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  1. Question & Answer Thread

    I'm pretty sure we run the API on its own box which makes requests and caches them for different periods depending on the request (see resources last column for the different cache periods)
  2. Question & Answer Thread

    The API is accessible through https://api.roleplay.co.uk/, if you'd like to use it you'll have to use a language which is able to make requests for data from another server, this could be anything from cURL (although it's never been tried) to JavaScript, which is what the new statistics page is built using. An example AJAX request looks something like this $.ajax({ dataType: 'json', //The format/type of respone that we expect to recieve, usually JSON url: request, //The URL the request will be made from (e.g. https://api.roleplay.co.uk/v1/statistics) data: data, //The variable in which the returned information will be stored in success: success, //The function that will run upon a sucessful request, will parse the data parameter, so should look like: function success(data) {...} error: error //The function that will run upon an error during the request });
  3. Question & Answer Thread

    Stuck with any part of your development (related to RPUK)? Post your question in this thread and it'll be answered ASAP by another developer. Please make sure you follow the rules!
  4. Daddy Tadworth

    Thanks ahaha, I've had the nickname or at least variants of it for ages and I've got no idea where it came from to be honest. At least it's on the forums as well now though 😂
  5. Altis Life UK Server Development - Changelog

    Changed: UNMC fence is now the UNMC wall (And they made the Altis Government Pay) The new gates can now be opened and closed using "P" while nearby in or out of a vehicle Fixed the Police Pay, it is now the same for the new ranks as it was for the old ranks Overhaul of the exterior of Kavala Police Station, interior will be updated in the next update Various Changes to Agios Police Station, New armoury added along with changes to the front desk The wind is now stronger so that flags look better and don't just dangle Attempted Fix on ARAC Uniform Added Yellow ARAC Vest A lot of bug fixes and issues with the police armoury and gear due to the new rank updates (more detailed changelog coming) Fixed Floating Building at the Oil Extraction Added Death By Dangerous Driving to the list of crimes on the PNC The rank to scrap vehicles is now PC (as it should have been), you still need permission from a SGT to be able to scrap however Fixed various issues with the Police Armoury Prob. PC now spawn with the right uniform Removed Lethal Rounds from PCSO's armoury Fixed various issues regarding the SPAR-16s Mission File Size Reduced & Optimised (Now 34267kb): Compressed various images more while keeping same quality to reduce file size Removed Specialist Unit Police Hunters as they were huge, all units will now use the Single Police Hunter Removed NHS Mohawk and Taru's Removed all the files that were still in the mission file but not actually located anywhere on the map Removed the Black Police SUV and Offroad, along with a reduction to the filesize of the MB4WD
  6. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    I can imagine you learned a lot in your rank as PC, permanently blacklisted.
  7. NCA give road tactics a go!

    Great TPAC, couldn't have gone any better
  8. Discord [15/07/2017]

    [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED] Discord [07/06/17] Police Command, written by CC Joseph Tadworth Section 1, Joining Discord Since Discord has been released to the public, Police Command and the Development Team (myself and @Ciaran) have been working hard to create integrations with our current systems. If you have not already joined Discord you can do so by clicking below. Section 2, Getting your tags Discord is designed around a "tag" system, where having specific tags allows access to different channels. The following guide will explain the process of getting your tags, please be mindful that Silver and Gold Command can be very busy at times, and adding your tags on Discord may be at the bottom of their list, so please be patient. The steps as to how to get your tags are as follows: Join Discord Go to the #requesting-tags channel Type "johnny5 my id", copy the the number that it sends back to you Send this number to the Silver Command of your constabulary, they will then whitelist you on the MainPNC (don't worry, you don't need to keep this number secret) You're done! Once you've got your tags you're all setup, if you have any questions feel free to message me or Silver Command in your Constabulary and we'll happily answer them for you. Regards,Chief Constable Joseph Tadworth,℅ Altis Police Command.
  9. Police PCC Laws

    The rule regarding members of "prescribed organisations" making PCC's has now been revoked, you may make PCC's as usual from now.
  10. Police PCC Laws

    It says you can't if you're playing as a character affiliated with one of the listed groups, however, if you were to leave that gang while you played and changed your name, for example, it would be fine, the statement does not need rewording at all.
  11. Police PCC Laws

    It works exactly as @Samatlewis has stated, however, we will consider your involvement with these factions and if we believe there are any other factors involved the PCC may be denied.
  12. Gun Safety with Nick

    Really good video, maybe a few more in the future? 😉 (I'm sure we could get you some proper police resources to do them as well if you like).
  13. [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED] This document contains information that was gathered through various sources of intelligence, and for that reason some information cannot be fully publicly disclosed to ensure that the operational capabilities of the Altis Police Service are not harmed. Statement from Police Command on UNMC, TCK, TBW, P & AMW [12/07/17] Police Command, written by CC Joseph Tadworth Firstly, the following actions are not ones that the Altis Police Service wishes to take in haste and therefore these following actions have all been approved by Police Command following the Emergency Major Incident Response / Civil Contingencies response plans which have been in place for some time, which detail the following phases: reaction retrieval and investigation recovery relief remediation regeneration The recent incidents caused by the following organisations have been deemed as Major Incidents: United Non-conformist Military Corps The Copper Kings The Black Watch The Psychos Altis' Most Wanted Descend Shield Of Shadows After discussion with Her Majesties Government, and consultation with both the Home Secretary and The Minister For Altis, it has been decided that the listed groups above will be added to the list of prescribed terrorist organisations under Section 3 Schedule 2 of the Terrorism Act 2000. This means that officers of the Altis Police have now been granted the following powers against the listed groups: Search of Persons Suspected to be a Terrorist - Section 43, Terrorism Act 2000. Suspected Terrorists - Arrest Without Warrant - Section 41, Terrorism Act 2000. Terrorism Membership - Section 11, Terrorism Act 2000. Pre-authorised house raids (under Section 42 of the Terrorism Act 2000) with the permission of Silver Command or Gold Command under Sections 14 and 15 of the Terrorism Act 2000. All articles found inside a premises with any monetary value may be seized, this includes both legal or illegal items. Pre-authorised search of vehicles under section 43(a) of the Terrorism Act. Pre-authorised scrapping of any vehicles believed to be owned by any of the listed groups, Sections 24 to 31, Terrorism Act 2000. Members of the prior groups are now also forbidden from filing Police Complaints, and all known members have been placed on the watchlist. I remind the recently prescribed organisations that these powers are strictly in force due to their actions, and should they cease their current actions and affiliations, these actions will be revoked. The Threat Level Remains at Critical, and officers are reminded of the need for Exceptional Operational Vigilance; and that if you see anything suspicious report it to Gold Command immediately. Please note, these actions have not been taken due to an isolated incident, Police Command will continue to work with the Joint Intelligence Committee to ensure that Altis remains safe, there should not be a significant degradation of the quality of policing during this time. Regards, Chief Constable Joseph Tadworth, ℅ Altis Police Command.
  14. Altis Life UK Server Development - Changelog

    Changed: Police Rank Structure (new version shown below).