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  1. Cheers. Had a look in the internet archive and can't find anything immediately concerning. I think from what I can tell of the notes that were left at the time of your ban in 2018, the 'offence' boiled down to some similarity/suspected-cloning of your forum's top-bar, server status info and other aspects of the forum's layout. Gotta be honest, I wasn't aware that there was a ban pushed on you at the time, but sometimes this kind of thing happened as a precaution or if certain members of management felt that there was a threat or risk of people advertising to our playerbase (and it appears we did have a report of something back in 2017 from another member, but it was evidently fairly low key). I do recall your name, but (rudely, sorry, I know) I can't remember that much about you (which probably means you were not a thorn in my side, LOL - and that's a good thing). If you can give us a quick sketch of what you're hoping to find here, and what brings you back, I'd love to hear it. So far, I'm not seeing any real problems here that can't be surmounted, but gimme a quick trip around the inside of your head, your intentions, what kind of play you're looking for, and we can probably unwrap this in short order if there are no concerns.
  2. Can you remember the URL of the forum that you ran for this community?
  3. UPDATE - I've found the first two - the PSU Riot uniform, and the Formal with Tie (NPAS I think). The texture immediately makes me want to vomit. 😞 It's 3048x1524 pixel resolution, has no mipmaps whatsoever, is stored in DXT5 even though it does not use a single fucking shred of Alpha data, and yes, has a green-tint, and worse, we do not have the original black uncompressed texture. So to fix this properly, it's a complete rebuild.
  4. Could you save me some time and show me exactly what menu each of these is selected from, and their relevant positions. Things are scattered around the code in various number systems and it's not always easy to correlate, so if I can see their exact entry in their locker menus, I can zoom in and find them by a quicker method (I think). FWIW the compression is not 'overzealous' @1000Phoenixand I'm sure you didn't mean to trigger me by making such an apparently judgmental claim... πŸ˜‰ The compression-method in use will be one of DXT1 or DXT5 DDS which is the standard Microsoft DirectDraw S3TC block-compression algorithm and there are no alternatives that GTAV's RAGE engine can use (other than no compression at all, which is a no-no because of the way it hogs video-card VRAM needlessly and causes far worse problems than tinting). The problem with the algorithm is as old as the algorithm itself (it originates from some code that was made in the 1970s, but in its current form, it was included into MS's DirectX technology in the 1990s and is largely unchanged). It affects everything (because it's a lossy compression algorithm that literally 'loses quality' as a byproduct of making it smaller), but it's more noticeable on fixed washes of single colour, and especially grey or black-tones where the slightest single-leve boost or dip in the green-level will tint any area using that colour to either take on a greenish tint (boosted G) or purple tint (dipped G, giving rise to a relative boost in R and B, which makes purple). Clearly these ones have at some point slipped through the net, or may even have been recompressed recently (I'll find out) - because we've been desperately trying to regain some VRAM back, due to the phenomenal numbers of textures we have in use for clothing at the moment. If we're lucky, it can possibly be remapped from the texture-data we already have (but this can sometimes be sub-optimal, because you end up creating something that already has 'baked-in' quality loss from the previous compression and save). Ideally, if we have the original uncompressed 32-bit RGBA texture we can start from a fresh source, and tune the exact shade of black/grey to use a colour that does NOT suffer from green/purple tinting (it all depends on the compressor plugin in use for a given art-package, sadly. Nvidia's compressor behaves slightly differently to GIMPs, and there are about 10 different compressor implementations all with slightly different 'risky' colours'). It can sometimes just boil down to trial and error. In other cases, when we crack open the model and see what's inside, we encounter a shitpile of badness - lack of mipmaps, incorrect resolutions, wasteful use of UV maps, or just plain inefficient colour mapping where a massive expanse of texture data is referenced instead of a single 4x4 square tiled repeatedly. When we get those, oftentimes it's better just to start the fuck over, right from the 3D model downwards, and re-do it properly. It's a sad fact that a lot of freely available custom content falls into this category, and is not up to par. We're only really starting to get deep into this kind of stuff now that we have a couple of experts on the team who have the right skills and know the tricks and pitfalls. Up to now, we've tended to 'fulfil a basic need' (for uniforms) and not always had the skillset nor the time to attain perfection. But it's a constant goal. If you're interested, there are many resources out there which document the green/purple tinting problem that affects primarily greys and blacks in DXT/BC compression. Here are a few: https://www.modding-forum.com/guide/3-texture-compression/ https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Fixing_DXT_Green_Tint_Compression https://www.modding-forum.com/forums/thread/841-safe-dxt-greyscale-color-palette-for-photoshop-illustrator/ Like I said - let me have the exact uniform menu references and I'll go dig a bit deeper and see what we can rescue.
  5. Changes: Female long gloves (shop slot 16) unlocked for general use. @TinyBigJacko 7 new textures added for female long gloves (shop slot 16). @Summer 1 new matching white texture for female flat-soled shoe (shop slot 13). @Summer Fixes / optimisations: Garage Door/Gate trigger distance optimised when in a vehicle. @1A3 Radio UI interacting with hotbar improved. @1A3 Siren system optimisations. @Paint Final notes: Went live at 4pm. Someone's getting married tonight πŸ˜‰
  6. Confused about the new clothing that went in last weekend? Look no further - everything you need is here:Β 

    BTW I hate Invision's forum-engine. The dangers of hiding a post while you continue to edit it, mean it gets missed.

  7. Hello peeps! Rather than clutter up the development changelog thread, I thought it was probably best to pop this guide into a separate topic and cross-link it. I've been asked to give a little more detail on some of the clothing items that were put in or fixed by @Summerand myself on 15th Jan 2023, because some of you were struggling to find them all (which is not surprising, given that they were tucked here and there all over the place, into odd slots, because stuff moved around when it was fixed or improved). Let's start with new stuff we added: Ladies first... Five new dresses from creator AdoraMods, which you'll find in the clothing shop's Jacket slots 515-519 (with 6, 8, 5, 5 and 8 texture-variations each, respectively). One of these (in Jacket 507, last texture variant) features a brand new dragon-pattern that is exclusive to RPUK (created by @Summer), and shown below. This image also features the Xmas 2022 'very long hairstyle' released by Jagoda, which you'll find on Hair slot 142 at the barbers. (It's worth mentioning that if you previously had hair #142, you should find you now have hair #123 instead, which is a duplicate, so you should notice no difference - but it means we found ourselves with a spare slot in the middle of the pack... so that why this new hair is there, at #142? Clear? πŸ˜„ ) In Jacket 520, you'll find the new 'Xmas Party 2022' dresses (below) also by Jagoda, in ten different texture flavours: Next, in Jacket 522 you'll find one of @Summer's fabulous new creations - a floral 'mom shirt', which is a rework of a default GTA model, spun off here as a base for new textures. Keep 'em coming, oh High Seamstress! Way back in Jacket slot 5 you'll notice (if you hunt) several super-cool new texture-variants for an otherwise fairly mundane base-GTA crop-top that @Summerhas once again worked her magic on and made special. Signal your love for your special partner - whatever your preferences - by marking yourself up as 'owned' (not pwned!)... or at least 'off-limits!' πŸ˜„ Guys, fear not - you can do the same, and you'll find male equivalents on the blokey default GTA T-shirt over at Jacket Slot 0 up in the high numbered texture-variant end. Same goes for you - whatever your preference, you can say it in style! And of course, for those who are happy (or not) to run around feeling desperate, lonely, needy and wanting, why not complete the feeling with the new SimpCity look? Also from @Summer, 100% fresh & exclusive to RPUK. She's got you covered, whether you're looking for one, or are one! πŸ˜‰ Girls, get yours on Jacket 141 slot, up at the high-end texture variants. And you classy-but-desperate guys will find your SimpCity special-Tee on the same Jacket 0 slot as the His/Hers/Theirs above (see - we made it easy enough to find with one hand! Ain't we nice? πŸ˜„ ) Good luck out there - but remember they can see you coming now, yeah? πŸ˜‰ For the totally desperate but massively style-conscious guys out there, @Summerhas granted you some coordinated conductor-stripe sweatpants which you'll find on Trousers 168, gents. Impishly simple to look simply simpish now, ain't it? πŸ˜„ Sorry, but it's guys only for these pants, but fair's fair - you ladies do be gettin' a lot too! Back to the ladies for a second, and in Jacket 480 you'll find a hot new top with a dangling gold chain at the back, from creator PQMods. You'll see the chain when you get in-city... gotta save some surprises, ain't we? πŸ˜„Just don't pull it; it doesn't flush! πŸ˜‰ The observant among you will notice that this jacket slot used to be for a Puffer Jacket, but it's gone from there now. Why? The Puffer Jacket didn't play nice with many other clothing items (especially undershirts) so by request, it was moved from Jackets to Undershirts, so that it could more easily be combined with other clothing items. Your wish is my command! You'll find that Puffer Jacket now on Undershirt 262 - (though if you already had it on, or had it saved in an outfit, don't worry, you haven't lost it - I took care of that for you and it should still be there in your sets. Your undershirt in that set will be gone, of course, but you now get a freed-up Jacket slot to play with to improve that combo! Get shopping, girls! πŸ˜‚) Downstairs now, to footwear... @Summer, like many of you here, hated the fact that a cool pair of stock-GTAV patterned high-heels did not come in any black variants (I mean, Rockstar, what were you thinking? 🀯). So she put that to rights, and made two new variants which you'll find at the high-end of texture variants over in Shoes slot 23. There's a version with a silver buckle, and one with a gold buckle, if you can dig it. πŸ˜‰ Upstairs again to Millinery... Now, ladies, it's oft-said that you don't have enough protection, and while this can sometimes be true, just know that @Summerhas got your back... or rather, your head. No more do you have to rock around looking like a Vietnam vet when wearing that goggles-helmet! Treat yourself to one of three tidy new colourways variants - "Heap of Skulls" for the Gothic look: "Camo to Clash" for that Urban Guerilla-in-touch-with-my-feelings look: ... and the amazing "Strawberry-No-Sprinkles" for those of you who just cannot stop thinking about licking ice-cream: You'll find all these on Hat slot 140, as you'd expect, at the high-end of the texture-variations. Now we move on to some other changes, which give new flexibility, but with stuff we've already had (or had problems with in the past). Step this way... Over in ladies Trouser slot 175, you'll find the 'High-waisted jeans' by Snowrella - which have been in the city since October, but have always been a bit iffy. They're the ones lovingly known as the 'booty-jeans' because of the bum size (even though there is actually another pair with a big butt, but not quite as nice, we feel). These jeans were created rather strangely, with 'trouser' ankles that were separate from the 'undershirt' jeans, and the ankles weren't even available in our shops until a couple of weeks ago. Back then, along with @Summer's 13 amazing extra bespoke trouser textures, I put the ankles into the shops so they could be used with open heels, as intended by their creator. However, because they were on 'trouser' slots, this separation made the whole issue of wearing heels still a bit of a drag; the jeans themselves were on an undershirt slot, and, well, it was all a bit messy. So I got out my scalpel and my sewing-kit, and painstakingly attached these flying-ankles on to the jeans, plus I made them properly 'racially-aware' (so that if you have dark skin, you don't end up with pink ankles!). Goodbye mess! The whole lot is now on Trousers 175 (where the ankles used to be), and it's a lot simpler to use. Just pick the shoes you want, baby, and rock it! (As before, if you had these on, or in an outfit, I've shuffled things around so that you're now automatically using the new combined trousers+ankles item, and shouldn't have to worry about fixing it yourself.) So what did we do with that freed-up Undershirt slot 247 where the booty-jeans used to live? Acting on an idea from @Summer, I've taken another very popular default-GTAV skirt (the plaid one) and turned it into an undershirt... so now it can be worn with the many variations of stockinged legs (and lots of other things), to create previously unseen combos and hot sexiness galore! Mix and match till your eyeballs fall out, girls! πŸ˜‚ The original skirt is still there on the trousers slot where it always was, so fear not - nothing lost, just added. And that's almost it... except for a few more things for the boys... yeah, you're feeling needy again, ain't'cha lads? πŸ˜„ OK, well, I noticed that four sets of trousers that were put in during the October update just plain didn't work. Nothing showed up, so I got the ol' scissors out again, and went stabbity-stab-stab until I fixed them all. Here's what you can now play with, that you couldn't before... Trouser slot 156 has the ol' 'prison-availability' look (in seven different texture and colour variants), often popular amongst people who don't know what it actually means. Funny how these things spread... (isn't that what the big guy in Cell 15 said about your -...? No, wrong RP encounter... move along). Oh, ok... so these are available on Trouser slot 159 and working now, four different ways. (Where are you going with this? What's he doing? And where? 😟) Meanwhile on Trouser slot 160, these snazzy sweatpants are up for grabs - five flavours. (Still looking a bit dodgy on those undercrackers mate... pull up the frickin' drawstring or you're going to get offers!) And finally, over on Trouser slot 162, we have these workwear jeans fixed at last... seven flavours of ruggedness and style. (Does he think he's frickin' Springsteen or something? Twat! He looks more like my aunty's builder...) And that's it... almost... The truly observant among you will notice that there's a gap, in the ladies Jacket tree, where 521 goes. Well, it's a secret, currently, but if you look really carefully, you might see someone rather special wearing it around town. It's not on general release, and we are still kinda testing the whole concept to see if it can be roleplayed maturely and with suitable decorum, but so far so good. If you know what it is, and you want to explore that line of RP yourself, you'll know what to go and see those wonderful people in the NHS about when you're sick in the mornings... And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's cool - just stick to your fast cars and swanky guns and everything will be fine. πŸ˜‰ That really is it! What started out as a mad idea to fix a pair of broken custom trousers, ballooned (as so often is the case) into a massive dollop of creativity resulting in clothing, new ideas, new techniques, fixes, learnings, candle-burnings and yearnings - for even more. A massive huge thanks to @Summerwho was the driving force and inspiration when I struggled with some of the tricky bits (getting the texture-weights right on those ankles was an absolute nightmare), and who just would not shut up when it came to pouring out wildly creative and left-field ideas that cunningly all needed pre-building for testing, which meant they were half-done already, so ended up going into the city. Clever tactic, girl. Enjoy, everyone... And yes, I'm sure we will do more. Just let me get my breath back before we do it again, though, eh? πŸ˜„
  8. I can. You're an idiot. A resourceful one, I'll grant you, but an idiot all the same. Don't abuse this system like this again, or you'll find yourself with a posting restriction. Now puddle off, please, and behave. πŸ˜‰
  9. Date / Time: 20:00 05/01/2023 Release: First of '23 New Additions: Added Tire Nutz Mural @Ghost W Added Grove St Mural @Ghost W Added Emergency Services 2023 Calendar Item @Mike Polo Vehicles: Give CTSFO access to Speedo Express Police @Mystix Update X5s to All-Wheel Drive @Mystix@George Harris Fix BMW engine smoke @George Harris Bug Fixes/Changes: Fixed some livery purchases at AE/TireNutz taking money out of the void @1A3 Fixed garage & door position for house 308 @Archie Fixed Being Unable To Set Job Flags To 0 @1A3 Restricted Options On Faction Upgrade Point For Non-Faction Vehicles @1A3 Staff Spectate Tweaks @1A3 Fixed LS Customs repairing on some occasions even if the repair is cancelled @1A3 Revert Christmas Decorations, etc @George Harris Fixed Signal Range for Rangers Radio Frequencies @1A3 Added Court to funds-groups that can give compensations @1A3 Changed Access Police Armoury & Vehicle Logs @1A3 Corrected Shop Categories For Route 11 @1A3 Added ATM Outside Vespucci Liquor @1A3 Alphabetically Sorted Price & Order List For Non-Dealership Shops @1A3 Updated Ranger Uniforms Name Badges and Added Founder Painting @George Harris Altered PNC Report Search method to use Citizen ID (faster, less ambiguous) @Mike Polo Final Notes: Happy New Year people! Hope this one brings you much happiness, new and renewed friendships, and heaps of RP fun!
  10. Welcome Back! You’ve been unblocked - apologies for the inconvenience, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Please note unblocks on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away. Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord! Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group Discord: RPUK Discord
  11. I've run some checks on your and your room-mate's connections and am sufficiently happy that you're not using the same equipment and that this block has merely caught you by virtue of a shared-IP address. That portion of the ban against your roomie has been removed; the rest remains. This should enable you to play, but she will remain blocked until a successful appeal, at which point all aspects of the block would be removed. You should be good to reconnect from your household internet connection as usual, now. For clarity (and the benefit of staff who may read this post in the future - this person (Emily Johnson) was never banned. Just blocked. This incident does not count towards any FBS tot-up or constitute any sign of unwanted behaviour, etc).
  12. Thank you for your report, Unfortunately, it has been declined The staff member will advise shortly why on this occasion they have declined to take action against the reported player. Please do not let this put you off making further reports in the future, We rely on our player base to help keep our community clean.
  13. Really glad you're happier now - never feel silly for asking a question or raising a flag on something. It might be that one time it's absolutely crucial and gets us all insight into a problem that really needs urgent solving or a change in our direction. Thanks for participating in our crazy social experiment, and for giving us your creativity and roleplay! This place is all about players being inventive, and having fun, so I'm glad this all worked out ok. See you in the Los Santos!
  14. In character terms, your crazy character did something very risky, and just paid a price. I'm assuming your character hasn't been bomb-disposal trained and was just hacking something together in a rush from some internet terrorists cookbook, rather than having any formal training? In which case, an unexpected explosion is very often what happens. Usually the perpetrator dies, so you kinda got lucky. I'd say just roll with it. My investigations reveal that the staff members concerned did actually try to make contact with you but got no response. Remember, staff are often 'in-roleplay' too, and don't always have the ability to be in multiple places at once simultaneously. We call them gods, but they are far short of being omnipotent! πŸ˜„ The length of time you were downed was unfortunate, but nothing out of the ordinary, considering that you could just as easily have been shot by someone else had they encountered you with a bomb and taken a dislike, and decided to shoot you in the face. It's just as valid. As it turns out the staff/management involved did take pity and revive you just as you left the carpark, enabling you to play on. I appreciate you were possibly confused, but your chatter in the car doesn't really fit someone who's been near-fatally wounded in an explosion, so let's just consider that you were 'stunned' for a period of time, and leave it at that. We don't always take that route, for the reasons I gave above (time, availability, seeing it in the first place, etc) - but more to the point, we don't like to break immersion on stuff that isn't a rulebreak, per se. If we can handle it 'in the world', it stays 'in the world'. TBH, we don't (yet) want to end all talk of the bomb meta (which isn't really a thing, it's just a name we're calling an emergent, player-organic meme that appears to be catching on, a bit), but it is important for anyone who wishes to RP such things, that there might be in-RP consequences. Some people regard the gambit of resorting to 'implied' things that don't actually exist in the game-world, but which force other people to do things like consider their lives, or change their own RP strategies, as powergaming, and I think we need to be careful of that as a community. I mean, a fertiliser bomb today could be an atom bomb tomorrow, or a chemical nerve-agent, etc, etc, and if every situation ends up being ended by (say) the perpetrator threatening to blow up the entire world or steer an asteroid into the gas station by sheer mind-control then, well, it gets a bit nuts. I'm happy for a certain amount of 'wiggle room' for the sake of a good story, but one must remember that when dealing with dangerous things like bombs, nothing is guaranteed. Some days you get the elevator, and some days you get the shaft... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBjKZaSvfGg We do, by and large, and the process you went through is not unusual. We have multiple staff trying their hardest to cover 300+ people on the server at any one time, plus deal with tickets, forum posts, Teamspeak chats and requests for help, dealing with (real) hackers, coordinating plans and opinions as to how certain things get responded to... and, if they have any time left in their already crazily busy work-life balance, some of them like to actualy ROLEPLAY, for themselves - which let's face it, is the reason they came to this community, just like you. Nobody gets paid here. Absolutely nobody. And many of them (like me) devote far more hours to helping out here, than is probably healthy or wise. We do so, because we love the roleplay, the fantasy, the experience, and the players (by and large). It's a great social experiment that still amazes us that it works so well. So, with all due respect, given that this incident happened quite late on a Monday night, and we're here dealing with it rationally as soon as we can the next morning - whilst handling our actual lives (for example, I have just had to give instruction to a solicitor while typing this message to you, to exchange contracts on my deceased mother's house) - I'd say you were getting pretty good service, Karen, all things considered. No need to feel stupid. It was a strange situation, and certainly might have been confusing at first, but hopefully makes a bit more sense now. Nobody's lost anything, there wasn't any hacker attack, and nobody gained anything by exploitation or lost anything they possessed. Your own RP line might have been temporarily frustrated, but that's quite normal, and there's nothing to stop you trying that same line of RP another time... but bear in mind that dangerous actions do sometimes have disastrous consequences, so be careful what you wish for! It's part of a 'gamesmaster's remit' to surprise players sometimes when they push the boundaries, and that's fine. That's roleplay, and this is why certain special people have these powers; they can be trusted to use them wisely, in circumstances that make sense - even when everything around them may be going quietly mad. πŸ˜„ That said, I don't think there's much else to consider at this point, so if you're okay now, shall we draw a line under this and move on?
  15. Fairly sure this is a simple 'false positive' case, of you picking up an IP address that is already on the banlist, and no other identifiers match (even slightly) with yours. If you can refer back to your open ticket #fivem-11299 and answer the outstanding verification questions for me there, I'll sort out a removal of the IP address from that other player's ban, which should mean you can get back on. Apologies for any inconvenience - alas sometimes this happens and there's nothing we can do other than 'block first, check later', much as we have done here. Hopefully it won't spoil your enjoyment too much when you do finally get into the City!
  16. IMHO both those are rather lazy, dead-hand solutions. There is a place for taxes (mostly in ensuring that players remain **active** and are not just sandbagging on resources that the economy needs to be churning-over and active, for the benefit of other players. But taxes are not what I would call a decent 'money-sink'. Money-sinks done right, are where there are irresistible purchases, chances to take, risks to run, and you can't sit by and let other people claim the kudos for having done them; trophy-tasks, badges, items, titles, achievements - all that kind of thing. Some need to just be damned expensive, aimed at bleeding the rich... but in a 'fair chance' (or seemingly so) kind of way. Others need to be risks that anyone can take that sometimes pay big, and sometimes lose big too - but the payoff is a huge 'dick-swinging moment' that you can use to crow in the face of your friends or enemies about having won, while they are too pussy to try it. Taxes are a blunt instrument; scaled challenges are where it's at. Trust me; I'm a doctor.
  17. Personally dead against any sort of wipe. We've worked really, really hard to ensure that as much new code is migrated, with as limited effect on people's status, accrued earnings, backstories and whatnot as is humanly possible, and writing that kind of 'backwards-compatibility' stuff is really bloody hard. Speaking as a dev who has invested many hours into the creation of this world (but not nearly as much as some of the other devs who have invested many more) I think it would be a total cringe for all that effort spent 'preserving the past' to have been in vain. I'd rather focus on solutions that increase the levels of challenge for the super-rich people. Money-sinks is just an ugly phrase, that doesn't really convey the effort that goes into plausible ideas that cause players to gamble harder with their futures while creating good basis for roleplay and believability - but that is, of course, basically what they are. Ideally, you won't even realise they're money sinks; and if that happens, we've done it right - but you'll still want to take your chances with them. There is much left to do, many facets still to write and concepts to implement. We are barely started down this road; AltisLife ran for more than seven years without a deliberate wipe, and was still a popular success by any standard, long after we thought it was past its sell-by-date. FiveM/GTA5 is an even more sound foundation, with much greater scope, so I'd really hope we could tweak and balance continuously going forward, without reaching for such 'dead hand of the designer' hammers like wipes.
  18. Slight change to the Adult Community intro section to reflect our general policy on age/maturity now that we are a FiveM only community.
  19. You're not meant to be able to store local cars! Have the cars you've been repairing and having this smashed-window effect on also been local cars? No, Norman, I don't believe it is. That thread, FWIW, is about the effect that when a vehicle is removed from storage and has been previously recorded with X amount of damage to bodyshell and Y amount of damage to engine, we cannot, alas, track precisely which panels are dented, which windows are smashed, which tyres have popped, etc, etc. When we pull the vehicle from the garage we do a quick examination of the overall levels of these damages and do a bit of a 'scaled random damage' to the vehicle to represent it. This is what results in its windows smashing upon retrieval, and the tyres being popped. It's the server's 'best guess' at visually recreating SOME degree of damage that is vaguely similar to the level of damage that it had when it went it. Long, long ago, the garages auto-fixed all damage upon storage, which is BS, but because the system doesn't give us absolute precision, this is as near as we can get. It's basically your signal as a driver that "this vehicle is a bit/a lot/very ill, do something about it!"
  20. I'm pretty sure the devs are aware - remember it happened to me when I was in Bay View Lodge with you that time! Unfortunately we have not been able to reliably recreate this bug to order, so we've been unable to find out where the bug might be hiding. If you can help with that, it would be great.
  21. Hardest post I've ever had to write here. For once, I don't have the words handy. I've been chewing over what to write ever since you posted, and it's been impossible. There's too much to say, too many good times to recall, such a long journey we've been on together over the years. Can't possibly hope to do justice to it all here in one 'TBJ Special'. All I can say is that I know why you've decided to leave, and I understand completely. As well as being very, very sad, I am also filled with hope, and really pleased that you're in a good place and making a really smart life call. I hope with every ounce of my being that it works out as you want, and I'm sure that it will. Enjoy your new-found romance, make hay while the sun shines, paint the town red, and do all that shit that makes life fun before you turn forty! Trust me - you only get one bite at the cherry, so make it a fucking great big one, and enjoy every moment. Worst case, when you're a sad old fuck like me at the sunset end of things, you'll still find us here, I hope, and you can RP in your retirement and pretend you know what 'yoof of today' is on about half the time, and be dissed for being old the rest of it. The show ain't over till the obesity-challenged person of unimportant gender sings, as they say these days. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for everything you did to set this place up in the way that meant it's still here, seven years down the road. Don't be too far away, and make sure you keep DMing me with tales from the Wilco journey. But that said... you know I feel like this right now, and will do for many more days: Bon voyage, my friend. Travel safe, and may the road rise with you. x
  22. Your report is currently being reviewed, Please be patient while the evidence is reviewed Please keep checking this report regularly just in case the reviewing staff member has any questions Thank you for your report and you doing your part to keep our community clean!
  23. My desire to give you an AMSR orgasm fest is on a par with my desire to drive nails through my bellend with a 7lb lump hammer. That is to say, nil. Begone, THOT.
  24. Your report has been dealt with, but perhaps not in the way you originally envisaged. Whether this is beneficial or disadvantageous to you will depend entirely on the situation, and staff will have taken the most-appropriate action in the circumstances.
  25. Points all noted. The decision on outcome is currently under review by all the relevant parties. This single report is not the only ball in play on this event, as I am sure everyone is aware. I'm going to close this report and mark it under the 'Alternative Action Taken' category, given that you two have reached a resolution, and other steps are in-progress already.
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