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  1. Well essentaily you are able to make them, which is a very long process. My recommendation is that if you are intersted in getting one just buy them. they are around in the market for 400000-500000
  2. Totaly. learned that the hard way. Have bought the Hyperx Cloud Revolver S I had the Artic 5's before and even though they were brand new they didn't work proparley. so i got sort of a bad impression with steelseries stuff since then;) did bought the Hyper X Cloud revolver S and i am very pleased with them! Thanks for the suggestion though!
  3. Indeed it has! so i think i should be good.
  4. I did actually had a look at those and the price is about my budget here. Any cons you are aware of?
  5. So as of recently my Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Broke on me and i am in the look for a new headset. Now i have decided this time i will be investing in a separate mic, meaning i won't be looking for a headset that provide both great sound quality and decent mic quality. For a microphone i have decided to buy the Blue Yeti Blackout Edition, Now for this one i am looking for a stand too ( as i was made aware from both research and asking around that without one ill be facing trouble's with my keyboard overlaping my voice, so whenever i type, or use any of my key's it will be affecting the sound greatly). My question here is If anybody has an expierence with owning a Blue Yeti microphone and setting it up , if so what stand should i be looking for?(and as a side note if i should be looking for a pop filter too). Aswell as any recommendation's for a said headset that has good sound quality, sorround sound (Which i use for everygame i play pretty much) and last but not least with a budget of a 150 GBP ( Now this might be priced differently where i am buying it from, so if you have something in mind that might over price it a little ill be still more then happy to consider it).
  6. I am sadden that you felt mistreated by us, i will be posting my full statment further on. On that note though, your video doesn't show the whole situation and i will request you to post the full 20 min's situation. Kind regards, SGT MoonWolf [9456]
  7. Not sure if you know how they manage to get a hand on it. but i wont go to details.
  8. Even stealing it will be border line impossible, considering the guideline's that are placed for it police wise aswell as the pilot's who have been trained to fly it.
  9. Got it too. about to try it for the first time after i will finish downloading it.
  10. It was a great expierence to come across you and Roy and the RP was great. Keep doing what you guys are doing! P.S loved the editing:)
  11. I am pretty sure that even if it wont come to PC ill just go and buy a PS4 Just to be able to play it. The whole serie's is one of the best one's i have ever played.
  12. How fast time fly's when you are having fun! 3 years already:)

    1. Filihut


      happy birthday!

  13. Banned for banning someone because he banned someone that does not posses good driving skills.
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