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  1. hello hello ❤️

  2. Hello son 👀

  3. This has me in hysterics. First of all, you can clearly see I continued to apologise and genuinely had no idea how it happened, but then a light bulb appeared above my head and I realised I was playing Arma 3 so it all fell into place. Secondly, you said I broke rule 1.3 which is swearing at someone outside of RP... I called you a bum head lad, if that's swearing to you then I don't know how you go outside your house without coming back in tears. If by that rule you meant me calling the person a bitch then again I suggest disconnecting from all social platforms as 'bitch' is not swearing, plus it was in game so no rule break there. Continuing on, I never once threatened to report you, I simply stated "i'll go to Staff about you", meaning I will go to Staff for further clarification, to which Kempi Anderson reassured me by saying "by the sound of things no rule break has been done" or something along those lines. At the end of the day, I accidentally hit you, your gang proceeded to make a massive fuss out of it, I apologised (to which you asked for compensation because your plane had gone, although it's back in your garage now) and now I've been reported. It genuinely baffles me how people of a gaming community can at some times be so immature and persistent to have people removed, quite frankly for no valid reason. I've stated my points, I had no intentions of hitting you, you haven't lost anything, I haven't gained anything and now Staff have to spend time dealing with this drivel. And just to clarify, i'm not hiding my identity, I just play with different names because i'm unique #queen.
  4. henlo bab good to see youre back. how are u?

  5. RIP babe, message me 😉

  6. @John Woll even the old walking animation, everything was just so much better.
  7. Hey babe, it's me again. Just checking on you, you know, as the wonderful ex-wife I am. Hoping the kids are okay and that your marriage is going swiftly. xoxo

  8. It just looks like your generic everyday horror.
  9. Might be the most boring game I've ever played.
  10. Are Donator tags not permanent?

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    2. CSI Creebles

      CSI Creebles

      Wait it wasn't permanent for me on Discord, just on ts @KingGodDiabloZ

    3. KingGodDiabloZ


      @CI Creebles The discord should've been permanent. Thing is they need to be done manually by TBJ so that's why not many people have them. 

    4. Greasy


      Some of my donations haven't even been recorded on my 'Donations' tab for some reason. I have the TS tag back when you we're given a code to redeem.

  11. He has a point, it's beyond ridiculous how players are unable to run to a police station to seek help. This rule definitely needs a change.
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