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  1. admin i haves problemz me got rdmmsz at kavla n lst me gear

  2. Gratz to all that got in.
  3. that aint my laugh xD
  4. Academy currently have 11 Active Training Officers, that does not count people that might not be here for a day or 2, so out of the 11 people marked as active the most of the time only around 5-9 or so of those are on ts and then take off the people who are on patrol, academy may have 25 members but there is never all of those on at a time. and the command are busy with keep the constab running, and making sure all academy documents are up to date ect, so its only DSGT and below that mostly do tests, if you dont do enough work in academy you get removed, i personally in the past week have done around 10 tests and i am not the most active member of academy by any means, and academy has a lot of work on their hands, so for there being only 11 active i would say 341 test conducted is not a bad at all.
  5. Ya bird's a Big Mac 

    1. SI mryan19

      SI mryan19

      ketchup muncher xD

  6. you would know all about what van his mother drives, you have probably stolen the hub caps from it.
  7. Happy Birthday giraffe :D

    1. Ponty


      Thank you Mr Yan!

  8. Happy birthday :D

  9. feck off, ill get active one day xD
  10. sorry about that

  11. 700k for 5, i got ya qetz
  12. So 37mins into a game of fifa 17, West Brom 3 - 0 Arsenal - and you rage quit! xD 😂

  13. Happy birthday  💩