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  1. hejvCRP.png

    2020 the year of the return of Cardoso?

    Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

    1. Proxeum


      If he comes back we should do some GTA5 nights like we did back in the day, those were fun. 

    2. Wilco


      He bloody waited for that didn’t he! He’s an odd ball 

      Yeah he’s waiting for GTA RP, he’s done with Arma, not done with the Server and community... just playing 

  2. Anyone wants a Fallout 76 Beta code?

    Just send me a proof you are a fallout fan or a reason why you want it!

    Next beta dates are:

    Tuesday (06 November): 18h-20h GMT

    Thursday (08 November): 18h-01h GMT

    These are the last beta dates before the release at 14 November.

    I'll give the code randomly if no good answer pops out.. i have an extra invite besides this one i might give away if no friend wants it.

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    2. OG Styx
    3. Matt



      @Mr Cardoso I'll forever be in your debt! Been waiting a long time for the next in the fallout series! 😄

    4. Mr Cardoso

      Mr Cardoso

      Please leave a reply on this post. I'll randomize a winner today in a few hours so you guys have time to preload.


  3. Pretty much like Vladic, i watched some youtube videos and joined the Arma 3 world... I was in a very populated server back then before RPUK but since i was having sync problems i moved out.. best thing i did
  4. Feelswithout Spain man. 🇪🇸

  5. Stoneman's Guide - Worth rewatching! Video below:


    1. Norman


      I only watch it for the opening 

  6. The only royalties required is a blunt on the visit's bedroom when i drop by
  7. Free game for the first 100 Hours! More info below (looks funny):


    1. Haywire


      Matchmaking and inviting people doesn't seem to work 😧

    2. Mr Cardoso

      Mr Cardoso

      I didn't try the inviting but the matchmaking was working fine for me in both US and EU (this was 30m/1h ago)

      I had a update though in the middle of the game, after that crystal clear. Everytime i had an error i would reload the menu and join the queue.

  8. Don't forget to support our members in this effort! More info below, much love!


  9. Keep up the good wok, i really like your approach to the theme :)
  10. I still love you very much, don't worry was just a 1 night thing with @Stoneman

    1. Unlucky George

      Unlucky George


    2. Wilco


      @Unlucky George only last week i was Ernie taunting him in VR Chat... and he goes and releases this!




    3. Stoneman


      I'll never forget your filthy VR graffiti Wilco. 

  11. I mean, i already told you several times what i think of your work mate! Thanks for doing this :) You are indeed a good Youtuber, unlike @Unlucky George hahah ;) best part (35/36 seconds in haha)
  12. Well time to apply the famous tactic once it goes live:
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