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  1. Hey there RPUK! And yes I am still alive lmao, anyways it was getting late into the night and I was just randomly scrolling through my old videos and I found this great video. Legit, watching this makes me want to go back in time and re life moments like this one. I would like to thank EVERYONE that took part in this huge patrol and thank everyone for the great time I have had playing on this server for about 2 years, met tons of people where I still speak to frequently. I posted this in recommend a player because again, I would like to thank everyone and show everyone what a fun time we have
  2. It's good to hear you guys managed to resolve this situation with a good outcome. On request of the reporter, I will be taking down and disregarding this player report. Report Denied.
  3. Not sure, depends on how much time I got. I am already part of an team and got a lot of shiittt to do :/
  4. Hello and thanks for all the replies. I have spoken with the other staff team member that was dealing with this report, (LongBeard) and we have come to a conclusion. Like Longbeard had stated, there were some problems with the hot micing. You have said that you didn't know and we have decided that you will be left off with a warning. This also counts for the party that was being reported. Since all the videos have been removed, and you mentioned that if it wasn't completely "baiting" then you would like to drop the report, I am here to do so. Thanks for your time! Report Rejected.
  5. Hey @LuckyHydra, The first video that you have linked is not working. Are you aware of this?
  6. Hey there, and thanks for providing a better video. Well, from what I can see this is a case of RDM. "Get on the ground" without a gun out the first time is odd enough, but after that, he does draw a gun but still doesn't provide any form of high-quality roleplay at all. Just get on the ground with a gun pointed at you. Jamz is already banned, but Joakim isn't. LT Prince also wasn't. Also please keep in mind, saying //Nice RDM etc in chat is completely unnecessary. This is not where the // "notes" should be used for. I can understand you guys are frustrated but please refrain from this in
  7. Hey, @AlexQ I am pretty sure that I was the one who helped you in the support rooms, in the conversation we had you said you had a video, but unfortunately, that video is corrupted. Without a video, there is not a lot we can do, unfortunately. Is there any other evidence you have?
  8. Not sure if you know but the last report you reacted too isn't finished. Just wanted to make you aware ;)

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      Your comment I mean btw :P

  9. Hello, and thanks to everyone for replying. I have come to the conclusion, that Ryan Elliott did nothing wrong because he simply said: Get me up. That was within role play because he was scared to die. Therefore, there will be no action taken against Ryan. For the medic, however, you clearly hear the police officers say "Medic leave leave this is an active gunfight" Then Silsig, still proceeded to continue to revive the downed person without ANY form of role play whatsoever. Weasley wells even shot a taser bullet while Selsig was reviving the medic. Silsig also failed to do this: (9.2.2)
  10. 2 years wd

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      I know, Just logged in xD

  11. Hello @c2937698 and thank you for your quick response to this report as well! There is not enough evidence to see if this was really metagaming. Even tho I am 99% sure that it was, I can still not ban for something that is not a 100% sure. However, keep in mind, that this is an adult community where we do our best to provide the best form of high-quality roleplay, were swearing out of roleplay is not a form of High-quality roleplay obviously. The swearing out of roleplay wasn't the heaviest swearing out of roleplay, in this context, however, the person was raging out of roleplay whilst swearin
  12. Hello @Auxen and thank you for providing me with sufficient evidence. In the video, the only thing you really hear him say that is important is: "Go sell my cocaine or I shoot you ok?" and then you say "No." and walk away. Then he pulls a gun out and shoots you. That is definitely RDM because the initiation is really bad and there was no for of high-quality roleplay within that initiation. (2.2) Random Deathmatch (also known as RDM) - Shooting at someone without engaging in any form of quality role play (eg. Giving enough time for them to comply with your order. Countdowns are not conside
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