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  1. @Vladic Ka, thanks for RD2! was just about to buy it!! Your welcome to join me, @SALV and @Charles Vane!




    @Wilco, Howdy cowboy, easy win, pew pew!

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    2. Stealthee
    3. ShaunLAD


      Still fuming, thought the 7 month resub was gonna win it for me, clearly not😭

    4. Charles Vane

      Charles Vane

      Fuming as well. Thought i was gonna get a cheeky 3 game win streak last night 

  2. whats up with the lagg now a days?? The desync is unreal aswell. Starting to get annoying.

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    2. Coco


      I think we're all grateful for Jaffa, it seems he's been the main dev recently. Like 3 Fingered DJ said above, we all just get frustrated but its not his fault.


      How many scripts are in use on the server? I know a few other of the big servers try to keep scripts to an absolute minimum to help improve performance, is that something we're able to try? Stuff like the death script and stretcher, as I do notice when a gunfight is happening and a fair few are down, the lag does get worse.

    3. Jaffa
    4. Kayn


      to be fair hit registration is better than before, not the best but still better

  3. POG

    1. Wild Wiisy

      Wild Wiisy

      NimmmerN Lets go !! 

  4. Wow wow reiss! You better watch out! Can you hear that? Im coming like a train! Choo choo!
  5. Just saying, im 3 times world champion in arma 3
  6. NimmerN

    Knocked out

    All faction are doing it, but I would say its getting used to much, before people said; "This is an armed robbery, want you all to put your hands up, your surrounded by "gang", if you do not comply to what we say, you will be fired upon. Now its just pur your hands up, your surrounded by "gang" if not i will knock you out. I feel it was more rp on that day, then it is on the knock out meta. Dont get me wrong, tons of people here are amazing, but I feel its getting abit out of hand. But people surrounded more often and u had great RP. This is just my thinking.
  7. NimmerN

    Knocked out

    Thing is, it shouldnt be possible, if the gun is raised, use common sense, in real life you would be, tazed or shot before u even get close enough.
  8. NimmerN

    Knocked out

    Something has to be done, because im tired of have gun raised at that person who initiates like that and is 5 meters away from me and still manages to knock me out. And im not talking about removing the knock out, but if a guy has a gun raised at you, you cant just bomb rush him and knock him out. From behind yes, and if he doesnt have his gun pointed at you!
  9. NimmerN

    Knocked out

    Remove that initiation, most stupid initiation off all time in RPUK. It follows into hostage situation and maybe a good RP yeah 3/10 times, and it always ends up in a gunfight. The thing is, you get knocked, cant talk, gps and radio removed before you even can speak, and most of the time as rebels u get executed. Lets take an example; A police officer shows up, jumps out of the car trying to get a understanding of the situation, rebel walks up, tells him to put his hands above his head, and if he doesnt do it he will be smacked over the head. Before that police officer can even send a
  10. I'm sorry you feel that way. I feel like its common sense off a person that if you arrive in a vehicle, and you have about 10 rebels around you, telling you to get into that heli and fly off. Even if the vehicle is stolen, I would say its logic that you jump into that helicopter and just fly off, you arrived with it, than you could also leave with it, since u had the keys. You are saying it’s not trolling yet you did this to us already. The first time you just got your protect removed and sent on your way. You then decide to do this to us again. You can see how many of us are around
  11. Hey, 69er chevy here. I'll explain from my point of view. I first crossed this man in agios bend, where I told him to leave the area several times, he kept on circling me with a stolen police car with sirens on and really didnt give a f.... So I told him to put his hands up, he didnt, I knocked him out, restrained him, put him in my vehicle and gave him a warning, that if he keeps on doing it I will shoot him next time. (I took his protector since he was waving it all over the place) (I don't have a video of this because I was never called onto teamspeak, and never got called in
  12. Player Name - OG NimmerNSteam ID - 76561198013757661Ticket amount - 2 I never win these anyways, I just like spending money.
  13. https://plays.tv/video/5aff3dad3f104afc2f/final-few-minutes-that-got-og-in-final-end-game-2018 Ez with navid, slickrick down!
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