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  1. Please send an email to: email@roleplay.co.uk from the email associated with your forum account and we'll get this sorted.
  2. It wasnt a joke per say, it serves a lesson for those using the current bomb meta that seems to insidiously creeping into the server. There is an inherent problem with the bomb meta currently, bomb threats are a seemingly becoming a daily occurence with characters not realising the potential full consequences of their actions. There seems to be a belief from a subset of players that the threat of a bomb means that there will be limited police intervention. While this may not have been what you were planning, you are not the first nor will you be the last person to claim to have a bomb. If players understood the risk that their "bomb" may go off because their crudely made home device isn't quite rdx then perhaps everyone will be more careful of using the threat of explosive devices, after all this is not Kabul. You're not the first to have their device go pop either, the triads suffered the same fate a few months back. What I can only apologise for is you not being revived in a timely manner, that's on me. I did stick in a police dispatch for you to get picked up after realising there was no NHS online and had planned on returning to take you to hospital, however at that point you'd gone, presumably with whoever gave you £69 repeatedly (not sure who or what that was about) I was conscious of the fact you'd been down for a large portion of time, so you were admin reved at the hospital so you could carry on your night. My aim was not to detract from your time on the server hence the eventual admin revive but warn you, and by dint of this report others the danger that if everyone threatens explosives, they may start going bang, or if caught face the strongest possible consequences the law can throw at them which currently nobody seems to appreciate the step between, use of firearms to use of explosive devices, there's a pretty big gulf there in terms of offence. I didn't see the ticket, otherwise I'd have clarified there, as well as the explanation I gave ic after the bomb exploded.
  3. Welcome Back! Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here. Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away. Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord! Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group Discord: RPUK Discord
  4. Yes it is the non-negotiable wipe, as you have agreed and the wipe has taken place, I will action the unban.
  5. Right initially you were given a ticket blacklist for being being obnoxious and rude to our volunteer team who were asking you for details to help best solve/direct your issue. You decided to accuse the staff team of "doing stuff to your account to prevent you playing the game" because they asked for your steam ID, you also told staff to piss off then had a meltdown in the Discord public channels. Apologising is a start, but what assurance can you give me that this wont happen again?
  6. Those are quite generic answers, what is it you hope to achieve, is there a group you want to be a part of, any avenue of RP you wish to explore? How will your character spend their first day back in the city, word of warning the answer needs to be better than grind money.
  7. So you can't follow basic forum rules, why can we trust you to follow server rules?
  8. From: To: This has been removed to remove all doubt that while you are restrained, ziptied or cuffed, front or rear that you should not be using your radio, phone or other communication device to communicate.
  9. You were banned for the piece before that, where you sat silently on a bike waiting for police to engage with you, before driving away, waited for them to catch up, drove away a second time then slowly drove as they followed you on foot. If that isn't baiting, you're behaving like a common troll, not exactly what is expected from someone who falls into the community leader category. While I was there, and stated enjoy your holiday, I was not the staff member that banned you. The staff member that was overwatching the situation had already messaged me his intention, prior to us talking inside Life Invader, but didn't want to disappear you in a group of players in an active situation. So to clarify for the record, I hadn't made up my mind on whether or not to ban you as I was directly involved, infact when they first messaged me, I didn't even know who you were because, as stated above you were sat on a bike and drove off without speaking before I gave up making an effort to chase you on foot as a waste of time and energy.
  10. Moved to a more appropriate area and unlocked.
  11. @Shepherd KingstonFlying a blackfish full of police https://i.gyazo.com/22bdac8347555417d78213a9ddaee071.mp4 Poseidon boat race https://i.gyazo.com/49f04d51d685e38f4da72bb6d1100073.mp4 TCK Conga line (not sure of the occasion) https://i.gyazo.com/1f6de00fddc86a482604f24635dd3feb.mp4 Aiden tries to medic https://i.gyazo.com/274473f4a34c0d376fae41ae257eee46.mp4 CI Benjamin taunts rebels, this is the result The death of CMO @Norman How not to kill police command with @James Blezard https://i.gyazo.com/db6fc6cfd9489919440ef7bf6028f988.mp4
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