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  1. First of all, https://gyazo.com/28654f315e3976bbfb04fde96304d7f4 Shows the Height. We are a turf gang at war, Just leave us to fight it out, Police moan when we target them and then when we do our own thing, you lot get in the way and cry when you get shot. What do you expect us to do? Dont follow a turf gang that you know have guns for over an hour and expect not to be shot. Just showing how a crew of 3 in a helicopter is so incompetent
  2. I was involved in this situation so i am going to give my side of the story, You see us getting ready to push Vagos, Sitting about 200m high, which is fine. Then you lower down to the height that you are disrupting RP, we are trying to have a conversation with Vagos inside and we cant do anything because we have a helicopter that is hovering above a building. Please explain to us what else we are supposed to do. We aimed guns at you to show you that we wanted to you to fuck off and then you dont. You take shots then and still dont leave the area so we start spraying up into the sky inwhich the pilot does some questionable maneuvers, ones that you wouldnt be able to pull off IRL and then continues to fly DIRECTLY above an active gunfight. In my opinion dont hover directly above a gunfight when you have a camera that can zoom in close, Its your own fault you was following us for about an hour up to our turf and then back down to Vagos. What else was we supposed to do? Find a magic carpet and come say fuckoff?
  3. Being as i am next to you and get hit after. You are literally driving like an idiot. You can SEE the cars are there can decide not to slow down and hit the cars which hit Daisy. Then sit there laughing. Its your own fault, if you had said sorry maybe this wouldnt have happened
  4. Im going to reply as i was the one who was stood there and called the car out. All night you was driving around wearing all BLACK [if that was you] i was with eddie and ginge all night. There was a guy in all black SMGing aztecas down. youve clearly changed your clothes so how are supposed to know weve been dealing with you? And also you understand that this is a ROLEPLAY server. What stopped you from saying something before you stabbed eddie. It wasnt the first time you stabbed eddie without saying anything. That’s why i called you out, you stabbed eddie up north however eddie only got the end of it on record and then you decide to go to autocare in the same car (hence me knowing it was you) like i said this is a roleplay server mate not a TDM server, you also changed your clothing from the whole night, there may have been some taking the piss on twitter but no threats made? No one made a threat to kill or harm, they it was more stfu and who are you. Nothing that would grant you the right to just run up and KOS him.
  5. B0sh


    Good Luck mate, seen you guys around ingame
  6. I mean, Keep it as the old church its fun to fight
  7. At the end of the day... I am trying to resolve this, even if we had a chat in teamspeak with Nuclear being as it was a genuine accident. However the feeling im getting from you is that yuou just want me banned, Which everything you have said is pointing to that. With you sitting there going "(I couldnt resolve as the server immediately restarted and he didnt come back on)" and then you later say "You can't resolve it.. what you did requires punishment.. " Why are you being so contradictive? Also Just to inform you. You can either do a player report OR PCC you cant do both
  8. So if you want to report me for my Bad policing skills then maybe you should take it up in a PCC not a player report
  9. So... I took him back to PD thinking he would come back, When i get to PD he isnt responding still. I put my car away, and he still isnt responding. I do not have enough time to take him to Prison as the restart was near. So i decided to put him at the end of the pier and we would stay around to see if he would come back so we can ticket him. Whilst i was talking in teamspeak i was doing wheelspins as something to do while the time passed until server restart. I then looked away to read a message i got on discord and the car shot forwards and knocked him into the water. I instantly got out to look into the water to see if we could see him and we couldnt. then we went abit further in the water and found him. By this time he would have been half way through drowning. When i asked about the water (Inwhich i didnt know alot about so was asking an MPU officer about) he said i could get in and out before i died. However by this time he had drowned. I then said to Arbaaz that i would message him after the restart and notify him that it was an accident and give him some comp (Even tho he had no gear) Like ive said before this situation can be resolved in teamspeak being as it is a genuine accident. And may be abit of carelessness being as i was reading a Discord message on another monitor. The fact that he said i wasnt on after the restart to resolve and then says "Theres nothing to resolve" I didnt log back on instantly as i was watching Drews stream as he was playing Marbles
  10. You can also hear me say "Im going to leave you at the end of this pier, Have a nice day!"
  11. I mean it can be resolved, it was an accident and you clearly dont see that, Regardless of if you are new. It wasnt intentional we were waiting to see if you came back and i was bored and was doing wheelspins. To me what you are saying is that you just want me banned
  12. I mean im trying to resolve the situation arent i? The only thing im getting from you is you dont care and that you want the admins to dish out a punishment... PC @Arbaaz Was there too and watched it
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