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    Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name): Ritchie Time & Date this happened:at posting. Which Server did this happen on:1 Description of what happened:he RDM me. screaming with indian accent. and making no sense, saying to do things and after doing it. you WILL - still get shot. also 3 people killed with me, after he killed me with full gear i was. he was just a hobo with a handgun like a happy dog. What Rule Was Broken ?:RDM Have you tried to resolve with the player before posting?: Yes no respond. Please post video evidence/screenshots here : don't have any unf. His steam ACC: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198116533122/ i was out of the green zone at kavela by few m's . a hobo came, with a handgun. screaming get in za floor get in za floor. after he robbed me. so i did, then got instaly shot. and so did the 3 - 4 guys around me. He did not RP or anything. literaly just jumped on me. and lost all my fucking SHIT cause some retard hobo can't follow some simple fucking rules. if i can get my stuff would be nice. not worth a lot, like 70k max. 3 people died with me, maybe you can find them on the logs. didn't rec unfor.
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