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  1. "imagine if the world was like this forum where you could just click Hide everything you didn't like to see"


    we not been toxic and we're not being negative we're just saying how it looks from our side

  2. @Wilco this guy @Nuclear volunteer as dev

  3. last time we had a community meeting we got promise alot of thing and the only one acting on it was Ciaran making the red zones which lo and behold got f***** with by the dev Team. if you have dev team that doesn't listen to the community you get a server that no one is interesting in playing on and if we speak up we wil get slap with they do it on they free time we should be happy that we have a dev team
  4. hahah Gold command have spoken what a joke. I guess GC doesn't understand politics either. it is not the gold command / Police that makes the Law its the mayor #cluelessPolice if you dont like set mayor´s politics then vote for a new one.
  5. then you're a prime example of how clueless Police are thx for that
  6. @The Bearish Crusader try again plz the politicians are making the law and the police is there to enforce the law that the politicians make yeah so take the high hat off and go take a joint its now legal
  7. Well since the new redzone change , noone does them at all for 2 restarts now. https://gyazo.com/5e3f16cdd791a765f5ffaea9aaab9561 I get it was an experiemental feature but clearly its not popular.
  8. Erhh we did tell you we was gonna disable the helicopter. You run the risk when you flew off.
  9. in the video simon ross is allready there making threats towards one of our guys, then greeny does the same later on and, then i counter initiate tell you not to fly off and that we are gonna disable the helicopter if you do so, why didn't take the Threat seriously it's beyond me you surrounded by armed people ?
  10. no not atm I have not been able to invest more much time in that atm bc of cov-19 am work from home and iv had to school the kids from home as well but it slowly returning to normal
  11. Yes you are damn right about that, instead of improving at the game i took a shortcut which i definately should not have done and costed me the privilege of playing on this community.
  12. In-game Name Wiisy Steam ID 76561198006635128 The date of your ban. 06/10/19 Member of the team that banned you. Valen Bell Reason given for your ban. Exploiting Which server are you banned from? Altis Life In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I was banned because I was using a “lag switch” on the game server. Basically, to stop other players from moving momentarily during a gunfight. This gave an unfair advantage by exploiting a bug with multiplayer games. Why should we unban you ? For roughly 8 months i´ve been banned from your servers and in that time i have had alot of time to think about what i could have done different. I was lucky enough to get to play fiveM for abit since the banlist wasn’t carried over. It was a fun experience and brought back some memories of what Altis used to be for me and all the experiences i had there. I also had the chance to catch up with some people i hadn’t talked to since my ban which also reminded me of why i settled down on this community. Now i could go on about how it won’t happen again but i doubt my word carries any weight to you anymore since it´s not the first time i´ve been banned for lagswitching. However i strongly believe that my time on fiveM really showed me that what matters isn’t the combat but rather the interactions you have with the people on this community. It´s made me reconsider why i even lagswitched in the first place and what to do to prevent it in the future and the only way i see myself going forward on your community is someway to prove to you that i have indeed changed. I know that in the past people that have been 1.6´ed etc. got to do a medic program where they had to do x time on patrol to prove that they indeed want to change. Maybe that could be reapplied towards me to grant me the opportunity to get back in the community i once played on everyday and made me feel like home. I would be very grateful if you allowed me one last chance to prove myself to you and the community. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes I confirm this is not a temporary ban as those are not appealable Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read our rules Yes
  13. fiveM is actually f****** great, it's just too bad  there's so little support from the whitelisted factions #sadface

    1. DemonPuppy



      I don't think Whitelisted factions are the issue here....

    2. Fluqi


      Yeah, it's a community wide issue. Not any particular faction. Without population, most won't play. There is no population because of it. Vicious Circle. I know the devs are working on improvements tho. 

    3. iggy


      i love it. wish more people played. plenty of potential, minus the cucks in GTS' shooting everyone

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