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  1. 2016! I just came back after about 3 years and a year after I joined (2015) was definitely the golden era! I don't think it's the same anymore (not that it is bad), just feels a bit different. But the nostalgia is strong lol. Good old days of TCK (which I was part of) and TI etc. had me hooked to RPUK. Police force was also insanely fun back in the day. Unfortunately, these days I recognise in ts maybe a handful of people that I was good friends with from 3 years back. To be honest, this community is so much stronger than you'd might think. I Haven't spoken to anyone from here for 3 years, I come back, and the conversations can go on for hours! Surreal that. Anyways good to be back! I miss the roleplay XD
  2. Good to be back! Have been writing exams for the past 3 months and finally got the chance to come back to RPUK. Need to remember how to play the game again :P
  3. ok, i will try and let you know as soon i've done it. Thanks!
  4. So i've been having this problem recently, since the server got its update. I receive a mission file of around 50000 kb and at some point i get kicked off the game. It can and proabably is due to my ping, but i play on the server fine with no problems. So my question is, is there any way to download the mission file externally and manually put it in the arma 3 folder?
  5. Describe today at school/college/work etc. For me it's school, dropped a plate today at the cafeteria and got shouted at by angry russian cooks! Ya thats about it XD. who's next?
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