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  1. Report a player Your In-game Name: Joseph Tadworth Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: Triads Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 04/03/22 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 145 What best describes this incident ?: RDM, Baiting, Trolling (throwing yourself in front of vehicle), Poor RP Please (in detail) describe the incident: Baiting - Whilst on patrol with Louis and Riley, we were dealing with a broken down lorry next to Legion Lower. A male wearing all black arrived and immidiately was obsructive. I told him to drive on the correct side of the road, which he refused. I activated my blue lights as we were called to gunshots in the north of the city. (See on my minimap the location of the gunshots). The bike followed us, I made attempts to stop the bike from following us (in RP, if somebody is following a police vehicle on blues - procedure is to stop and deal with them for the traffic offence). To do this I initially tried speaking to the person on the bike, who said he wanted us to "prove we're going to an emergency call" (words to that effect). Obviously, that isn't justification to break traffic laws. I attempted to stop the man on the bike to speak to him, he failed to stop, and in combination with two other riders, drove to the Triads turf. From this point the member of the Triads who we asked to get off the bike immidiately started calling up on his radio, saying "I'VE GOT SOME CUNTS COPS HERE". Trolling - The riders of all three bikes continuously drove in front of me, and repeatedly shouted "whats your badge number, that's a court case, do you want to go to court" (and other words to this effect). RDM - Upon arrival at the Triads turf, I told the male he was under arrest for failure to stop for police. He then pulled a knife and without saying anything stabbed me. The rest of the Triads gang proceeded to shoot Riley and Louis who were in the car with me. After stabbing me, the male immidiately said "shoot cops" on his radio. This situation escelated from us asking somebody to drive on the right side of the road, to me being stabbed and a large firefight. I believe the Triads deliberately baited us into the pursuit and drove us back to their compound as they wanted a fight with Police. They provided minimal RP and made very little attempt to speak to us throughout the entire scenario. In my 7 years playing here I have not once made a report, this is by far the worst roleplaying experience I've had on RPUK (Altis or FiveM). I have not attempted to resolve this situation as I do not know the names of any of the people involved. Video is from Louis' POV & this is the maximum length we can get from his recording. This is my first ever report so if I've missed anything or more detail is needed please let me know. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gou_y4c-mMs This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
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  5. Can't believe you're leaving. Thanks for everything, it's been a wild ride, especially when the forums needed updating Best of luck in the future, desoleil
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  8. Date / Time: 04/03/2021 20:00 Release: Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured Changes: Alert Notifications (Police, NHS, Taxi, etc dispatches) redesigned @Tadworth Rate limtied panic button @Recon Nine Added over 100 houses to the canals area @Antollyme NHS Blips Fixed @TinyBigJacko NHS blips will now clear if a player leaves an ambulance job Blips will correctly populate when joining an ambulance job Blips correctly update every 10 seconds Car changes @Mike Polo Interior of the Police Skoda Octavia significantly improved Shrunk the Police Pergoet 308 by 20% + interior Helicopter fixes @Mike Polo Added 4th seat to the NHS helicopter Added 4th seat to the Police helicopter Rotated a seat which was facing the wrong direction on the Police Helicopter Various Security Fixes @Ciaran @Tadworth@TinyBigJacko@Recon Nine Final notes: Testing: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/128250-gta-rp-game-testers/ Suggestions: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/506-suggestions/ Bugs: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/93-report-a-bug/
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  10. @Norman has this been resolved?
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