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  1. You left to earlier to gather any intelligence of the background stuff that happens, your gang will crumble at the hands of us! Just like the rest of them! //On a side note GL
  2. Why should the price of the vehicle play a part you break the law you face the consequences in my opinion, like in real life you speed in a Yaris you get a fine and points, you speed in a lambo you get fine and points. this accounts the same.
  3. It doesn't matter what vechile all vechile have the same law as though, that's from Hatchback to Sporty or MH9 to Blackfish to Truck boxer to Hemmit box, there all the same laws regardless of price of vechile.
  4. The one in the hatchback sport that we got our Tara to hover over. Regardless this post is about the laws being changed not the blackfish scenario that has been dealt with. And like I said in my previous comment I agree some laws should be changed to help work within the limits of Arma 3
  5. In this video you clearly give everyone keys regardless off what your Intentions were you allowed them access and as they were messing about stopping us from doing our jobs and we forgot to mention you setting up a sniper on the hill behind us. We decided the only way we could prove a point and actually show you we are the law and we will not be messed about by rebels was to give you the maximum sentence which was given. It's unfortunate in this situations but I do slightly have to agree that some laws may need a little change due to how realistic you can be within an RP server. Yes we were in teamspeak saying scrap it due to the nature of what you was doing and it was in the law, if you would of not gave keys to everyone and not all kept jumping in and out starting the engines etc trying to get away the sentence would of been less, but there's a solid 8-10minutes of us pulling people out and them getting back in, so how do we prove a point you can't break a law, give be maximum sentence. Regardless of the vechile you was In could of been an MH9 it would of been scrapped
  6. @Ollie_ The scrapping of the blackfish was done after a warning was issued the night before about having drugs in it, In my opinion if someone wants to be stupid or try and be the big kid and fly one around breaking laws then its deserved to be scrapped. if you want to keep the Blackfish, then fly lawfully.
  7. As Police comms are classified for the safety of the public and other officers i do not wish to give you that footage hence why we are communicating in a protected radio Channel
  8. Again as stated My body cam was off during this situation, I believe it was because the battery may have ran out, so I don't have cam footage for you. Would also like to ask why you requesting footage from us when your cam video from lincoln shows everything?
  9. As you are not the person who has supplied the PCC i dont have to give anything that you ask for nor do my collegues unless requested by the Command who is dealing with the situation, Now as all the video that we have are in other replies to the post I think the best course of action is for us to sit back and relax and wait for command to come to a conclusion.
  10. As from my perspective I upheld the law I sadly didn't have my body cam turned on, also it seems other members of the Police have saved snippets of the crimes that were issues and they are above.
  11. It was Wrote on the PNC I believe he has last warning which is a database therefore we can check after deaths etc. Also Crimes by him as it was his VTOL you see the first Flare was done in the air before landing, also If he wanted to help why did he give keys to every single rebel in the area to?
  12. Would you travel to Malden and Tanoa without knowing there laws, each island is different you should always read up on Fines and punishments before settling down in an island.
  13. The Vehicle was not report stolen to us, you gave out keys to the multiple TCK and your Buddies AMW in the area, leaving you as the owner to take responsibility for the keys being given out and you allow them access to your vehicle. The fact of whether or not its an iron run means nothing, the reason it was scrapped was for Uses of flares unauthorised, preventing the court of justice and landing near city limits, which was explained to you in the liaison room and inside the game before it was scrapped by Alex Jackson. The run you are doing means nothing in this. Even without the city limits, there still vandalism of the wall you knocked down in landing, the Preventing justice and flares used which equates to over £100k fine maximum and also 2 of those offences are scrappable offences , as the flares was used multiple times which made our decision easier.
  14. Hi id like to pull my input into this. We initially landed as you were 1km from Aggelocori and landed, we saw you flare before landing, also we know this due to an officer dealing with an unrealated incident at the metal factory. Therefore breaking this law Improper use of flares - £50,000/Scrap. After this you gave keys to everyone but didnt report your vechile stolen therefore its still under your right of what anyone does to this. aka jumping in and out when asked not too breaking this law. Perventing the course of justice - £50,000 and scrap. You gave the police keys to unlock your vechile therefore we were able to unlock it and drag people out of this (yes its big and as explained in the liasion room we carnt physically move into the vechile to drag you out due to arma restrictions), Whilst we was doing this we have more flares on the ground, whether this is you or not you gave them keys and didnt report it stolen. breaking more improper use of flares. Hence why in the end the decision was made to scrap your blackfish by the majority of the patrol at the time and CI Geoff didnt scrap due to being scared of a complaint however Jackson did carry on the law. I believe jackson has the video evidence. Due to you breaking several laws making the maximum allowed fine be over £100k we decided to scrap the vechile We also should have scrapped it yesterday due to the cocaine run but decided against it due to Geoff again being scared to for the sake of maybe getting a PCC - Video of incident yesterday were he was trafficking drugs Class A drugs, Geoff made the decision that if we had a video of the VTOL unlocked as we pulled you out this was gonna be a scrap despite the video showing it was unlocked he didnt scrap but impounded it. PS: This Video is related to an incident that happened yesterday not this one that happened today, Jackson has the one of today and the flares being used.
  15. Pulled pie man over for no headlights turned into him having a truck of LSD. To which he RP having it for the new Crazy ward opening at the hospital, He then Proceeded to get a friend to come over i gear who then sent me an email and came to vouch for the player with ID and paperwork. Resulted in him Having a police escort to Kavala hospital where we helped him unload the LSD to the Warehouse.