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  1. image.thumb.png.12ce5062af61429520413e152694c924.pngWhen someone in your gang has no sense of direction

    1. M


      what is the significance of this building? 😂

    2. Tiger Jiggins

      Tiger Jiggins

      Haha it was for a sit, some guys camping in there 

  2. how do u download it 

  3. It's decent to be able to have the smoothness within the desktop though. My arma runs like dog shit at the moment and I don't think I'll ever be able to see 144FPS in my lifetime but it's nice to have it for anything else
  4. Awh how sweet. This is such a step up for you Jayray. I just have two questions; • Will the RedGull have your piss and sweat mixed in with it? • What is the best before date on the rabbit meat? Thanks, your ex wife (among many others as there's no need to commit bigamy although getting divorced seems pricey). P.S Your nan chews The Daily Mail while she's off upstairs on her stair lift
  5. Haha it was a joke. Just didn't want to be rimmed by some homeless sod
  6. Sorry, not my type. Stay away from me
  7. Why was I tagged? I had no involvement with any "scam"? I own a barn and give my keys out and that's me involved? RIP 20m btw. Could have bought some good stuff with that
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