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  1. When we all fought the unmc The Plebs Mansion aka the house I designed for Danish then scammed him for it in game, scammer for life.
  2. Ant

    miss ya daddy

    1. SALV


      That's a bit weird, but hello 👋

  3. And no we didn't forget about you @MadYoke

    Old Man GIFs | Tenor

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      Hes probably ran out of emails to use by now

  4. Get in there salv finally got yourself a wife


    1. Kayn


      technically salv would never be able to move like that plus he is fat

  5. YoCo

    Happy 60th x

    1. SALV


      At least I still have 2 working knees, my teeth and full head of hair you baldy non... Nice guy 🦵👴💉

  6. Hi me and adam would like to play game with you x

  7. Trex

    heard u got furloughed by avon, unlucky mate

  8. Liam you are a toxic facepalming fake ass geordie fucker 💋

  9. Boab

    Hello there Salv, Yoco sends his apologies. Hope to see you on fiveM soon ya big cheating cunt.


  10. Trex

    I aint sending you a dick pic, leave me alone

  11. you probably do not remember me mate, but you do not realise what i would do to hear that geordie accent one last time 


  12. Hello chief

  13. YoCo

    Happy birthday mate, can’t believe you’re turning 40 already 🥳 

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