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  1. The real @n00ms is back???

    1. n00ms


      hahaha I am real... and kinda back!

  2. Ey up Katie!!

    1. ladykatie


      ello 😜

  3. PC Dickhead!

  4. oi oi Lacey!!!

    1. TCK Lacey Dillinger

      TCK Lacey Dillinger

      oi oi n00ms!!

    2. n00ms


      that was funny earlier lol

  5. Awarded Yesterday at 01:03 PM

    YAY!!!!! a year!

    1. Tommy Shelby

      Tommy Shelby

      nooms come backkk

    2. n00ms


      haha if I get unbanned I will!

  6. Way too much work, bye for now :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dcert


      Tommy it can't be happening

    3. Tommy Shelby

      Tommy Shelby

      I know it's the worst news this year

    4. n00ms
  7. About frikin time, ruined the game for me. Might have to have a look back at it!
  8. I played from day 1, got to Diamond then had a huge influx of hackers. Submitted multiple reports to Ubi about it with no change. I just could not bring myself to play it without any valid anti-cheat. The stats tracking works to some level but after testing various theories out for at least a 2 month period with no change I quit :(
  9. Oi where the fook are you? Get on Patrol!

  10. Time for an awesome film tonight from 1994, The Specialist.
    "You like watching them die? You like taking them down? Now I'm taking you down. You're finished in the agency. You're going no higher. You're as dead as those people in the river. We both are." - Ray Quick

    1. FriendlyFireGuy


      Such a cool film!

  11. I am melting... 

  12. N00MS!


    1. SPC Miller

      SPC Miller

      You guys cannot stop saying that can you....

    2. n00ms



      umm no.

    3. SPC Miller

      SPC Miller

      OI You're  not allowed  to say 


      only nooms

  13. My video from the event. Still processing right now I think... keep checking back