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  1. Fair enough, I should say 'almost' two years :) I joined in May 2014 :3 Thank you so much for your vote!
  2. Hi all :) I have been a player on this lovely community for almost two years now playing almost everyday for the first year and a bit less over the last due to some severe financial difficulties my family encountered and my personal work commitments. I haven't been online in about 2-3 months and when I came back last week I was not surprised to see that this community is still as strong and as united as I remembered it! I look forward to re-engaging in some serious rp with y'all and maybe even build a base or two on exile :P I don't usually post much on the forums, so I'll use this post
  3. Easy to say, but think about all the stuff one has to go through to get compensated: 1) The frustration of having a helicopter stolen off you in that way (we all know how expensive some helicopter may be) 2) The hassle of having to risk going back to buy a new heli with loads of money on you (can be robbed on the way there!) 3) The current backlog of compensation requests 4) The one unlucky time you happen to not be recording or Shadowplay becomes TrollInTheShadows. @Hatchingdragon - Very good idea. Green zone MIGHT reduce the amount of RDM/robbing etc. I agree. Rest, why not greenzon
  4. Banned for joining on the 9th of May and ONLY having 120 posts.
  5. Sounds quite interesting to be honest. might try this and Epoch soon!
  6. Banned for diagnosing addiction without medical proof!
  7. That's a good landing right there! But could you do it on a cold, rainy night in Athira? (Also managed to store it in the garage! )
  8. I have honestly had enough of people camping the only helicopter garage on the island and shooting me without RP just to take my heli and scrap it. It happened twice in three days and it is very, very frustrating as this is making me lose money and waste time. Could we kindly be given access to other garages around altis (maybe even some which are hard to get to by car), so that we can put our helis away in peace without such terrible RP from a bunch of id***s?, an example of which you can see here: Maybe con-air and another one by Sofia up north east airfield?
  9. Banned for ending a sentence with a 'x' when it's not needed.
  10. Banned for writing in Pink causing users to strain their eyes in order to read the words!
  11. is it any good? Also saw some medieval version of it somewhere
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