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  1. If you are getting a password prompt, then you are most likely attempting to connect to the training server.
  2. So you offer him 175K per suppressor? That's gotta be the rip-off of the week lol Crafting them requires, a long with viper license and some other material, a Gold Bar - worth 300k alone, with the perk, how can the suppressor be worth any less? Wouldn't sell below 300k
  3. Drex

    Virtual healing

    What if the new script only had to deal with one inventory (virtual), and the physical FAK remaining as default, without the new script - the way it used to be.
  4. Drex

    Virtual healing

    Perhaps having both options available, default arma FAK and virtual FAK, virtual variant renamed 'Bandage' - Giving 'farmers' the option to keep their medical supplies in their physical storage, saving their virtual space for trade goods. End result being: 'Market: Bandage (Virtual First Aid Kit (weight: 2 units))' -> 'General Store: First Aid Kit (Default Arma FAK)' -> 'Faction Shops: Medikit (Virtual Medikit (weight: 8 units))'
  5. Merry Christmas to you all..!

  6. - Tax Evasion - Currently, players have the option to sell their goods at whatever price it goes for according to the market. My suggestion is to add an alternative option when at a trader saying 'Sell (Tax Evasion)' - This allows people to sell their goods and keep all of their earnings for themselves, but with a 50% chance of being added on the PNC for tax evasion with each batch sold. - Tax evasion is only available for professions that are legal, for obvious reasons, and as displayed in the image below. - When choosing this option, the player would gain 15% more when selling
  7. This gives me flashbacks from Marmite Miners gang base... @WhoisDan- Have you seen this!?
  8. ALUK - 2015.07.23 RPUK - 2020.08.16
  9. I watched the video titled 'Prrrrrrr' showing the following civilian dying to Plebs, the video that was previously linked with the reply I quoted from but was later edited with a different link. Civilians killed inside the church: - WhoisDan - Quinten Amobay - BenZub (Outside the church) - Jaffa Wick - Adrien de Roche - Jamiie
  10. ...Well, this list just isn't true now is it... There were several civilians killed by Plebs, inside and outside of the church.
  11. You were already being dragged before you mentioned the fact that Jays leg was blocking the shot. Either way, it wasn't my intent - My apologies.
  12. Hello. I believe everyone that attended the event can say without a doubt that it turned into a complete and utter mess, people dying and not having a clue as to why in the middle of the ceremony, which obviously was where their attention was directed at the time. "(10.4) Combat Reviving - If combat is in effect, or shots have been fired within the last 5 minutes, the area is not safe to enter for rescuing the injured. Therefore, you cannot revive at this time. This rule is exempt for civilians using defibrillators." Being of the belief that people had died as a result of mass
  13. Yes, but in this case it wasn't: https://gyazo.com/ea7bd6ea28df162843cdd379181f96e0
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