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  1. Just left Royal arena after i watched Kevin Hart's new Comedy show: The irresponsible tour. Damn, I have not laughed this much in a long time. Great show i recommend that anyone that has the chance to go watch it should. 10/10

  2. Now without having staff rank my view on this is that. To keep good roleplay and make sure every scenario has good enough roleplay from all parties, you may first shoot back on a target that has initiated on your life when you provide ROLEPLAY back to them. Running away behind a wall after being threaten and then shot is not good RP. So in a scenario you get initated on that if you don't do X you will be shot (Obviesly not that sentence but something that can translate to same mening). Then you must give some sort of roleplay back to the robbing party before you may pull out your firearm and shot them. Could be something a long the lines of "I refuse to surrender i have worked hard for these diamonds and i wont to get the money for selling them so i can feed my family" (while running in to cover) and then a sort of counter initation stating you will fire back if they don't leave you alone. Resulting in you talking wiht the person that robs you and make it a roleplay situation and not just a hands up or die situation.
  3. Hmmmm @Thor God of Thunder Should we let him in just because of that save ?
  4. Damn peach your project turned out nice! I enjoyed every second of that video ! ;D
  5. Have you read the rules and follow the instructions in the room ? And 2 hours waiting time do happen, its saturday night, people have lives as well. So you can come back tomorrow if it is :) As much as i know it sucks to wait for an interview, waiting time will happen.
  6. The HM thing you mention is exactly what i though i do quite enjoy that the tabels have turned of a sort so you get a bit of both worlds as attacker and defender ish. and as a cop as well i could see it would be a nice change instead of constantly having to walk in blind they can set something up like an HM. thanks for the answers i do find them quite resolving to my questions thank you very much.
  7. So with the new update the police can now lockdown the advanced rebel buyer and keep people from buying their lovely mk1 and so on, though i have a few questions about polices and how much they can camp this buyer. Now personally i love the fact police now can fight back where it hurts rebels the most and give rebels and police more to do. though obviesly advanced being the best weapon seller on the island most high profile gangs will use it, and i can't help but feel that police can camp it in a sort, where they basicly keep coming back every 30 min to take the fight and lockdown the advanced rebels for 30 more mins so rebels can't buy their firearms there. So my questions is Is there any restrictions on police other then the approvel of an ACC + ? and more generally what other rules apply to police lockingdown the zone as in reason for they are locking it down or how often can they can lock it down. Now for playing a few minutes on the server i already expirenced the police sending 1 pcso in to lockdown the advanced rebel and then officers sitting in pygros and surroundings ready to take the fight when rebels come to take out the pcso and stop him from locking down the advanced rebel. which felt like a reverse HM of a sort xD very weird. Hopefully i can get my questions answered :)
  8. Ehmmmm... Give him a peach to a head... You know improve him ?!
  9. Banned for not playing enough to DESERVE DOCTOR!
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