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  1. I'd think that part of the fun is starting with £100,000. I mean I never struggled and to be honest, begging in kavala would get you more than £100,000 a restart at peak times. I haven't been extremely broke in years but i know getting back from the bottom isn't that had, plus so much more rewarding imo
  2. Do special day rewards still work, missing some of that Easter action

  3. Voltz

    Speed Cameras

    May be good to add in the PNC maybe to add two tabs, like minor crimes and major crimes, may add more weight to some things then? Like things which are major are definite prison and minor are fines? So that people can't export it?
  4. Voltz

    Speed Cameras

    We had speed cameras at one point, I remember being so happy seeing a non vinilla model in the game, they looked really cool, would be down for it coming back!
  5. Think it would be quite cool for businesses and legitimate fractions to have some further integration. We have offices now but maybe be able to set up shops and buy shops? Could add rather large influx of items which you cant buy from shops so that people have to make them and then set up their own prices maybe? Im sure if I put more time into when I can could come up with a full business integration plan
  6. If I find time I'll be down to submit something Edit- Name of the group will be... Always Late
  7. As far as I see, it starts with capital letters, then it moves on to more serious matters such as pouring the milk into a mug before adding the tea. And heaven forbid leading onto much more serious matters such as "Sock, shoe, sock then shoe" or even worse... putting toilet paper where the paper is facing away. This is a very serious matter
  8. Seriously, what is this!? No capital I's, literally can't force myself to work for these animals!
  9. Just purchased a 4k Monitor and its a totally different experience, supprised my framerate hasn't dropped below 30...

  10. This is defiantly one of the best things I've seen
  11. Just witnessed a guy get bitch slapped by a huge manta ray, it was spectacular 

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