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  1. I understand this, the damn server is too enticing for my own good XD.
  2. What about some whitelisted slots on the server? my main problem for raising these questions are that i can only play on weekends and often find myself queueing for ages but i'd be more than happy to pay for whitelisting or something similar.
  3. What are the chances of the server capacity being increased again in the future? And what are the chances of a 2nd server being added at some point?
  4. Last time I played about 2-3 weeks ago i parked my DB9 in the garage that comes with my flat and now its no their or in the impound or any of the free parking spots i.e legion square or the other one in the city centre?? My character name is Chad Chinson
  5. i was in the server fine then i got connection interupted and now i cant rejoin the server.
  6. This is now happening to me, it's been fine the last couple of days but now I can't pick a character, is there any help on this? *edit* loading another server then going back to this server seemed to help.
  7. 2.12 NHS medics are here to help and revive people it is a bannable offence to kill a medic take them hostage or steal there vehicles. Again I really want to say how sorry i am this happened and I will do my best to make sure it won't happen again. (Sorry if editing a comment causes this to bump the post I just thought I put the rule number on but I didn't so I just wanted to add it.)
  8. I knew it was against the rules to kill a medic but it wasn't my intention to shoot that medic he just got caught in the crossfire, I'm not fully aware of the rules you have to follow whilst playing as the NHS but i know they are there to enhance the role playing experience and I would never intentionally harm a medic in anyway or steal there vehicles I am very sorry for what happened and I assure you it won't happen again.
  9. If anyone is monitoring this please can we settle this all my gang are heading back in and I'd really like to know either way so we can decide what to do, sorry for the several posts on this.
  10. sorry I misspelled my in name game It's sirschmoopy.
  11. Sorry for long reply I wasn't sure where I would get a reply, I fully understand it was wrong to shoot the medic whether it was an accident or not but I believe this is my first bannable offence and I have been playing on this server for quite a while now. I will make it a point that from now that this will never happen again I truly am sorry and i will be much more careful in the future if you allow me back onto the server.
  12. In-game Name Sirsccmoopy Steam ID 76561198081147362 The date of your ban. 03/01/2014 Member of the team that banned you. It doesn't give me a name just battleye: admin kick Reason given for your ban. shooting a medic The Server you initially was banned on. Server 1 In your own words, Please type why you think you was banned I was banned because I accidently shot a medic I honestly didn't mean to. Why should we unban you. Shooting the medic wasn't intentional me and my gang drove past this guy holding someon
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