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  1. @Esteban My girlfriend recorded this hence why its vertical :(
  2. The Weeknd was absolutely insane, very sad it had to end :(

    1. Freddie0801


      The singer or the week? Ohhh btw I hoped u enjoyed seeing the weekend 

      Ohhhh I've being spelling it wrong my hole life


    2. Appleby


      Yea the singer the weeknd 

      It was honestly the best night of my life hahaha

    3. Esteban


      Damn boy, I envy you. 

  3. Seeing him live tonight, think I'm gonna have a break down.
  4. The day has come.

    1. Oliver


      You're Gonna get fucking smashed


    1. Fallen


      thanks for keeping us updated applyby !!!!

    2. Appleby


      Wouldn't want anyone to miss out @Fallen

  6. This rebel alliance thing is cute.

    1. Vlad Vodka

      Vlad Vodka

      I think its fun, something diffrent for once :)

  7. Yeah well I learned from it because one too many got me banned hahaha.
  8. You lot commenting "wahh" etc are a joke. Stupid shit like that is just going to get the post locked and yourself a warning point, grow up. Think that is an example of what Miller means when he says the new recruits and privates in the UNMC. Embarrassing.
  9. Care to elaborate?
  10. Really enjoyed seeing you drive around in your car for 30 seconds and sit in a house for 5 minutes or so....wonderful frags.
  11. The Gillman Image result for gillman

  12. Server 1 is lagging real bad at the moment, basically unplayable...please put up server 2.

    1. Ponty