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  1. Thanks Gray, I'll hop over to the topic attached, legend
  2. Interesting, okay that's all needed to know, thankyou
  3. Hello, I understand donators get certain perks in game & on forums, I was wondering as I couldn't see anywhere if or when potentially priority queuing could be purchased for GTA RP server?
  4. I feel like team blue have this in the bag, picture angle and pose at least gives it an extra 10bhp, sharp edges, be looking smooth
  5. Huge congratulations to you and everyone envolved!
  6. I’d like to apologise on my friends behalf (Edam Stebbsy) from his actions you can tell I did not endorse them as I didn’t continue speaking after Stebbsy painted the impression you initiated by shooting at us and continuing to act childish, you gave him the opportunity to learn from that and that’s what I respect, from his responses I cannot simply comment on why his brain works in such way for a grown man, I’ve had a discussion with him and explained the rules, let’s hope another occurrence like this is unheard of
  7. Your In-game name Kyle James Name of the player(s) you are reporting Snake Eyes Date of the incident 07/03/2016 Time of the incident (GMT) 12 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident Was just in Kavala, when he decided to just shoot me. then loot me. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://secure.twitch.tv/faydevi/v/75974544 This report is the truth,
  8. I will make 10x this amount doing my activities within the hour! :)
  9. As a child Kyle James was always a loved and always taken care of within the greek island Altis, throughout his life (growing up) he was a calm and collective individual, always willing to help out others.. When he reached his mid teens (16) he worked on the land doing some iron to keep the family business running, all was going well he adapted & started a business with Vladimer called RUUK Real Estate, the aim of this company was to buy & sell the lovely houses of Altis, we would like to class ourselves as successful but then on july 21st, we found ourselves with a visit from the Gove
  10. Welcome back to one of the first members of this community! (Number 217)

    1. Kyle Jamerson

      Kyle Jamerson

      Thanks my man! Glad to be back!

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