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  1. Now i have time to reply, I dont need your life story about what happened that night. Simple i stored my car to log off. You then arrested me Which then added more time onto me logging off. I said i wanted to be spoken to by another officer because you had an attitude and a "Win WIn" Mentality. I explained everything that happened and all ig ot was a "Not my problem" Now Barry and Raymond do have a part to play in this because A) Raymond is a staff member. I was telling him i was logging off because you was wasting my time. B) Barry is the chief of police so it old him too i didnt ask for you to come into teamspeak and start waffling your mouth. Hence why i disconnected as soon as you stared to speak over me At the end of the day, Police dont have to win everything and you could have just given me a ticket. Especially when i told you i needed to go and you walked off and continued to write your shitty report. Hence why i put /me Im logging off - As usual being reported with only half the story. and not all the context. Typical police officer who just wants to win. Maybe if you would have just let me go with that "Warning" even when i was pissed due to me sitting in a car for "Abusing a dog" at the Ranch for 45 mins being ignored. Then your poor little night wouldnt have been ruined. I do apologize for you being a poor police officer and having your night ruined by doing your job. Sorry that you didnt win this time and had to report to try and get an actual win
  2. I have seen the reply, too busy working to reply to this joke of a report. ill reply when im home later
  3. So…. Let me explain. At 8pm restart firearms did some sort of operation on the ranch. I was restrained, told that people didnt want to speak to me. And then they took charlotte to PD for unpaid tickets after they pulled their finger out their ass. At this point im pretty pissed off so i go get charlotte and am on my way back to the ranch to log off for the night. Not only because its like 10pm at this point and i had to be up for work at 4 thismorning. let me get this straight there was no combat log at all i messaged raymond fowler who is a staff member btw. And told him i had to go. When i had been sat in a cell for 40 mins without being spoken to. Then i spoke to barry, i didnt ask you to come to TeamSpeak i was telling barry i was logging off because i needed to go to bed. You join and start waffling your trap so i disconnected and went to bed. i never “combat logged my car” i wanted to log off. The car had nothing in it and didnt change the RP one bit. maybe when people say they need to go to sleep because youve already waisted 40 mins - 1 hour and they need to go to bed. ESPECIALLY when they have spoken to staff. May i also like to add that im pretty sure i have everything on record, even the teamspeak conversation. Which i didnt ask you to come to. All the evidence is quite shit tbf, there isnt any detail in any of it. Some pictures and a clip of me logging off. Just remember people have lives outside of a videogame
  4. AF12

    Googly eyed tramp.

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      Bog eyed cunt.

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      Apologise now.

  5. Once again to put this in perspective: As I said before the Vagos and Aztecas have a long history, the war between us never been officially resolved and as you said yourself only a couple of weeks ago you guys were still shooting at us, clearly showing that you guys were fully aware that a life sentence did not end the war. So what is it that you guys expect? All attempts from ours site to resolve this have been ignored by you guys yet you want us to act “friendly” with you and show up to one of our events without wanting any consequences? You don’t want to resolve it but you also dont want to take the consequences. Needless to say that us asking you guys to take the mask off and you just full on ignoring and denying that request did not do anything to defuse the situation. At the end of the day the offer for negotiations were there, you decided to ignore them and no one forced you to come up to one of our events.
  6. There was nothing RANDOM about the situation there has been a backstory for months, You guys came out of prison and started shooting at us, Yet we did nothing because you werent worth it. However this was the perfect time for me to hit you guys back, RANDOM would be me saying nothing and me never dealing with you guys before and stabbing you. Unfortunately you putting on colours brings all the shit that the gang has dealt with
  7. I dont understand whats the problem with this situation. Aztecas and Vagos have been at war and have been at eachothers throats for months. Then they go in prison and carry on chatting shit. Then Vagos come out of prison and start shooting at us. Then go out of colours and hide until today. So we told you to take the colours off. You didnt want to so you got stabbed. You even say in the video "Were getting Spliffed here" so you knew it was coming yet you still report for RDM. The war was never resolved. Getting life in prison isnt ending a war. We tried to resolve it plenty of times and you guys didnt want to Unlucky.
  8. Sorry who are you? Never even knew you were there. Unless your directly involved please stfu. disassociate from our character? Who tf do you think your talking to. There was no roleplay from any of you lot at the time. You ABUSED the fact that someone VDMed me to try and take me hostage. I dont bait shit on twitter i state facts. Oh i know it was triads from when Ghost opened his mouth. I know that voice especially from when he was baiting in Legion square and when the situation happened a few weeks/month or so ago. So please... Leave this report and dont bother responding unless it has some relevance. Thanks, hope you get smoked ingame. And start wearing Colours I was sat in the car with Ju-Long with a terrible Voice changer. Hes the leader of the Triads, surely you dont think that he would be talking and giving some sort of orders over the radio. It was amazing that everyone was silent and then as SOON as i put in OOC that you lot werent talking then you start talking on radios and ingame to eachother. Sorry mate but all ive seen in RP from the triads recently is fuckall RP, Blacked out cars and breaking rules which we dont report on because we arent 4. So let me repeat this because you guys CLEARLY dont understand what it should be when your in a whitelisted gang. You are GIVEN a colour to wear. You guys are expected to be held to a higher RP standard because you represent one of the Whitelisted gangs on the server. You have chosen to be part of a RED gang. so start wearing the colours so that we know we are dealing with a Turf gang. You see the lost out of colours but they wear stuff that ONLY the lost wear. You never see any other gangs out of colours. It has honestly caused RDM because you chose to wear BLACK another colour of a Turf gang "Hustlers" Use your eyes and read that i said in the convoy thank you So your admitting that you took advantage of RVDM to try and get me which is a rulebreak in itself. Surely with the amount of cars and an R34 you would have used your brain and thought "Maybe this is abit shit from his end being as he has just been VDMed" Honestly i came to FiveM because i thought it was more RP based, as soon as any wars start all it turns into is a Forum war and its starting to take the piss. Atleast people on Arma try to resolve things before reporting them. Clearly you are just trying to get people off the server, if thats true then please dont bother logging back onto FiveM before you have grown up. Also being as you say that you have followed me and that you have seen me get VDMed can you please follow the correct format and give a 3 minute video, Coming from a gang that is so Report happy you should know the requirements. Many thanks in advance
  9. Reports a joke all im gonna say, no RP given at all to me. Just straight hands up after being VDMed, didnt tell me not to use the radio. Didnt have to shoot me, you know this is an RP community. If you guys had any brainpower you would have turned it into an RP scenario. Also may i ask why i had anconvoy of 4 cars and as soon as i put in OOC that you lot sounded awfully quiet because you was talking in discord especially Ju Long, all of a sudden you lot start talking. You know theres radios ingame for a reason so…. Like i said reports a joke. On an RP server and you had no intentions to RP. Just shot me and intended to dump me. For a whitelisted gang its shit. Constantly going round out of colours, i knew straight away that you wanted my non existent weapon and then to kill me so i gave as much info as i could before the inevitable happened. All triads has been for the past week is minimal rp and shooting. Just like yesterday at impound that turned into a 3 hour fight with triads and then police. Rocked up, again hands up and then a gunfight breaks out. AGAIN not in the colours that you guys are supposed to be wearing. People who werent involved were shot because they were wearing black.
  10. Fucking joke, no point being in a gang on this server all it ends up in is reports, candice does exactly the same thing at Galaxy. We let things go because were not out to get people banned. Leave the area yet you lot just fucking nitpick no matter what to get people banned. Seriously Grow up. Fucking Snowflakes recently Had a fight at Hosptial had candice and Harvey calling out when downed. We let it slide because were not petty and want to kill the server. But noooo as soon as a situation doesnt go your way you report people. Staff may aswell just hurry up with this report, if they want to talk to me ill speak to them in Teamspeak. Not replying anymore to this joke of a report
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  12. Its the Cruise control feature, if you reverse any car and then turn Cruise control on it boosts the car forwards
  13. Mind your language!

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      Sorry sir!

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      i hope you have learnt your lesson to not be mean to those with in-game phone backgrounds featuring proscribed terrorist organisations

  14. Honestly, im gonna leave this to staff. Like talking to a brick wall...
  15. Your still streaming on twitch representing the Community with it no?
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