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  1. Hey man, just wanted to make you know I'm back! Hope to see you around soon

    1. Elakin


      Not to burst any bubbles buddy, but check when Sov was last active on the forums. He left quite some time ago my friend. :( 

    2. Zaiux


      So I did. I left in  Jan... and here I am.

  2. He must have been Welsh.
  3. It has been done with our own retired Takistan.co.uk server. When we updated it,nobody re-downloaded it and it died off. We took it as a learning experience.
  4. What I was saying is if we are not there and people are being shot in our base it still counts as an attack on it and they will be punished with a ban if it is found out with evidence. This happened and it shouldn't.
  5. How does Monday 8pm BST at the PRNA checkpoint sound?
  6. Sir you are disillusioned that the PRNA are not an independent nation which we are have have been officially recognized as such for two weeks now. On a separate note LET THE HELLHOLE THAT IS KAVALA BURN!
  7. I'll make this pretty clear and final for everyone. 14A) Attacks on the UNMC base must be authorised firstly by an admin who will ask the UNMC if they have the man power, if you are in the police then you must get admin permission and get in contact with Sovereign or Vacatio on teamspeak. -According to Zaf they were attacked at our base which is bannable.(Report the recording and the story ends.) -You can and will be executed if you go to our base. -You are not supposed to know where it is within RP.(Hence why it isn't colored.) -Our base is not a redzone,because people would walk i
  8. Can confirm. Commands were not working for some reason when I was asked to take care of it.
  9. You still owe us the gunboats the PRNA ordered. Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang will not be happy when they hear of this.
  10. On #2 what your reading now is constructive in a sense,but the previous threads(which I'm assuming you haven't seen.) were far less understanding and full of anger/panic. There were also PMs to me and some of them went down the path that they did not want the UNMC/PRNA to exist anymore. I did not like that. Oh btw the answer to the last part is West Germany and Japan after WWII. Both contended with the Soviets who split Germany in half and in Japan's case around 1949 when China became officially communist.The Korean war broke out,because it was liberated by US and Russia and divided into N
  11. Aside from what Blaze said I've explained in a bigger thread and to several people who asked that quite frankly we didn't have a choice. The drama levels between the PRNA and Police were so high that it came to this in order to end it.(Look for the thread for further details. I won't repeat them here.)
  12. It probably was. We've been having this issue lately as people are disregarding what they can and cannot do. I'm not going to tell people to leave anymore. I'm just going to ban them and have my men report them if myself or Vacatio aren't around. Enough warnings have been issued this week,particularly to gangs.
  13. There is also a field bag with a toolkit in every vehicle.
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