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  1. @Amelia CarterGets a big up for this one.
  2. Cheers mate, these things take time, hopefully some time in the not to distant future!
  3. ARMA 3 community meetings were a mass shit talk session tbf, then it got to the point where there was no point in even doing them
  4. Whos that hotty at the front
  5. I think the issue isn't the Rules that are in place, as they are followed up strictly by admins, I think the issues lies where people are doing just enough to get across the acceptable RP line. The thing is in Arma it was easier to get guns/cars/money, meaning that there was more emphasis on RP, in the way that if you were losing a loadout it didn't matter as much, in which case it was less realistic but it meant that people were not as salty when they were getting robbed/arrested. Now with the GTA RP server being more realistic it means that people sometimes don't act accordingly to having a gun pointed to their head, they feel its unfair ect and are more bothered about what they are going to lose than carrying on the RP, mainly with once its gone past a certain point you know what the end is going to be like. For example you get told to put your hands up, you know you're going to be told to drop radio phone and dropped of in the middle of no where at the very least, if not killed and dumped with very minimal RP. Shot, put in a car, transported somewhere and then your body left floating in some body of water. And when this happens 4-5 times a day with out fail it does become annoying. I think since the search option was added its become put your hands up, search, drop what ever they want and then gone. RP situation is done with in seconds. Possible improvement could be adding a time limit to be able to search someone, giving that time for RP to happen. Other wise the RP will never be quality because the people that are the "robbers" are just going to do it as fast as they can, and leave the other person lacking any roleplay at all.
  6. KCAJ

    Voice Changers

    But then again would you be able to do this effectively in person, consistently making sure that your voice was hidden, for example using an extremely obnoxious voice only when committing crime?
  7. KCAJ

    Voice Changers

    Catch 22, police can use voice to help identify not to fully identify.
  8. KCAJ

    Voice Changers

    I agree with you there, if someone is using it all the time then it still gives people the chance to get to know there voice ect. But a mask could be a good idea which deepens the voice, not fully hiding what they are sounding like but makes it harder to identify them. And make these accessed in the same way blindfolds are so they are not over saturated?
  9. Just want to get peoples thoughts on voice changers, I personally think that the idea of voice changers for robbery doesn't make sense, you wouldn't be able to do this in a real robbery? But obviously GTA RP is not real life. But the idea of someone being able to make themselves sound like mickey mouse or have an extremely robotic voice purely for robberies/crime, so the person on the receiving end doesn't know or recognize the voice that they normally would use in other RP, is unrealistic. I understand that you can not voice ID people because they have other characters. But someone using a voice changer just makes situations a lot harder in terms of hearing their demands and can be really annoying dependent on what voice changer they are using. That being said I am not fully against the idea of voice changer, but I think those using them should stick with them permanently if they are going to. This isn't a suggestion I was just starting a thread to gather peoples thoughts? KC - 229
  10. Those people who speak out of character need to realise that they are putting themselves in the same boat that the people breaking the rules are whilst they might be doing this with bad intention, its still out of character talking. Leaving it to reports/discussion in TeamSpeak to outline what they did wrong, everyone makes mistakes especially if they are new to RP. Getting angry and frustrated in game and then talking out of character is not a good way of dealing with it at all.
  11. I would like to add an update. My message above could imply that this only happened the once for disliking tweedles, the incident of the -100 likes happened whilst I was trying to figure out how to dislike a tweedle and was purely accidental. Since the incident I have disliked a few tweedle posts under the assumption that this was part of the server and was not an exploit. I understand now that I was wrong: I continued to dislike due to myself putting the mass dislike incident down to server lag. I did this without the knowledge that this was an exploit and did not realise that this was not a feature of tweedle, now looking back I understand the reason for my ban and why this is in place. I just wanted to make it clear that I am not stating this happened the once as I had seen other posts with dislikes and assumed this was a part of the tweedle system, I realise now that this can cause harm and become detrimental to other players. I have provided many good RP scenarios and attempt to make the best RP I can out of every situation that I do on the server, as shown in my original appeal some of the events I have hosted. Again if I were to return to the sever I have many more ideas planned that would suit a wide range of RP, and would suit the unique/diverse Roleplay that happens on the server. Thank you again for reading.
  12. Hi Ram, thank you for taking the time to read my appeal. The C 2.2 ban, following from the rules the ban is for Exploiting, This is a rule around the duplication of money, cancelling animations and passing items through walls, however it is not limited to just those. I understand that honesty in these appeals goes along way and that trying to wiggle your way out of something is merely pointless, but I didn't know that disliking a tweedle post was an exploit and that I thought it was a feature of the tweedle system. Since you have mentioned tweedle accounts I have been able to remember that I have (stated below) And this was not left out of the appeal on purpose it is something that I genuinely did not remember and have remembered with the previous prompt. Tweedle Dislikes: I understand now after your prompt that disliking a tweedle could be one of the reasons that I have received an exploiting ban, I thought that you were able to dislike a tweed that had been put out there, as I had seen other posts with dislikes, I thought that this was a feature of the tweedle system, because of myself seeing other tweets that had been disliked I was trying to figure out how to do this myself, I assumed that this was 1 click for a like and 2 clicks for a dislike. I went to a post on tweedle and attempted to dislike this post not out of maliciousness or wanting to affect the other persons post, purely to see if this was possible and if this was a feature due to myself seeing this previously, and then i was going to remove the dislike afterwards. As I went to "dislike" by doubling clicking the mouse, the photo went down by one like, I then tried to remove the dislike from the photo by clicking once and adding a like, at the time the UI was lagging and it was taking some time to add likes/post on tweedle, this led me to click the photo multiple times and the likes went down by -100+ I can not remember the exact number, this was not done with prior knowledge of spamming posts decreases likes or the opposing way and was something that happened coincidentally with myself trying to figure out how to dislike a post. I understand that what I did was wrong, the disliking posts on tweedle was not with malicious intent and I was purely trying to figure out how to do this as I had seen other posts with dislikes, and I didn't realise that this was not a feature of tweedle. that being said this does not take away my part of the blame for disliking something, if I was unsure I could have asked another member of the community or come to a staff member with my questions, instead I attempted to find this out myself. Looking back I understand that disliking someone's tweedle post can have a negative affect, it could make them not want to post something out of fear of getting dislikes, or give people a false sense of that persons characters popularity without actually meeting them in RP. As for the -100+ like situation this was something that was purely accidental and I did not know that this was possible with tweedle, The rule C 2.2 does state that any Exploits that are found should be brought forward to staff and in this case I did not. I understand that what I have done is wrong, one by not bringing this forward to staff for them to be able to resolve the issue, I did not mean for the likes to go down by that amount and was just trying to dislike the photo (again out of seeing this on other posts) and i was going to remove my dislike afterwards, my course of actions were wrong afterwards in terms of myself not bringing this issue forward for the error to be resolved. For this I apologise and can only say that this not being brought forward was my fault, and that I did not know about this error before hand. I have been transparent in what has happened on tweedle and these are the only things that I can think of leading to an exploiting ban. Thank you again for taking the time to read this.
  13. Unban Appeal for KCAJ In-game Name: Jack Ronald Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198178018445 Ban ID: !!rpuk6330!! Reason given for your ban: c 2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was playing the server last night yesterday, the only things that happened yesterday were I socialised with other members of the community in RP. I spent some time taking photos with other members of my crew. I was spending time with another member of the crew until around 3am, at that point they had logged off and then I spent some time on the server driving around and had a few interactions, one was a robbery, and the other was someone got into my car and asked for a lift. I was then called and asked to help someone who had had their bike stolen and i was driving around the city looking for this. I drove up to paleto parked my car and then logged of the server. I have come back on today to find that i have been banned for reason c2.2. I have understanding of the rules and know that this rule is for exploiting, such as duplication or doing something that gives you a gain. such as passing items through walls or windows ect. There was an incident where my self and other members of the crew were selling cocaine to another member of the server, whilst we were getting set up I went to walk up the ramp, I then hid behind the wall using gta mechanics where it allows you to hide and peek from cover, this led my character to go into the wall and be hidden with only my feet showing, I thought this was just an error on my side and went to do it again to make sure, another member of my crew came over and went inside the wall also checking that this was a server side thing and not just my client after this we laughed and said that this seemed to be ‘broken’ and walked away and carried on getting setup for the deal this was before the other player had arrived and was strictly not used in order to gain advantage or remain hidden in case anything went wrong it was purely coincidence that this was found and once found we both left it alone and didn’t use this in any form of RP nor did I know about the wall being broken before hand. Why should we unban you ?: I have no understanding of the reason to which I am being banned, unless what was stated above is the reason for my ban. I am a long standing member of this community, I joined in 2015 that's over 6 years playing the RPUK server. I took a break from playing RPUK and games in general and I have come back to the RPUK GTA RP server and dedicated my time to playing, making a name and getting a good reputation amongst other players, whether this be a good relationship with them or a bad relationship in RP. I would not do anything to exploit, as I understand the rules and know the reasons for them being in place. I have been around for 6 years and have seen people come and go, i would like to stay in the community as its one that I find enjoyable to play and has provided me with a lot of fun times. I would not do anything intentional to jeopardise this. I understand the need to ban people that exploit as there is an unfair gain to them from doing so and it can affect other peoples time on the server, myself knowing this I would not do anything intentional as my aim is to only enhance the experience I and others have on the server, and would hate to think that I have ruined someone else's experience of playing the server. I enjoy my time here a lot, the rules are always at the front of my mind when engaging in RP with someone making sure that they are followed, and the same for anyone that I play with if I find or see them accidentally breaking a rule I pull them back in line and explain what they have done wrong OOC (discord) to make sure that this doesn't happen again and become detrimental to other players. Over my short time playing the GTA RP server I have made many relationships and built my way up to being an owner of Tiny Big Taco, this has allowed me to create and help create events providing other members of RPUK with a good experience. Below I have attached two images from recent events that my self and other members of my crew have hosted. Firstly the glowstick gamble: In this event there was a car raffle and a live DJ for the event, this event was a dance party using the music provided from the DJ, there was races involved and all in all a good time. This allowed members of the crew to socialise with other members of the community and brought people in the community that might not have met each other and allowed them the chance to RP. The event was catered for and meant that people did not have to worry about providing their own food, the chance to win the car gave those with lower amounts of money the chance to have a nice car and give them a kickstart in the community. By providing the dancing meant that people have the chance to have fun and take things less seriously not in terms of RP but in terms of money, cars, reputation. The Tiny Big Taco Car Meet: With this event we had recently purchased Tiny Big Taco and wanted to inform other members of the community, we decided that by doing a car meet it gave people the chance to come down to Tiny Big Taco and show of their efforts with the nice cars they own, it allowed people to generally understand more in terms of how people make money, such as questions like how do you afford something like this? It meant again that people that had not met each other before had the chance to be introduced. It allowed people to socialise. We offered free tacos for a year to the person with the best car, and hosted a raffle for a taco van with the purchase cost being five tacos. This again gave us chance to RP about how we make the tacos and what the taco van means and what you can do. It also meant that whilst RP'ing we could inform people about Tiny Big Taco and the prices face to face instead of adverts on tweedle. The car meet was successful with alot of people turning up and overall it was a good event not just for myself, but for the crew and those who attended. The reason I have added these is to show that I can provide good Roleplay and go to efforts to make sure that others have the chance to experience this. My time on the GTA server has been action packed, and If i were to be unbanned there would be many more events to come, each being unique and varied, meaning that they are inclusive to all. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  14. KCAJ

    Tiny Big Taco

    Just reporting this here, as I am unsure if its something that should be in place and I am just looking for some answers. So with the Tiny Big Taco, we can sell all foods, including milkpowder. There is a way to make smoothies, which includes apples and oranges, we can store oranges in the storage for the shop, and we can sell them on the shelf and set a price for them, however when it comes to apples we can place them on the shelf, however we can't set a price for these or sell them in the shop, neither can we store them, so the apples we have to store off site. Is this how it is for all Restaurants in the city? And if not what can i do about this? Thanks KC
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