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  1. People being open for the change and the flow of natural roleplay. Sometimes just roll with it. See what happens ! Those moments stick!
  2. Thank you for your report, Unfortunately, it has been declined The staff member will advise shortly why on this occasion they have declined to take action against the reported player. Please do not let this put you off making further reports in the future, We rely on our player base to help keep our community clean.
  3. This seems like quite the extensive roleplay scenario spanning further than what we are seeing in the videos. And that is good, intrigues are fun! C2.3 Combat Logging claim will be dismissed as its proven not to be. FiveM just REALLY didn't not like someone being ziptied in the water. The value of life, unless you are a capable swimmer it is a risk jumping into the water with your hands on your back tied. This time it went badly as she went into a downed state. But in this scenario, it was a last hope. You probably should not have moved her for that chance to be given. The claims of her going OOC in while in-game it nothing bur hearsay as we don't know the full story and its context. Too me it sounds like roleplay. And it sounded like a natural defence. "Please just kill me" is also a plea to get it over with as she knows where this is going. Without the proper context proven and the evidence challenged (combatlog) the report will be denied. But what i must add, if things do get heated if things seems unfair, please just take a deep breath and continue on after that. Any issues can and will be resolved after the situation. This is a game, we are all characters and should act as such. Report denied.
  4. Thank you for doing your part in keeping the community clean. Your report has been approved and action has been taken against the reported player. If you are out of pocket due to this case please now open a compensation request here, Do make sure to mention this report.
  5. Player already banned for being a skiddie apparently. Video is to short to show what was going on prior to the RDM. 3-5 minutes long. There could have been a longer interaction that we don't see. But will add the discrimination ontop of the not acting injured. Thank you for the report. Report Accepted.
  6. Thank you for your report, Unfortunately, it has been declined The staff member will advise shortly why on this occasion they have declined to take action against the reported player. Please do not let this put you off making further reports in the future, We rely on our player base to help keep our community clean.
  7. In the past we have said that we will take "contextual" approach on matters of using these words within roleplay. From what i seeing that is a very very short clip in reality is plain and simply common abuse from a suspect/criminal to the police that falls within the roleplay aspect of the game. He's calling the character a retard word, not you. We are all acting as characters in-game and should treat it as such. And i must say, this does not "whitelist" any other word under the sun because this was allowed this time, its contextual. As a sidenote, please wait until the roleplay situation is over before one start to liase and discuss the situation. 50-60 people in queue and you guys are talking on TS..3q Report denied.
  8. Still on the top 10 list of most played. Easy #TCK4Life
  9. Couple of points to read; please read.


  10. Hello everyone! What a few weeks its been! Server is hella busy, tickets everywhere, staff interviews and even real life! But now, we are at a point with two major announcements! For his incredible dedication to the staff team and his willingness to help @Bowenhave been invited to join the Staff Leads Team as the number 4! This will for sure be an incredible addition to the team because it will benefit not only us and the staff team, but the community. It means we can do more, quicker. So, big warm welcome to @Bowento the "top" brass and we wish him good luck. ONWARDS During this latest application and staff interview stage we realized that the quality of the people applying was quite high. After a bit of back and forth we came to the conclusion that a big intake is really the only sensible thing. We landed on 12 new staff members. This is to date our biggest intake ever. A big warm welcome to our new level 1's! @JasonO @Merek @Mike Wolfie @CSI OneShot @Mason @Stuart @Nikolai @LegendaryChaos @Snuffles @3FingerGaming @TheCap @Slawek Training on these are done this weekend and next week so please do give them some slack until they get the hang of things. Other than that, wish them a massive good luck in PM's or even forum updates or tags on discord Applications and going forward Some people are still awaiting their staff interviews and some new people have applied in the time between. Have no fear, we will get to you. Just allow us some time to get our level ones sorted and we will come back to the apps/interviews. If there are any questions about it, please send us a message. We have grown in so many areas and we encourage everyone to apply to the staff team. What we would like to see more off in the future are applications from the ladies in our community. So if you are interested but haven't applied, please apply. On a more serious note.. It has come to our attention that some members off the community think that members of the Staff Team will just get away with things cause "thats just the way things are". Under no circumstance is this true. The Staff Team are held to a much higher standard because of the level of trust and their position and we will take all complaints serious. Does this mean you should make a complaint every time something happens? Well no. Use common sense for what have just happened. But as stated above, we will take complaints very serious. Make sure you provide your side with the evidence of whatever the issue is so it would help us to do our investigation. How do you raise a concern about a member off staff or decision? Make a Ticket on Discord, let the staff team know that you want only leads to be present and they will know what to do. Now, if there are any questions you would like to ask us.. Please do ask us. If we don't answer right away we will eventually get to you at some point. Thank you for time and dedication to our servers and we are forever grateful for having you! Staff Leads Drew, Stavik, Gordon, Bowen
  11. Happy Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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      should i change my forum pfp

  12. When you just find that on tune that you know you will play the shit out off..


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  13. Welcome Back! Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here. Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away. Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord! Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group Discord: RPUK Discord
  14. Further investigation into the roof itself its a known GTA issue. Ban is stricken from record. Unbanned.
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