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  1. last screenshots of Altits, good times.
  2. The NHS must not have any job vacancies or the staff are out on the town. *coughcough*

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    2. Alesia


      I'll get it looked into as I see there has been a response already

    3. Newt


      There was a response to my first application but non however to my new and improved one. (sorry I don't mean to be rude/forward)

    4. Alesia


      You should have a response now, I'll look into what happened originally

  3. that's done it thank you. Newt
  4. hello, I am applying to join the NHS but can't get past the 'security check', I have closed the browser and tried again nothing. I have tried the suggestions of the public discord NHS but no luck. I also tried posting this on the bug forum page but I don't get a window to type in so that's why is here. Newt
  5. oh I see now thank you both Newt
  6. Hi, been into all the shops and I cant see any one/thing to interact with. I have tryed f1 refrsehd but still nothing, logged off and on again nothing and restarted fiveM steam and my pc still nothing help please and thank you. Newt.
  7. I’ll be back...

  8. Newt


    Oh lovely thank you @Warwick that’s the one I’m after! Problem solved!
  9. Newt


    @Saul Goodman, thank you kindly but.. it’s the power cable I’m after the one that goes into the battery and into the wall
  10. Newt


    Hi all, I have a small problem... my power supply for my PC is an RM1000x, however my cable for said power supply has gone walkabouts. I have had a look online for said power cable but no luck. Help please -Newt
  11. Newt

    NHS application.

    Hello to all I'm having some issues with the NHS application. Gives me an error.
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