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  1. Shame real life takes over Good times my man
  2. hfnbX5O.png

    Adidas squad.. ROLL OUT

    1. Staticz


      Only just seen this oh dear

  3. rate the profile tbf seen him live?

    1. WhoisDan


      I count four of us now including @Dylan01, we should form a cult or something

  4. Black ops cold war for a bit

  5. Anyone have cold war and fancy a few games?

  6. This christmas is a hard one check up on your mates x

    1. Nalurah


      This is so important! A lot of people with mental health issues have suffered greatly and often silently throughout the lockdown. Be sure to check up on your loved ones.

  7. profile song be hard cmon

  8. da3d4e5bf5edab1762cd15bf9668f5c2.png

    peaky fucking blinders in red dead 2 cmon

  9. okay so i've given up with the song thing already

  10. Song 3: Vistas - Calm

  11. Song 2: Alfie Templeman - Movies

  12. So each day I will put a new profile song on, put on this status if you find a new banger for your playlist

  13. staticz is steaming again 

    1. Scream


      I wanna be like you some day 

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