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  1. "We are so few in this country, every fallen a brother or a friend." - Nordahl Grieg 

    6 years, still hurts.. 🌹 22July 🌹 

    1. Stan I

      Stan I

      😢 forferdelige greier..

  2. I can say im really looking forward to some RPUK Battlegrounds today. We have so many decent players its going to be interesting ☺️ 

  3. 4f44b435d153a07e2f64662fa2b9b9bc.gif

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    2. TCK John Dillinger

      TCK John Dillinger

      Remember the time we had a den in the bushes at kavala drug dealer feeding people stitcher buckets what a crease man ha ha 

    3. TCK Pee Money

      TCK Pee Money

      Aye mate haha that poor kid wanted to be away with his pals for about a hour, we were like gan on have another one man. 

    4. TCK John Dillinger

      TCK John Dillinger

      ha ha ha class poor guy didnt know what day of the week it was he was off his nut man  , think he got banned not long after lol 

  4. RPUK PUBG Tournament

    With my Groza plays yeah. Why not. You need casters thou
  5. Wait what, are you still around?
  6. "Stop or youe tires will be tazed"
  7. Oh no!

    Bizniz will go on as usual.
  8. Diablo 2 run in a couple of hours on SGDQ. Cant waaaaait! 

  9. Final interview today. Lets fucking go! 

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    2. Stavik


      Job interview. I went on to the next stage last week so hopefully ill impress ☺️

    3. Danish


      You went on stage, and you're trying to impress. Are you applying for a job as a stripper?

    4. Stavik


      Funny You like

  10. Summer Games Done Quick starting in a few hours. You will find it on twitch! 

    1. Mattch


      How did I not realize this was happening

    2. Stavik


      Fucking get on it mate. 

      Im literally gonna be awake for 1 week. 

    3. Mattch


      Same dude, I always forget about SGDQ and AGDQ until the day before / the day it actually happens.  Fucking love that

  11. Me and @pr0xity abou to play a small tournament on PUBG. I guess im spectating alot the next two hours.

    1. Imstyle


      were's the tour at?

    2. Ant Arni

      Ant Arni

      I'm interested if it's note whitelisted... squad??

    3. Stavik
  12. Check out SGDQ 2017 2nd -7th July. 


  13. I really have a good feeling about the New Job interview i had. I really hope i get it. 

    1. YoCo


      Good luck mate

    2. Stoter


      I wish you the best of luck Stavik :D

    3. Astraea


      Good Luck