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  1. Well, spending time outside gives you this 😮

    There is a lookout point up there in picture one, picture 2 shows the view.



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    2. JasonO


      Nice! That the Trolls Pass?

    3. Stavik


      @JasonOYes! The other picture here is from the new cable cart in Åndalsnes.


    4. Sau


      @Stavik a couple of my colleagues was up there and built the structure of Romsdal Gondolen Ay

  2. 77 years ago.


  3. This time again! 


  4. Welcome Back! Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here. Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away. Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord! Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group Discord: RPUK Discord
  5. It's what i signed up for. We give people chances all the time, this is true. And sometime we do not give anymore chances. I will unban you this time, but simply just don't try any funny business next time. Unbanned.
  6. Fresh blooooood! It's been a while since the last intake! Many things have happened! A big congratulations to our new members of staff here on RPUK! @Jordan @Drex @Joshua @Mystix @GREENY (getting his tag abit later ) Please congratulate them by sending them a status update or even a PM Discord? We've just reached 10k Discord users in our Discord! ITS AMAZING! And since February we have had 5000 discord tickets with various calls for help! The Staff Team can not thank this Community enough for its patience and understanding
  7. It is not ridiculous and its explained quite well here: I will add this for clarification. Now you are then showing the deliberate intention to poach members of our community for another community it is up to my discretion to protect this community from that to ever happen. Oh yes, there are other means of doing it and to be quote honest, I don't care about other communities other than to have a working relationship with them to help each other. We have 7 years on our ass, good things have been done and mistakes have been made. But 7 years. Build your own community
  8. And he forgot the guy that got him his first car. Oh well cant wait to see what you plan next !
  9. Gratulerer med dagen nordmenn! 🇳🇴

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    2. Nomad


      Svenskarna får väl gratulera, även om vi inte vill...

    3. James Manly

      James Manly

      Litt seint, men gratulerer med dagen! ❤️🇳🇴

    4. James Travers

      James Travers

      Gratulerer med dagen min venn 🇳🇴

  10. Thank you for your report, Unfortunately, it has been declined The staff member will advise shortly why on this occasion they have declined to take action against the reported player. Please do not let this put you off making further reports in the future, We rely on our player base to help keep our community clean.
  11. What i will question here is mainly just one thing only. The group of people is trying to take someone hostage at what can only be presumed to be a very heavily staffed and armed Police Station. Who in their right mind would do this? Any sensible person would understand that there will be some kind of reaction. Being a criminal doing "criminal" things will be to some degree be dangerous at a Police Station, it's not really a place to mess around. As it stands, we do not see anything more than the natural escalation of roleplay. This of course is based of the context of the situ
  12. So, someone approached us with you saying What was the intent here @CI Gzeeman ?
    Happy Birthday bigman!

    1. Drew



      Cheers big man

  14. @abigfatpuddingCan you please give us a screenshot of the ban message.
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