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  1. NEW MEMBERS OF STAFF Oh my, what a few weeks it's been! Insane numbers on both game servers and a F***ton of stuff to do! We have gone through the first round of interviews and now finally accepted our new members of staff! A big old welcome to; @Henning Orion @Gray @Louis Richardson Please congratulate them by sending them a status update or even a PM Bit of a fun fact for everyone reading this. About 1 month ago we had our Discord Support Tickets system put in, and since then we have dealt with 650 support tickets. This is insane and really
  2. Why did you laugh at the end of your so called evidence of it being an «accident»?
  3. Take a break, watch this:


  4. Make sure you respond properly as this is a report against YOU.
  5. Hey! i think this one here « , « is in the wrong spot. Thats why. But you are getting paid what the store owner is setting the price at .
  6. I am pretty sure we have not reset anyone. There is only a few reasons to why we would do it but not to you as far as i know.
  7. Noble Store's are getting closer to its 1 year anniversary. This new truck will provide literal tons of supplies to the store or other places within Los Santos. Cant wait for the 1 year!


    1. Maxim


      I remember getting rid of a body for you while I was in the lost MC, can confirm very professional business man 👍

  8. I did the mistake of trusting Salv in flying the blackfish.
  9. NEW MEMBERS OF STAFF This time we have looked into people that have been in the team before and had a wish to rejoin. There are lots of others to also go through but we also have next stage for applicants coming up within the next few weeks. So, keep an eye on your inboxes for the ones that have applied. And to kick this of today and the first one this year, i would like to say welcome back to the staff team; @WhoisDan @Sonder @Ram @Coozer @Masis Allow them some time to get back into things and of course show them some appreciation in status updates to each and ever
  10. Hello! To try something new this year of 2021 we are wanting to announce our new members of staff when they join our team. Show your appreciation to these and of course get to know them! -Staff Leads @Drew, @Gordon, @Stavik
  11. Are you still alive ? how do i join GTA RP ??  🙂

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    2. B0sh


      This T-Money?

    3. Stavik


      @TonyTYeah man, still kicking about!
      How are you?

    4. TonyT


      Good mate you ? 🙂

  12. Day 2 of my adventures in Skyrim, some pretty fun times.


    1. Henry Atlas

      Henry Atlas

      But the question remains. Have you taken an arrow to the knee yet?

    2. Stavik


      Twice xD

  13. I have never played Skyrim.

    Come watch: 


    1. Gray


      I am blown away youve never played  Skyrim wtf???

    2. Stavik


      Nope, never did

      First Dragon not in the story killed ^


    3. Hammie


      imperial vanilla armour looks awful 🤮 get that game modded 

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