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  1. Nice Profile song :))

  2. Hey fwends, are any of you in a gang, or owner of a gang, I may become very active again :)

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    2. TacticalPanda


      oh okay :( Thats not good

    3. FergusW


      Spelling typo - autocorrect. Was meant to say fragged lol

    4. TacticalPanda
  3. I have learned that I need to control my temper, and when someone tells me that they will sort something out, they will sort something out, and that I shouldn't have intervened myself. I would of not done anything even close to what I disgustingly did, and however i would let Aiden (I think it was Aiden) deal with it like he said he would. You can trust me to become a good member again because I was a good cop, and a good civilian in my year on RPUK. Sure, I made a stupid mistake on my first day on the server, I'm sure alot of people did, but I did try my best, and I was always a person who was friendly and open to talking/roleplaying with people. I have attempted to apologize to this person, as I said below. I also find writing hard if i don't know what to write, so thank you for giving me a hand. (I'm Dyspraxic (Not Dyslexic))
  4. I have been playing alot of flight sims, playing GTA 5, playing PUBG, and some other games. I did take it on the chin, and left, i was a bit angry after having my unban overruled, but that was only temporary.
  5. Is Panda mobile in game? And the new forum look is wierd! (Just need to get used to it)

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    2. TacticalPanda
    3. Danish


      They removed a bunch of skins to get a smaller mission file


    4. VikRambo


      Thank god that thing is gone....

  6. I did apologize yes, a day or two after doing it if i Recall. You can ask him if you don't believe me. And yes what I said was extremely rude, and disgusting. I was also very cowardly for lying in front of admins when confronted (, and someone else).
  7. In-game Name PC TacticalPanda [KV842] Steam ID 76561198198959281 Please provide a link to your previous denied appeal. https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/77340-un-ban-appeal-tacticalpanda-01072017-denied/#comment-437498 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I think I was banned because of this rule, '(1.1) Bullying is punished by a permanent ban without appeal.' and possibly this aswell '(1.6) The Staff Team may ban any member from the servers and community at any time if they are considered disruptive to the community or we have a valid reason to believe they are here to cause issues.' I made another account, sent a rude message to someone, due to me being angry (Which does not mean what I did was ok), and then lied to staff () when they confronted me. I will not 'sugar-coat' what I did, and I will say, that I did something disgusting, and I deserved my punishment fully. What have you been upto in the last 6 months+ ? Many many different games (GTA 5, P3D, and lots more!) And also getting a deeper voice :) Why do you want to return ? I want to return because I miss all my friends here, and I felt like I have lost a part of me being banned here. This is because some of the funniest gaming moments have been here. Why should we unban you ? I think you should unban me because I have matured alot. I have used the time I've been banned to think about what I did, and think of how to control my anger. I think if you let me back, you would see that I am a different person, and not that immature little kid i was before. If i were to be unbanned, I wouldn't be as fully active as i was before (GCSEs, and some new changes to ICT apparently?), but I will still try to be active. I would accept any punishment/s if I was to be unbanned, and I would try my hardest to fulfill them. Thank you for reading :) Panda Fwend Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes I confirm 6 months+ have passed since my denied appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes
  8. 374 Notifcations......

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    2. TikTak


      Hi MSG me when your on TS next time.

    3. KillaJ


      hope you get unbanned man im rooting for you ;) 

    4. TacticalPanda
  9. Hi Fwends! I'll be back soon hopefully! (I think only a month left now!)

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    2. FergusW


      Come on TS Panda

    3. TacticalPanda


      I'm in My Shack, no password, @DSGT Fergus

    4. Hadi Doogle

      Hadi Doogle

      Wuttt panda got a deeper voice?

  10. I didn't know @DSGT Fergus could sing!
  11. How are you doing panda? Hows the coding going? 

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    2. TikTak


      I come her for the profile song :P xD

    3. TacticalPanda
    4. Danish


      At 0:45 he says "Heavy Metal Pokemon"


    THANKS @TomTheDoge <3

    1. TacticalPanda



  13. Vladic Ka, Could I find out why my Investor Channel (Investor + Lifetime) was deleted?

    1. FergusW


      I think you can guess why :P

    2. Vladic Ka

      Vladic Ka

      Staff are dealing with this now.

    3. TacticalPanda


      Im Talking to Tom about it, thanks anyway

      @DSGT Fergus I had no clue what happened

  14. #WhyIsMyInvestorChannelGone :(

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    2. Norman


      Yes, if you need more specifics you can ask Tom.

    3. TacticalPanda



      Ty, ill Talk to him

    4. TomTheDoge


      Spoken to Panda and channels are now returned. Some people were using their channel admin to take the piss out of people by changing the name. Panda was absent from the community at the time so I couldn't just talk to him at the time <3 (They'd been deleted a week or so now)

  15. https://www.steamladder.com/ladder/playtime/107410/gb

    37th playtime for arma 3 in the UK!

    Confirmation that I have no life! ;)

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    2. Phalanx


      You need to re click world, it refreshes eventually


      Thats why

      Wait nvm its for the uk and im still not on it

    3. Greasy


      Oh yeah, i'm 17th lol

    4. TacticalPanda
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