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    Shit Joke

    What do you call a deer, with no legs no eyes and having sex? Still no fucking idea..
  3. get good, pdm on top
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    Shit Joke

    What do you call a deer with one eye? No idea, me neither.
  5. basmati rice over any other rice. 

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      Basmati rice on top. Potatoes are elite tho, fuck noodles, egg fried rice is good! and Kenneth that disgusting smh

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      @KCAJ Fuck Noodles....... Man i expected better than that for you.....

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    Over my time here on the server, Lunar has been involved in, for the most part, part of my character's RP, you couldn't have said what our aims are any better, we are here for the RP - Little or small. It's the little details that are missed sometimes, such as when in custody being arrested. You have to realise that the other parties involved are here for RP (most of the time) and providing that makes everything better. Not only does it make the situation more fun, but it also adds unique takes on situations and different chances to RP for everyone. Yes, 229 has some gunfights but we are a gang at the end of the day and always attempt exit routes and strategies first and always try to ensure that our RP remains consistent when your character is losing or winning. I myself take mental notes when in situations of things I can do to better myself in RP situations. I have so many plans for the future of 229 and where we might head, but again it depends on where the RP takes us. Thank you for your comment it means a lot. From where we started to where we are now. Couldn't have done it without people like yourself giving us that time of day in RP. KC
  7. I think in some scenarios with the correct planning it can be pulled off to an extent of good RP, not diving into the water dropping items and then collecting them later on, for example, i have taken a chase before and asked someone on radio to get a jetski and meet me in the canals, I have then managed to get onto the jetski and avoid custody that way. I have also tried this and failed being stopped (rightly so) before entering the water (on foot). Now as for driving a car at high speed off the pier, I can see a reason that losing a car in RP is better than going to jail for X amount of time in RP, and the damages that it causes to the car ect but I think the basis behind people doing this is that they know their car will be fine and they get away regardless and have their car back at the next storm. I feel this is a catch 22, due to the dynamics of the server, cars that go into the water can be retrieved for the same price as one that has been left/stolen, this doesn't correlate to the damages, for example, a car that has been dunked into the water for several hours even minutes will more than likely be in other words fucked, it would need a new engine ect. An idea to combat this would be to increase the cost to retrieve out of the impound ( RP basis - Time spent getting it out of the water. Time spent repairing ect.) Now I think its the same as someone who is downed by police and does "bleeding out, no pulse." its all about moderation, its not so much that the idea of driving of the pier is wrong, but if every time you get into a chase you do that, then you're not allowing the other party chance to RP. The same way that if you "no pulse" consistently when you get downed you're avoiding continuing the RP, possibly to avoid prison time, potential loss of cars, items. I think the only issue that lies with this is in some cases it can provide for some decent RP. And in some cases it can provide for very little RP. It all comes down to choice of the player at hand, do they choose to attempt a different escape and potentially get caught, or do they go for the pier where they more than likely won't get caught. I myself don't care for items and have numerous times as you are aware took one on the chin, but it actually creates for good RP. I feel some people fail to understand that getting away is not the be all and end all, and to actually have fun.
  8. Appreciate this mate, means a lot. Who knows you might meet the meth addict next! Your RP was also top-notch throughout, and made the time in the cells/custody enjoyable. The whole idea of having a custody sergeant is a good idea, and was well executed by Tadworth. Big ups all around! KC
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