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  1. it was more along the lines of cars and maybe gun power lol
  2. which gang is top dog in the city? i want photos that capture your wealth and power and we'll see the results then!
  3. My life. Thank you for reading
  4. First of all, i even said i felt it was bullying and you kept on saying it, and 2nd of all I got unrestrained 3rd An officer called your name, thats how we knew who you were
  5. I know what i did wrong, but what im trying to say is when i was trying to roll play you either ignored what i said, or you or your friend quoted what i said, and took the piss out of my accent. Not really acceptable when bullying is not permitted on the server, and when i asked for your name (badge numbers etc) you laughed and just drove away.
  6. So earlier on i was playing with some friends, we managed to rob a cop car we tried to roll play our way out of the situation the cop was just denying everything, i wasn't expecting to be let free however it would be nice to have them RP back with me... Then, driving back to the police station i was trying to talk to the officer, then got a reply "Im not listening to your bullshit anymore." Ridiculous... I think that they think since im wearing Hobo clothes that i will just want to shoot and fight however i love to roleplay and now i cant get any back... (The officers name was [INS] Ross, if anyone was wondering.)
  7. Cheers guys! Ill see you all on the island! ;)
  8. Got a Bandanna beast, had it for ages.. open to offers
  9. Think you have the wrong "Pablo Escobar", i came on last night for literally 5 minutes went to the garage then logged off.
  10. I can remember you too, i use to do a lot of role play for the Treasury with my old team.. Hopefully should be on today so ill see you around! :)
  11. Cheers for that, a lot has changed but cant wait to get back into it!
  12. Rocking the Armani and Gold Bracelet
  13. So just got back on Altis life from a year break, use to love this server had a nice economy to come back to... Just wondering anything been added since last year?
  14. The songs i listen help me chill and relax, it may not do the same to you! 1: Talking to the Moon - Bruno mars 2: 7 Years - Lukas Graham 3: Damn it feels good to be a gangster - Geto Boys 4: Demons - Imagine Dragons I love listening to these because all have a really chill tune and nothing too loud, let me know what you think and what songs you listen to!
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