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  1. Congratulations to the new staff! I look forward to working with you all! As I always say, don't get too disheartened if you didn't get there this time. Consider it a chance to improve and blow us away next time we open up to applications!
  2. HERESY! THE ONE TRUE POPE IS @Pope Chris!!!
  3. Those NHS pilots aren't what they used to be! Much better when I was the one training them! <3
  4. #BlameCiaran
  5. UPDATE: Apologies for the delay in making the announcement. There are some reasons in the background as to why there is delay and while there is currently no timeframe, I can assure everyone that we are continuing to work towards making the announcement as soon as possible. TL:DR Coming soon™
  6. I'd like to recommend that everyone watches SGDQ 2017. Crazy good speed running for a good cause. https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick

    1. TomTheDoge


      If you're not interested in every game, there's a schedule here adjusted for your timezone

  7. They were right, he really has no profile banner.

    1. CMO Norman

      CMO Norman

      It's on his christmas list from @CSI Joseph Tadworth or @Eclipse 

    2. TomTheDoge


      Well if you put it like that.... I've made a few adjustments <3 It's a start at least!

  8. Awesome job mate! Couldn't have gone to a better person :)

    1. TomTheDoge


      You made that vague didn't you? Thanks though <3

    2. CMO Norman

      CMO Norman

      I know lol 

      Just increasing your profile views :P


  9. I do, it is STILL my teamspeak avatar when you're next about.
  10. You think I'd give her back now? You'll have to fight me for it <3 Good to see you back buddy. (And of course good luck to everyone!)
  11. How rude! The execution was 10/10 I won't settle for any less ;)
  12. Was it? I forget... I made it though! To be fair it's from the prequels they don't count right?
  13. Having just spent slightly too long trying to work photoshop I made this... Behold the product of my afternoon! For more memes visit the Wilco meme thread:
  14. Horse Name: Wonderful Charm Steam ID ( Steam 64 ID): 76561198042164002
  15. That's reasonably impressive. I swear that pilot had one job and still nearly killed all of you hahaha.