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  4. Hello, I am the second CTSFO in the video. I would like to start off with how you started handling the situation right off the bat from our POV. I arrived after officers requested backup as they observed someone holding another officer up with a gun. When we arrived I made attempts to speak to you to begin with to which I received no reply from yourselves. I then saw you start to exit the room, without any actual RP being attempted. To me it seemed like you weren't interested in Roleplaying the situation at all, just wanted to quickly leave. To further this, I find it interesting that you decided to make a comp request before trying to resolve the situation with myself or Liam, or anyone else part of the situation. Or even making the player report. This again to me looks like you are more upset that you lost what you gained at the time, not it actually being a issue of poor roleplay. For the ''Us not valuing hostages life's'' part of the report I would like to remind you that all three of them got out of that situation without any injuries sustained. So how exactly did we fail to value their life? The short answer is: we didn't

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  6. Some of the most fun i've had on fivem
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