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  1. When do people get the 2 years award when they are 2.083 years in

  2. I just  realised, today is my 730th day on this server. 


    2years... so long...

  3. Goin' on a trip 


    @Pimpmauser , @Curley this is our theme my dude :)


    1. Curley


      What?!?! I'm so confused lol!

    2. SPC Miller

      SPC Miller

      I am going on vacation, you muppet @Curley

    3. Pimpmauser


      you are a truly weird human being

  4. Let me clarify this... I went a little to fast in a corner, which made me loose the control over the wheel. it was not an jump that I intended.. we were responding to an dispatch.
  5. Hobo

    1. SPC Miller

      SPC Miller

      Mr.Hobo for you

    2. Pimpmauser


      Better start fearing me Mr. Hobo

  6. of course we can, otherwise kavala would be a clean and safe place. We are the real rebels. Unless if a hobo is in the police corps, then he is a saviour.
  7. Where is ''hobo'' award... i've been waiting for months!
  8. Might have something to do with the Nosplash etc.
  9. He was telling them that they were gonna be their dinner at 7pm.
  10. Better, you would of had a big headache if you survived.
  11. Concerning the part where crossfire happebd I am the civillian that got shot and executed. I do not request a compensation for my losses, it was my own fault that I walked near the gunfire. It happens I will not post on this topic anymore.
  12. Texan & Miller Offroad Imporium.

    We had 15 offroads parked. After 10 minutes we noticed that 2 were missing. 

    Never laughed that hard.

    1. Jamiie


      @Hoax Im a better salesman than you <3

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