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  1. All good, just make sure you always give them time to comply, or more than one set of tracer shots because they can be pretty hard to see during the day
  2. When we were rebels we used to use them on a "land or leave" basis but obviously it would be situational. If a helicopter is hovering above an area we were at, we'd send 3 tracers to the front and 3 to the back, if they didn't fly away we'd shoot them down. If say we were in a helicopter, and we were chasing another helicopter, we'd tracer them and expect them to land. If not, we'd end up once again shooting.
  3. Yeah I've seen this so many times over the last year after the whole "F, F5" situation but I knew it was a visual bug. I'm pretty sure you spawn with your gun on your back aswell right? Spawned in with my gun out a few days ago https://gyazo.com/ec526ff45b2692334af01227d4b95dc7
  4. cringe get me off this shit list
  5. I was going to put a suggestion in as I am not sure if this is a bug or not however I'm going to presume it is. Base weapon shops seem to be full price, I'm not sure if this is intended? As it would be silly to pay full price after having to pay 45mill to get the shops.
  6. I don't have a problem with it, everyone just knows you tend to try and bullshit your way out of things. Anyway, your boring me now so I won't be replying, next time we catch you, don't combat log :D.
  7. The real deal? Yeah dude, we're totally guna knock you out without saying anything and then report you when you combat log, this isn't your unban appeal where you were racist and then made up some bullshit story about reading a book about slavery. You were all initiated on, the normal "you are going to be knocked out" initiation wasn't used, reiss switched it up and told you all we were about to have a fight and a scuffle onto the ground or something along those lines, you were then all knocked out or killed when things went south. Stop trying to bullshit your way out of every wrong you do. You were knocked out, we got you in zipties, you knew you didn't want to be in zipties with us because all you do is trash talk so you combat logged.
  8. 3 minute long videos are required for rdm reports I believe, which this is not. You combat logged, its as simple as that, whether Reiss did knock you out without saying anything, (which he didn't) you would still be in the wrong as two wrongs do not make a right.
  9. Your In-game name OG Hammah Name of the player(s) you are reporting Dat Triton Medic Date of the incident 02/07/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2145 What best describes this incident ? Other Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident Had this guy in ties, combat logged after 10seconds. Conversation on teamspeak was as follows: <21:49:05> "Reiss [6611]": <21:462> "Reiss.^": COme back please <21:46:14> "Reiss.^": combat logging not good <21:48:12> "Dat Medic Thou": Nah bro its not happening...should have warned me you were going to zip tie me <21:48:20> "Reiss.^": oK <21:48:34> "Dat Medic Thou": And do me a favor <21:48:40> "Dat Medic Thou": I want you to report me <21:48:48> "Dat Medic Thou": For combat logging <21:48:54> "Reiss.^": Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eSE3CxvJ9U&feature=youtu.be This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
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      its fine bro x

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      @Hammah he knew what he was typing... should have already took the it on the chin

  11. For people claiming the form was only sent to people that would vote in favour for rebel that is completely incorrect. I understand the first 7 people on the "Form Responses" are obviously members of AR as we made the form and posted it into our teamspeak channel however, RuthlessInfo, Lionel Ryker, Tokjat, Corrie Healy, Hagrid, Jack Reacher, Roveris, TBigSoul, Simen, Slawek, Brandon, Mike Polo, Daniel Snow, Greenhalgh, James Travers, Snuffles, Henning, Mystix, Samantha, Ali Barber, John Kurz, Santo, Leon Kennedy, KeirT, Arbaaz, Andrew, Alfred, Ace J Hunter, Gzeeman, Sarge, Kieran, Nomad, Tommy J, Roo Hyuga, John Miller, Kseniya, Xeulifer, Smith, Hawkeye, Jack Reacher, 40 police officers who I personally would have been unaware of what their decisions would have been. The form was not sent to "specific" people, it was posted in police-members discord, it was sent to every officer online at the time, even the people in "police afk" and obviously as you know, we made the mistake of posting it on this post which resulted in some idiots trolling the form with silly names.
  12. Well when it was implemented we were told in discord to wait for board to discuss changes and I believe people were told in board that if they want to see changes to email management so I don't think they plan on changing anything, anyways, Wilco allowed them their compromise but since it still leaves the majority unhappy should they really be given more time to adjust/change it? From my own opinion, the way I see it is, It was put together by people who all voted against being able to play as a rebel, therefor will never reach an outcome where the majority is pleased.
  13. Well at this point I’d rather just see another vote, they made their compromise and implemented it, they do not want to change it, so now all that’s left is another vote which is why I made this post.
  14. Yeah I wish they’d have been that simple about it
  15. So after almost three months of waiting, Gold command decided to release/implement their compromise to lifting faction restrictions. Although we all knew somewhat of a Special Rank was coming that would not allow anyone in a Primary Unit to play rebel without losing months, if not years of time put into the police, we had some hope as we were told that no matter what compromise Gold Command present, another community vote will take place where lifting restrictions completely and the new compromise will be voted for. (see below). I fully understand that you cannot keep everyone happy and appreciate everyone who has put time aside to work on this new rank however this really isn't what the community voted for. With that being said, many of us would very much like to see the re-vote of the compromise against completely lifting restrictions. We were told to address this situation in the Police Board meeting however in the board meeting we were told that if we wish to see any type of change we should email management. Instead of sending an email, a forum post is most likely the better option as this does affect the entire community. I'd also like to mention that this compromise was added without any discussion with police-board therefor resulting in what the majority did not want. Below is a document with data acquired from the community vote itself and a form response sheet that was made today (11/12/2019) to gather some data before board. I understand that gold command may call bias or claim that the information pool is too small which is understandable as it was only done in one day however a solid 66 police members (at the time of this post) have given their input which is a large majority. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YB5jija4fUg06KkuCZb5xQkTvAww0uQVroV0NCVu3mA/edit#gid=1305151453 Using the information obtained from the google response form, 4 points are clear; 100% of the police that took the survey that are in specialised units would NOT step down to the new rank, removing a large portion of the police from being able to play rebel. At the time of writing this (more data is still being obtained) 58 police officers who took the survey would not step down to the new SC rank and 54 of them would like to play rebel. 40 of the police officers that took the survey are at or above the rank of SGT leaving 74% of police who took the survey and would like to play rebel not being able to. Unless they step down from high ranking/achieving positions. 26% of the police who took the survey that are interested in the new rank are at the rank of PC or below, meaning that they would not have to step down from a high position or lose months/years of time put into the police. Since the Community Vote, the number of officers that would like to play rebel has risen based on information gained in only one day. The previous information shows how unhappy the police are with the new SC implementation and give grounds for this re-vote to occur. Using the information obtained in the community vote that was done by Wilco, the following information is clear; Approximately 65 police members voted in the community poll. 20 of these officers voted against playing rebel. (9 of them being Gold Command members who made the compromise). 45 of these officers voted for restrictions to be lifted so that they could play rebel. 238 community members voted on this poll, however, we are only including the 65 officers due to people mentioning that the poll was bias as not everyone was in the police. (Even though this was a community vote). I understand that we are in the month of December so people may have their hands full with real life and this may take time to change if it were to. Also I am in no way creating this post to incite drama. This is merely a post to address the concern that many of us are not happy with the compromise that has been implemented and would be very happy if the re-vote that was mentioned takes place. Police Command may mention that we are only in the early days of the new compromise being implemented and that we should wait to see how it goes over the next few weeks however it still leaves the majority of higher ranks unhappy and I would rather not see this brushed under the carpet.
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