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  1. NGL, I feel like the prisoner guy already. Help me, God, help me.
  2. I saw the entire encounter on video the day after it happened. With all due respect, it was not really any deeper than I outlined, at all. You may have thought it was, from your standpoint, but having watched it and discussed it with the other parties (the ones that Yu Wong murdered), they were pretty much done for the moment they met you and refused to give you a repair-kit. Sure, they are not banned by NHS rules nor server rules from giving you a repair-kit, but they are perfectly entitled to not give you one, for whatever reason: fear of internal pressures or disciplinary action they m
  3. Here's something to think on, until next week... Chloe Bishop - Steve Arnott's new oppo in AC12 this series. Is she bent? Here are the curiosities: She was looking very shifty at other vehicles and the arriving Range Rovers immediately before the hit on the van transporting Lakewell. She couldn't make it up to the door of the van, but gave Jonesie a leg-up, which resulted in her death. She wasn't shot during the crashed van scene, yet the sniper had a perfect clear shot at her, as well as Jonesie who did get shot - and killed. She was wearing really
  4. I'm going to cut in at this point and run with that last concept, @Thomassbecause I think it's important we establish some baselines here. Firstly, I'm aware of your specific issues with understanding boundaries and I'm not going to labour the point here or cause any embarrassment intentionally, but I will explain to any staff who aren't aware, if that is ok with you? Please let me know. In terms of 'ruining others' experience' that might seem strong, but in practice, you do actually sail pretty close to that line a fair bit, and it's something you very definitely need to work on. Wh
  5. If it was Dryden, the DNA match would've turned up on the internal police DB, but it didn't. They searched other wider DBs and found it there. That also rules out Hastings and Kate. Tommy Hunter is looking likely.
  6. Remember this? If Anne-Marie McGillis and Hastings 'did the dirty' and made the beast with two backs... then realistically, John Corbett (aka Balaclava Man) could be Hasting's kid. Which would make Steph his daughter-in-law. That might be the reason Hastings 'looked after her' with the missing 50k, if that's actually what he did. And if Davidson is related to Corbett, by way of McGillis... what then? Only fly in the ointment is Corbett and Davidson's birthdates, which are too close really for them to have come from the same mother... unless one of those birthdates is a lie. And Sin
  7. Saw this a couple of weeks ago online. Did a photo check and wasn't totally convinced, but am wondering again now, with that DNA cliffhanger.
  8. Steph... is she Hastings' daughter-in-law? Sindwhani... has skin in the game, I reckon.
  9. happy not your birthday

  10. Contrary to popular belief, it is not my birthday, but it is lovely to know there are so many bellends I can count on to exacerbate a crisis if the need arises.

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  11. Happy Birthday 🎂🎈

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a sweet 16th ! 🎂🎉

  13. Happy Birthday!
    Sonder told me too 

  14. @Robbiesaid it was your birthday, so yeah. Happy Birthday, dude xo 🎂🎈

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