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  1. @Goldzyn Just the single time; we're planning too have monthly event's not weekly etc, hope that helps
  2. Vehicle: Mustang Boss Current Speed (If applicable): 110 New Speed (If applicable): 130 Modification Issues: No modifications available which is understandable as it's a classic.
  3. We are hosting a Black Tie Party at the bar ‘Tequila-La-La’. This event is a chance for you to socialise, get to know people around the city and have fun! The event will take place on the 29th of May at 9pm and there will be a small entry fee of £1000 or if you would prefer a more luxury stay we are offering 15 exclusive VIP tickets for just £5000! You will have access to food and drink at the bar and music will be ongoing all night. Please dress in your best black attire and note we will not accept anyone out of the black tie theme. So come enjoy a night out and bring your friends!! *There wi
  4. Kyle James


    Hello, We've been having some very enthusiastic locals whether it be cars or trucks dipping there vehicles in the club causing a blockade this is the second instance this has occurred; (I'd also like to note, within the area of the club / hills it's extremely bad on performance, myself having a considerable decent PC (3070 etc) get huge frame drops within the area if that's a possibility of being looked into also 1; I'm not sure how they're managing to get them inside 2; We've not seen it in the act as we're rarely around the club / always at the mine / smeltery ot
  5. Embrace your hustle, embrace the struggle, chase the dream - one day Hustlers on Top

  6. Is your production for a character, group or company? Gang Who is the production for? Hustlers (Gang) Link to relevant forum post Tell me about your character, group or company Hustle or die trying, we’re bringing the legal front and turning out dirty cash into clean money, we fund a store and are progressing gracefully. The ultimate goal for the Hustlers is to be a neutral gang but not to be messed with, you won’t find us ever causing any issues unless it’s bound to retaliation, through-out lost Santos we wish to bring a new line to gang recruitment, for example Employ
  7. May I also add @Norman - here's a theory that Carmichael seemed to be using her pen to tap out messages to Davidson in morse code during the interrogation. she was repeatedly tapping her pen four times against the desk during the interview, spelling out 'H' in morse code, just as Dot Cottan did during his dying declaration back in season four. May I also add, there's alot of speculation surrounding Thurwell faking his death and some are claiming one of the spanish officers are Jimmy Nesbitt
  8. Feel like Carmichael was chucked in to add some shade, so everyone thinks the way she's brushing off the investigations & Hastings allegations gains the public to suspect her to be involved.
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