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  1. Im disgusted that they deleted me fellow pal eggle 

  2. ye but idk wen i can appel and ofc its me im the only eggle boi
  3. Ehh i whipped up a fatty 6 monther for the second time but ive been told on my last appeal i can appeal but i wanted to clarify. ty for help tho Yeah ive been community banned once and then i got permd so idk when i can appeal or if i can
  4. Can i appeal? if so when ty
  5. I thinks its fair to say you should go back on a leash.
  6. Hey Mr.

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    2. Mr Eagle

      Mr Eagle

      Yes sir, im just popping in.

    3. Cao Yun

      Cao Yun

      Well you better be nice or i'll pop in you

    4. Mr Eagle

      Mr Eagle

      Oh boi... ^-^

  7. -End Story- -New Story- Wilco
  8. -End story- -New Story- Husky
  9. :))


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    2. Wilco


      @FriendlyFireGuy... I thought he left ? 

    3. Mr Eagle

      Mr Eagle

      @Wilco So me making a post on my behalf of leaving the sever denies me from making a status update lmao. Yes i have left, but i still speak to friends from here.

    4. FriendlyFireGuy


      I'm sure he left ;-)

  10. Just to add, brick did not contact sparrow or sambucca before the report and let them have their say. He contacted me and stated that it was RESOLVED. Edit: While attempting to resolve with brick DI Elliott said he doesnt "give a shit" and moved brick and himself out of the channel while Sambucca and I was attempting to explain our side of the story.
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