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  1. Fillihut my dead goldfish is more active than you XD rekt.

  2. Sorry mah dude pmed u 

  3. Damn the clickbait is real
  4. Awesome job guys looks like some quality rp much better then staring at a prison timer.
  5. 54
  6. Nice when is my flight to Uganda due?
  7. Thanks for all the replies went for the Corsair strafe on the end.
  8. I just want some recommendations from people with good keyboards there the sort of things I want are: . £100 budget . Main use for gaming with a secondary use for typing . Some solid build quality Any questions You thx Mango
  9. Thanks man it was great fun from my side as well :)
  10. Yo, big thanks to my bro @Mango King for crashing our hatchy on patrol <3

  11. Is thi still happening I picked it up today?
  12. Just looked and got one with two minutes to go.
  13. Eyy, mate.. Ducks is my thing! Why did you steal my Interest!?

  14. Hope everyone got what they wanted and have a great Christmas all.
  15. Merry Christmas everyone. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff for all the amazing events it wouldn't be as fun without you.