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  1. When I stole a police prowler it worked, but when I tried to steal the hummingbird it didn't appear in my garage. So I think some vehicles are bugged when u try to steal them.
  2. Happy Birthday! You better bust some more people breaking rules xD ❤️

  3. 2 rebels sitting in a car who is driving? The police officer!!! If you didn't get this one, it means the rebels are goin' to Jail! These are dead jokes... I never get lieks, plz like?
  4. lol, I don't think there is a difference, as the skin is "Police Black".
  5. According to your picture that is an NCA Prowler as I have taken that picture, but you are saying its 99% an AR one... LIES! I will sue you. lol jk, why hasn't anyone bid yet
  6. Just checked My footage of how I took it and it was actually from NCA, I dont think it makes a difference Edited Post
  7. I have 1 Police Black/NCA Prowler for sale Starting: 1mil (150k increase) Buyout: 2.45mil Ended Friday 14:30 Proccessing
  8. lol, When I saw that prowler coming I ran away. I was like shit I left Jeep I ended up 2.4 km out.
  9. Amazing work man! Haven't had such good laugh in a while, my favorite part was "How did you survive that", next second you know, Kim Jong-un dropped a nuclear bomb on him
  10. Amazing photography! You have talent! Keep up the great work!
  11. I have to admit, that was a nice shot.. I opened the ramp and realized I fucked up lol.
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