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  1. @Shepherd KingstonFlying a blackfish full of police https://i.gyazo.com/22bdac8347555417d78213a9ddaee071.mp4 Poseidon boat race https://i.gyazo.com/49f04d51d685e38f4da72bb6d1100073.mp4 TCK Conga line (not sure of the occasion) https://i.gyazo.com/1f6de00fddc86a482604f24635dd3feb.mp4 Aiden tries to medic https://i.gyazo.com/274473f4a34c0d376fae41ae257eee46.mp4 CI Benjamin taunts rebels, this is the result The death of CMO @Norman How not to kill police command with @James Blezard https://i.gyazo.com/db6fc6cfd9489919440ef7bf6028f988.mp4
  2. Welcome Back! Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here. Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away. Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord! Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group Discord: RPUK Discord
  3. No worries, it seems if you had a ticket blacklist it has expired, so I will put this down as accepted, if you have any issues, let a staff member know
  4. After 7 and a half long and eventful years the Arma 3 server of RPUK will be coming to a close. It has not been an easy decision that we, as the management team, in consultation with the Arma dev team have not taken lightly but due to dwindling player numbers on both Arma 3 as a whole and our server, we feel that our UK themed Arma 3 server has run its course. We have attempted to extend the life of the server by taking actions such as, a mass unban, the fair bans system, a new start on Malden. We've tried to let it run for as long as we could, however the Arma 3 servers next renewal date is 00:00 01/09/21 and we have chosen not to renew at this time and refocus our resources elsewhere. Over our long history we have seen 287,626 unique players, playing a total of 148.9 years* (*since 18/01/2018) in practice that is more likely double if not triple since 2014. Accumulating a whopping £123,721,080,168 ingame cash. 12,484 civilian groups, over 28,800 police applications, over 19,600 NHS applications, over 3400 Poseidon applications. Driving a total of 457,594 vehicles, bizarrely the most purchased vehicle for Altis, the offroad. For Malden, the SUV. Top hours (excluding the headless client) 1 Embo 7,364:32 2 INS Steveo [7631] 5,518:37 3 Drex 5,235:36 4 Reiss 5,096:31 5 HappyKnife 4,631:24 6 Riz 4,588:39 7 Stavik 4,277:49 8 Stubley 3,968:27 9 Tigerforce 3,916:06 10 Salv 3,810:00 Top 5 richest Altis 1 dopefish Triton 2 Raptor Poseidon 3 GREENY 4 Charlie 5 Salv Top 5 richest Malden 1 DelBoy 2 Sum Ting Wong 3 PLAYER 2 4 CC Gremlin [7201] 5 Conway We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those that have put countless hours in over the last 7 and half years to take us on this amazing journey. Staff, developers, faction leaders, content creators and of course our players new and old for their dedication to roleplay.co.uk or altislife.co.uk as it once was. It has been a long road full of stories, growth, friendships, fallout, romances and everything in between. It would be wrong to suggest that every part of it had always been plain sailing, we have always tried our best and on balance we think we've done okay. While we close this chapter of our history, we look towards a bright future, since the shift for altislife.co.uk to roleplay.co.uk we have always kept our eyes open for for the next home of quality roleplay. We hope that those of you that have not yet had the chance to try FiveM, will do so and continue their roleplay on the sunny shores of Los Santos. Now it's over to you guys, to celebrate the good times and share your favourite RPUK moments from across the last 7 and a half years, or perhaps make some new ones in the time that we have left. The staff team will be running events on the Malden server for the final day, to see the server have a proper send off.
  5. Compensation 12/07/21 Compensation 21/07/21 Compensation 25/07/21 Aside from reasonably poor evidence in these compensation requests, no attempt was made to run these compensations through a 3rd party, you were putting them through yourself. There is no reasonable way these would get accepted, should they be put through a compensation request, they'd be denied on a lack of evidence. Even IF you'd managed to miss the memo of specifically "Do not issue compensation to yourself" you've been around for long enough to know the established staff policy with regard to dealing with situations you are directly involved in. These perhaps could be explained away as bad judgement made because you didn't have a video so you scrambled together what you had, and relied upon the fact we inherently trust our staff team not to abuse the tools they are given. Further to these other compensations we also have this comp here, where it all begins to unravel. Compensation 23/07/21 Not only do those pictures linked as evidence show a different session ID (330 - see below) than the session log submitted as evidence. The session log you provided (279) you were observed as having not played a single hand of blackjack during that 20 minute window. The following is the session log for the screenshots at the blackjack table: After initial concerns from several staff members flagged that over a 2 month period you had gained a whopping £28m you were watched by a staff lead while playing a game of blackjack during the above session because of the number of compensations you'd issued for blackjack related issues. It was recorded that you began betting small, until such a point you were putting down £500,000 bets on the table. According to what you bet vs what you won. You were down £5,000,000 - £6,000,000 chips when you left the game. After losing that amount of money, you've then issued compensation for a "bug" as seen above for what was essentially fair losses in accordance with the hands you played while you were still ingame, which throws into doubt every other compensation real or otherwise where you weren't observed and similar amounts of chips were issued, especially given the evidence quality of those compensations. You then collected the compensation in your following session. (1) You were doing so well at blackjack, because you were cheating the system, take a heavy loss and you compensate yourself your losses and go again, that's what observing your game has shown us, no matter the way its dressed up you cheated and betrayed the trust we had placed in you, and the wider community places in you, arguably that's worse. (2) The ingame economy may not have been harmed but you have put a permanent mark in the record of the staff team that is far harder to erase, we could have hid behind your story, kept you permanently banned, and have done with it but in revealing the information may in some small part show the wider community that we do take such matters seriously, even from within. (3) While a noble stance, had you collected all your money legitimately, that nobility is tainted with guilt of how you earned the money and rings hollow. (4) I empathise with this, and we have since taken steps to ensure that ingame people can blacklist themselves from the casino should they wish to, the fact still remains that you went that one step further to abuse the position of trust of 3 years, I'm most disappointed you felt as if you couldn't reach out to the staff leads, if not another member of staff to head this off at the pass. While I recognise your service of 3 years as a staff member, police officer and community member in good standing, the fact still remained that you abused your position as a staff member for personal gain. You were given an opportunity to be upfront and honest about the entire situation, you haven't been, despite knowing full well our feelings on people trying to hide the truth in their unban appeals. Your apology was based on a lack of knowledge around a well established rule of the staff team, that has been reiterated in countless meetings during your 3 year tenure as staff, so I find it very hard to believe you didn't know better. At this time I won't be unbanning you, and strongly recommend you take the 6 months before your next appeal to reflect on what happened, be totally upfront and honest about the whens and whys, with a heartfelt apology that comes with no attached fluff or strings and it will be judged based on its merit at the time. Denied.
  6. Right, out of a final courtesy to the fact you are a staff member of 3 years, that won't be repeated. You have a final opportunity to own up to what actually happened, bearing in mind that as someone who has "peered behind the curtain" you're familiar with the level of logging, investigation and time we put into these sorts of things. Are you saying that every comp that you issued to yourself was: a) remotely to do with the "bugs" you claim you had. b) were provided with sufficient evidence that if they were a comp request you'd give the same money to any other player. In essence, are you sure this is the story you wish to go with?
  7. Removed We have taken the decision to remove the above rules for both Altis and FiveM to further any corrupt police officer storylines. This does not give you carte blanche to go around murdering people. Police officers that murder civilians or criminals will be punished to fullest extent of the law. Clarification FiveM: After the Staff rules meeting today it has been officially decided that locking someone inside a gang house is NOT Powergaming. I know people in certain gangs have been banned in the past for this, however this is no longer going to be the case. it is only power gaming when the building is fully inaccessible and the only way to enter is by glitching inside.
  8. The thing is Simon, he was claiming stream sniping over everything, similarly we observed he likes to throw around "hacker" when playing CoD. In his previous tenure they were situations with police where he claimed "stream snipers" and when we investigated, there was nothing to it. That isn't to say there isn't smoke without fire, generally there were staff watching and several people were pulled to one side for obvious stream sniping so it's not like we were doing nothing. Unfortunately we don't have the time or resources to keep chasing shadows at the whim of some Twitch Streamer who simply "can't take the L" A good example of a non-issue was a situation where he dropped his gun on the side of a hill while running from his car, the police stopped next to his car and ran after him. They then caught and arrested him and in taking him back to their car, they spotted the gun on the floor.
  9. https://twitter.com/Lukedutchh/status/1391115202591137794 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1011893822?t=01h23m30s https://twitter.com/Lukedutchh/status/1391120463607308288 Hates stream sniping, except when he's obviously not hinting at it to benefit him
  10. Moved to appropriate forum section
  11. Images taken from various events, not really gang specific so I'll put them all here NHS/Lost MC Blood Drive 01/05/21 Car meet 08/04/21 Police raid Cayo Perico 08/04/21 Ballas Karaoke night 08/03/21 Weasel News VS LSPS 05/12/20 Open Mic comedy night 26/09/20
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