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  1. At the end of the day... I am trying to resolve this, even if we had a chat in teamspeak with Nuclear being as it was a genuine accident. However the feeling im getting from you is that yuou just want me banned, Which everything you have said is pointing to that. With you sitting there going "(I couldnt resolve as the server immediately restarted and he didnt come back on)" and then you later say "You can't resolve it.. what you did requires punishment.. " Why are you being so contradictive? Also Just to inform you. You can either do a player report OR PCC you cant do both
  2. So if you want to report me for my Bad policing skills then maybe you should take it up in a PCC not a player report
  3. So... I took him back to PD thinking he would come back, When i get to PD he isnt responding still. I put my car away, and he still isnt responding. I do not have enough time to take him to Prison as the restart was near. So i decided to put him at the end of the pier and we would stay around to see if he would come back so we can ticket him. Whilst i was talking in teamspeak i was doing wheelspins as something to do while the time passed until server restart. I then looked away to read a message i got on discord and the car shot forwards and knocked him into the water. I instantly got out
  4. You can also hear me say "Im going to leave you at the end of this pier, Have a nice day!"
  5. I mean it can be resolved, it was an accident and you clearly dont see that, Regardless of if you are new. It wasnt intentional we were waiting to see if you came back and i was bored and was doing wheelspins. To me what you are saying is that you just want me banned
  6. I mean im trying to resolve the situation arent i? The only thing im getting from you is you dont care and that you want the admins to dish out a punishment... PC @Arbaaz Was there too and watched it
  7. At the end of the day, dont go AFK on the server. Its not anyone problem if you get restrained. I knew you were AFK thats why i removed you from the situation and put you at the end of the peer out the way uncuffed. The only Rulebreak here is the fact that i ACCIDENTALLY VDMed you into the water and as i have said Multiple times that i was an accident because i was doing wheelspins
  8. As i said me knocking you into the water was an accident, it wasnt intentional. Your basically sitting there telling me that you want me banned now right?
  9. Firstly... I didnt RDM i initiated on you in the garage and tazed you. numerous people were telling me that you were passenger seating people in kavala. You was AFK up until you Drowned in the water, I out you at the end of the peer as i said because you were AFK and i didnt have enough time to Send you to prison, you was unrestrained. I was sat in teamspeak talking to two officers that were with us and was doing wheelspins. Let go of W and X and the car shot foward, knocking you into the water. I you really want some comp i dont mind sending you 300k or so. even tho you didnt have
  10. So... you was passenger seating people in kavala, you was AFK so i took you back to PD. i told you that you would be put at the end of the peer because you werent talking. I was sat behind you doing wheelspins. When i let go of the Handbreak the car shot forward and hit you, You were in a knockout animation and i couldnt get to you. Then you come back and say "Im looking at the footage". If you wanted to come to TeamSpeak i can resolve the situation because you haven't tried to resolve it with me
  11. Now you know how Grove Feel on FiveM
  12. B0sh


  13. I know i may not be allowed to comment on this unban appeal. However, i was told by staff to tell everyone in grovestreet that the Uzis were cheated in and should not be touched, El had 2 in his house due to him buying 5 for the gang and 2 for certain members in grovestreet. I told el specifically not to use them in his house and when they were due to be removed i would tell the staff member that there was 2 in his house sorry if i wasnt allowed to reply but i was the person who was told by a staff member to tell everyone that they shouldnt be used
  14. B0sh


    More the fact that the mentality of the police atm is that they just want to win. This will make them win even more, the police dont like the fact that were actually getting away with things
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