his last GPS known location? If so let me know, because as far as im aware you need eyes on and initiation. Cheers, Ross
  9. Keirt, We do not have all day to be chasing after a police officer who thinks he can outrun 8 or so rebels. So we aimed to leg him, with the intention to RP with him, hence why he was revived by us, because we want to roleplay!!! Pledg3 clearly did not want to roleplay or feared he would 'lose'. You saying shoot when your not even there is poor judgement from you surely (As in whenever you ask staff something they say 'let me see a video' you couldn't even see what was happening)... I mean commenting and telling people what to do when you dont even know what they can see, as in the liaison you said ' I didn't realise the cops couldn't see you, I thought they were all a lot closer'. Which only shows that you really had no grasp of the ENTIRE situation and just wanted to KILL us. How is threatening to leg someone, any different to 'STOP RUNNING OR YOU WILL BE TASED' oh wait it isn't, and therefore cant be classed as poor RP in my opinion, as the entire police force use that phrase. As you can tell, the comms were shit. However RP was given and we didn't take the piss like he did, if you would like we will upload the footage of us all interacting with him after we escaped and him saying 'kill me, kill me, i dare you' and then not saying another word. You are clutching at straws with this in my opinion as he wasnt left for long with no interaction, he wasn't talking to us either, which would be poor RP for a man whose just been shot and would be in a lot of pain and the situation is extremely stressful and happened so quickly. This I agree with you on, people should hotmic. Accidents happen and when something is happening so quickly people forget. If we banned everyone for forgetting to hotmic, we wouldn't have a player base to play on. However accident or not your point on this I agree with. This is my favourite part to be honest. I laughed a little at this. I have never seen such a shrewd outlook on something like this. Yes we acknowledge you are now a police officer and no longer in Poseidon. However not once is it used to benefit us in game, we do not claim you are coming, Hell we didn't even think it. We didn't know how many cops if any were close and at no point did we use this information to benefit us in that situation. If you however think we did, please provide evidence because at the moment you are SPECULATING and ARGUING a point which is completely wrong and in the videos can be proven that NO BENEFIT was used from this information. So please before you ARGUE a POINT that is completely RUBBISH, please think about it twice because right now you are accusing us of METAGAMING, which we clearly were not and in my opinion are trying to divert the point away from the actual rule breaks. Thanks for your time reading this, and no hard feelings to anyone. We all just want to better the server and have fun, at the end of the day its ROLEPLAY NOT RULEPLAY.
  10. Bowen I mean no disrespect. I have not been gone long and came on a couple of weeks ago. The reason I left was due to pointless gunfights and a severe lack of RP. Most players on here play on different servers, and you know the one I mean. So unless you want to lose the server to the competition who is coping fine, I suggest action is taken. I personally love RPUK and do not wish to see it disband, that is why I take the time to suggest severe changes, because I unlike some, do not use the argument 'BUT WE ARE CHANGING WE PROMISE'. If people wish to bury there heads in the sand that is fine, the fate of the server will go with them. Using the argument 'come on here' is rubbish. Yes you have members who do RP and are fun to interact with, however the majority of the members you have are frag kiddies and only want to go and kill people. They do not RP and only want to win. A prime example was PC RIAD DPI glitching a couple of weeks ago, please see link at the bottom of the text. Yes he was logged on as a PC (a whitelisted faction) but he has also played Poseidon/possibly still does. Yes he got a punishment, BUT HE SHOULD OF KNOWN BETTER AND SHOULD OF SHOWN SOME MOTHERFUCKING RP, I MEAN IN THAT SITUATION WHY WOULDNT YOU? EVERYONE DOES THIS NOW, HENCE WHY THE SERVER IS FUCKED. (Not trying to out you here @Riadjust you were the last ban I remember seeing, no malice is intended and I know you took your punishment). However my point of WHITELISTED members disregarding RP stands, police or Poseidon. IT IS ALL FUCKED. Lets all be real for a minute, who here actually values RP, and who here can have the FUCKING BALLS to admit that you just want to rob and frag? I mean I'll admit it, the Psychos USED to be heavily RP based, until the Server fucked itself and we turned into PRICKS, just like EVERYONE. Yes this did not help at all, I admit that, but everyone is doing it, so fuck it right? That's the mentality we all use? The main problem with dealing with Poseidon is, it is protected by STAFF and MANAGEMENT. The majority of your active players are Poseidon or Police. WHITELISTED FACTIONS. The exact same problems occurred with the UNMC. GANGS are scarce and rebel life is pointless as pointed out in other comments by other players. If you want a rebel life, you need to get rid of the whitelisted rebel gang, or at least put in member restraints and harsher punishments in for those disregarding the RP. @Bowen Orionask yourself, does rebel life flourish like it once did? Is playing rebel fair or are they at a disadvantage? Do the majority of Poseidon RP? @Bowen Orionin relation to recommend a player, like I said some of your members are great to interact with, @Drex @GREENY @Starry @3FingerGaming@George Harris. However these are a minority within the faction. You also make the point 'we are getting better', no offence but its to late, the majority of rebels either got fed up of getting FUCKED or decided that they were going to play elsewhere because nothing was being done. I know a fair few rebels who tried to get things done but were shut down due to staff protecting Poseidon due to being in it, if you wish to turn a blind eye and tell me I'm lying, that is up to you, but we all know that is true. I honestly believe if you answer those questions honestly we are on the same page. If people however decide, im part of Poseidon so I will protect it, nothing will ever get done. Self critism is the only way to move forward and save the server. The sooner WHITELISTED STAFF realise this and stop CLUTCHING AT STRAWS 'we are getting better' action will finally be taken. I understand you may disagree with some of my points, I am just voicing the opinion of myself and my friends who quit. We got fed up with the bullshit and unbalance. Cleaning up Poseidon is to late, the damage was done, look at the economy for one and the amount of players who left for two. I have said my piece and do not wish to contribute further as I do not wish to argue/bicker with anyone. I hope MANAGEMENT can take what I said on board along with everyone else's comments. I wish to see the server flourish again but have my doubts. If anyone wishes to discuss anything with me please message me and we can chat on TeamSpeak as I tire of typing. P.S I forgot the point about people such as @Simon Rosswho have no intention of self criticism and want to downvote anyone who calls out there bullshit. Mature community isn't it, clearly not when you get people reacting with 'facepalms' to other peoples thought out contributions because they choose to act 'childish'. Might want to relook at your 'MATURE COMMUNITY'. Many thanks and a Happy New Year to you all. Ross
  11. Hi all, I have left the server. My input from an outside perspective is the golden ages of this server were 2015-2017/18 at a push. After that it geared so highly towards gang based fragging as Wayfarer pointed out. You couldn't do RP HM's anymore you needed 'documents, signatures and then the cop to be in the fucking mood (excuse my French)' Cops would turn up and drive away if it was an RP HM, literal experience speaking there. People work, have hobbies and lives, they come on here for fun. They dont have time to make documents, if the RP is good, and I mean good, give them a break. ITS NOT ABOUT WINNING, ITS ABOUT RP, NOT GUNFIGHTS. The next issue is the whitelisted factions, UNMC/Poseidon, both became an issue. Yes they both had ups/positives when they first began, however both of them got out of hand. For example, to many members, losing there RP story, becoming a big frag gang and no respect for others. Both times whitelisted factions existed they grew out of control and disregarded RP, defend Poseidon all you will but everyone knows deep down they are a frag gang at this point with to many members. But a clear line can be seen how whitelisted factions DO NOT WORK. I believe the RP of every whitelisted faction on the island, excluding NHS, is more geared to 'winning/fragging' instead of RPing, hence why I reference the good old days. Yes some may disagree, but this is my opinion. THE SERVER IS DYING. We all want to save the server, hence why we are here. If it were up to me, I would go back to when the server flourished. Get rid of the whitelisted bullshit, it was better without it. People struggle to remeber the days before UNMC/haven't even played before them. The server created its own balance then, now CATEGORICALY, that is not an opinion that is fact, it is out of balance and has been for a long time. I ask the question, if the server is dying, why not wipe? What have you got to lose, yes people wont like it, but what has worked so far? I think @Wayfarerwas correct the server geared towards combat, and the economy is fucked. I think a complete restructure of the economy and combat ideas on the server needs to take place. IF PEOPLE WANT TO PLAY THEY WILL, THOSE THAT WANT TO FRAG AND BE RICH WILL MOAN. RP SHOULD COME FIRST - AT THE MOMENT RP DOESNT EXSIST.
  12. I got to get my wanted record up! Great fun and good RP as well cheers, fellas!
  13. So my question to you is how 'long standing' are these players. I remember the days before UNMC and Poseidon when it was only rebels, police and NHS. The server was a lot more balanced, without a doubt. This in my opinion was the most fun, again only and opinion. As no one had perks that allowed them to act like a gang but with bonuses. You say you are bored? If you are bored RPing as Poseidon, take holiday and try something else! Dont use it as an excuse to drop in RP, if you dont think Poseidon drop in RP and go looking for trouble, please forgive me but my recent exposure to them has been poor to say the least. If your bored as well why not try to come up with some solutions, like myself and others, it can only help benefit the server!
  14. Brief Summary: I think we need to implement more things for rebels to do in game in smaller factions. Nobody does runs anymore and most big gangs are just looking to frag. Detailed Suggestion: I am part of Psychos, a gang that has been around for a long time. I played when were big and I have played when I have been the only active member. The things I have found that when being part of a smaller gang the game is serverly punishing for the time you spend grinding. Most of the more experienced players in bigger gangs can go around and take what they want when they want, which is fun and I do not think should be taken away as it is part of the game. However I do think that the people who do this have considerably more money then then the people losing there stuff. I think that we need to implement a way that new and small grouped players can make money faster so that they are not as punished and don't leave the server. This will help integrate new life into the server at a faster and more successful rate. Right now as someone who has played for almost 5 years I think that new players have an extremely hard time getting set up in the server and often leave. I also noticed that the server seems to have a very heavy police and Poseidon presence, meaning new rebels are often being fucked over by 'bored' Poseidon or 'bored' police who have the ability to be dicks, for no reason, without breaking the rules. Personally I don't care when someone is being a dick to me as I am more then capable of doing it and I am aware of this, however i have the money in game to just go straight back out there which new players dont. Some people will moan and criticise saying they should have to grind. This is a fair point, but the server is not the same as when I or them grinded, it is a lot harder due to the bigger, frag happy gangs and whitelisted factions. Now I am not saying all member of these groups are 'frag' happy as they are not, but there is definitely individuals who know they are and just dont care. The Pros: The pros of this are: New players can keep up with older players easier. It helps keep new players rather then piss them off and make them leave. Brings new life to the server. The Cons: The cons of this are: Some people will moan and criticise saying they should have to grind. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? I think it will make rebel life slightly easier, which would be balancing the server as rebels currently get the hardest time as both cops and Poseidon get cheap gear, perks and numbers. This would encourage rebel growth and hopefully make the server more fun for newer players encouraging growth in the community. Solutions suggestions? Please feel free to comment any suggestions of how to fix this, here are some of my ideas. 1) Server stats reset, this will be unpopular but brings everyone onto the same level. 2) Get rid of Poseidon, again this will be unpopular, but I do not think they bring the orchestrated RP that they were designed for, if people disagree I'd love to hear of RP and interaction you've had with Poseidon recently that follow there story line! They often roll around, minimum to no RP and bore other players. This an opinion not a dig, I am merely speaking as someone who watched the rise and fall of UNMC and am currently experiencing De'ja'vu with Poseidon. (Not everyone in Poseidon does this, but you are all aware there are members who abuse there power). This will also intergrate more rebel interactions and more players playing as gangs. 3) Make certain legal runs give more money, so new players dont have police to contend with when trying to make money quickly by doing illegal runs. 4) Make certain weapons and gear cheaper, however this could backfire and cause players to care less for their lives. All suggestions have pros and cons! There is no right answer unfortunately, please could everyone who wants to comment please comment in a mature and contributing way! There is no need to say x is wrong or y is stupid as we are an adult community and we are entitled to our opinions and want to see the server prosper I am sure! Cheers, Ross
  15. Regardless, this report highlights the rules you broke, like it, dont like it staff will see it. I cant change that. I think my actions were acceptable as stated above. I will now leave it up to staff to decide if you cut the RP short by not complying with gunpoint demands or not. I'd appreciate if you do the same as we are getting no where. Many thanks, Ross
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