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  1. Maybe reduce sway somehow but I don’t agree with redgulls, cba getting laser beamed by every Tom dick and Harry. As for sniping, why do you all complain about it? Maybe turn on brain and don’t get caught sprinting without cover
  2. All good, just make sure you always give them time to comply, or more than one set of tracer shots because they can be pretty hard to see during the day
  3. When we were rebels we used to use them on a "land or leave" basis but obviously it would be situational. If a helicopter is hovering above an area we were at, we'd send 3 tracers to the front and 3 to the back, if they didn't fly away we'd shoot them down. If say we were in a helicopter, and we were chasing another helicopter, we'd tracer them and expect them to land. If not, we'd end up once again shooting.
  4. Yeah I've seen this so many times over the last year after the whole "F, F5" situation but I knew it was a visual bug. I'm pretty sure you spawn with your gun on your back aswell right? Spawned in with my gun out a few days ago https://gyazo.com/ec526ff45b2692334af01227d4b95dc7
  5. cringe get me off this shit list
  6. Let's be realistic, not to slam Poseidon here but it was a joke when a gunfight would breakout with poseidon say in kavala/agios and they can freely use the garage to whip out ifrits. Police can't interact with civilian garages, nor should Poseidon be able to. UNMC could do this at one point until they also got this change. I reckon its best this way honestly, police have police stations on the queens side, civilians have garages and Poseidon have their base/family compounds in Poseidon lands. When I was stranded as a cop in Poseidon lands I'd have to ask someone on my patrol for a pickup, the
  7. Didn’t read it all as I’m in bed but you’re right about everyone knowing each other, regardless of whether people have spoken, we all know each other in some way and I guess that’s why we all like to play here. We could probably take a group of 10/15 friends to another server but the community elsewhere could never be the same.
  8. I mean the state of the server for the last year has literally been constant gunfights, rebels fight police, Poseidon interfere, rebels fight both. When I was in the police, the police have nothing to do besides respond to fuel station robberies, what did we do? Go into Poseidon lands to stop people from doing drugs since queens land drugs were made insignificant. What happened next? Poseidon showed up, a big red circle appears on the map (no fly zone), gunfight begins, leave the police, once again a rebel, what is there to do, maybe visit red zones, oh wait, we’re fighting here to cap a zone
  9. I was going to put a suggestion in as I am not sure if this is a bug or not however I'm going to presume it is. Base weapon shops seem to be full price, I'm not sure if this is intended? As it would be silly to pay full price after having to pay 45mill to get the shops.
  10. Our helipad at our gang base keeps blowing up orcas when you pull them out. This wasn't an issue around a year and a half ago but as we've all returned to rebel and started using the base again we've noticed orcas just tilt over to the side once you pull them out and blow up. Location is here, https://gyazo.com/67d027f29a7a3cd0529a8acf6f4f4b8d
  11. I don't have a problem with it, everyone just knows you tend to try and bullshit your way out of things. Anyway, your boring me now so I won't be replying, next time we catch you, don't combat log :D.
  12. The real deal? Yeah dude, we're totally guna knock you out without saying anything and then report you when you combat log, this isn't your unban appeal where you were racist and then made up some bullshit story about reading a book about slavery. You were all initiated on, the normal "you are going to be knocked out" initiation wasn't used, reiss switched it up and told you all we were about to have a fight and a scuffle onto the ground or something along those lines, you were then all knocked out or killed when things went south. Stop trying to bullshit your way out of every wrong you do. Yo
  13. 3 minute long videos are required for rdm reports I believe, which this is not. You combat logged, its as simple as that, whether Reiss did knock you out without saying anything, (which he didn't) you would still be in the wrong as two wrongs do not make a right.
  14. Your In-game name OG Hammah Name of the player(s) you are reporting Dat Triton Medic Date of the incident 02/07/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2145 What best describes this incident ? Other Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident Had this guy in ties, combat logged after 10seconds. Conversation on teamspeak was as follows: <21:49:05> "Reiss [6611]": <21:462> "Reiss.^": COme back please <21:46:14> "Reiss.^": combat logging
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