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  1. @Wilco Well I will implement something I currently don't do... thinking twice before I say something.
  2. I can now see how big an impact impersonating someone, especially a staff member, can have. I simply viewed using that name as a bit of banter which wouldn't not create issues. Obviously this was not the case. The username obviously isn’t acceptable and I have no excuse for that. I am fairly certain it was used ~4 months ago on a private server, definitely not on RPUK. I apologise for this. The whole "dabbot" thing was just meant as harmless banter which the members who reported it interpreted wrongly. It was in no way what so ever intended to be a malicious act. My actions weren't meant to bring about the impression that I was trolling, instead as I have mentioned before it was all just meant to be a bit of light-hearted banter. In hindsight my actions overstepped the mark for which I apologise. I sincerely apologise for my actions and I hope that I didn’t cause too big of an issue as a result of them. @Wilco
  3. In-game Name [I] Humzah Steam ID 76561198070259510 The date of your ban. 13/10/17 Member of the team that banned you. Unknown Reason given for your ban. 11.5 The Server you initially were banned on. Server 1 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I believe that I was banned for having my name on the server as [TCK] Alex Jackson for a short period of time, and when Alex found out that it was me he told me to disconnect and change it which I did because he had told me that it was a rule break which I wasn't aware of at the time. Therefore I had broken rule 11.5 which is impersonating another member of the community which was Alex Jackson but clearly I did not think that through during the time that this incident had occurred as I knew Alex would not mind as he understood it was a light hearted joke however I see from a third party POV it looks like I am purposely doing this to get laughs. Why should we unban you ? I think you should unban me because I am a long standing member of this community coming up to 2 years next month and this was a really stupid mistake that I had made and did in the heat of the moment because I was just having a bit of banter with Alex as he used to play with TCK, it was light hearted with no ill intentions towards TCK as in all fairness they are a well established gang within the community who focus on RP, thus being said I would like to formally apologize to any TCK members who feel I was making a mockery of them. So it was all just a little joke between me and Alex which at the time I never thought it was a rule break but clearly I was wrong and now fully understand the rule that I have broken along with reading through all the other rules to just refresh my mind on them to get an even better understanding of them. In addition to this, the last time I was banned was over a year ago if you don't count the Pavilion blanket ban which was over 6 months ago. I am sincerely sorry for breaking the rule which at the time I never knew I was doing and it was an honest mistake from my side and I meant no harm by it to anyone as it was just a little bit of banter between me and Alex which i should've thoroughly thought through, my act first think later mentality unfortunately got the better of me but in the future if I am offered another chance I will thoroughly think before doing . I hope you understand that it was just a bit of banter with no bad intentions that rightfully got me banned which I can fully understand and I never meant anything by it and hope that you are willing to give me a second chance because I play here almost everyday/night and enjoy it a lot as the community is of a high quality that tries it’s hardest to give every user a positive experience. I feel ashamed of my actions and feel I have went against the morality of the community and thus accept my ban.Thanks for taking the time to read this appeal and hopefully understand why I decided to make this silly mistake that I know now to do. Furthermore, I know a lot of people will be reading this appeal and this should hopefully outline this rule to them to ensure that they do not do anything of the sort. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes
  4. Happy Birthday, hope you enjoyed getting your legs broken

    1. Humzah


      Hahaha thanks

  5. happy bday kiddo 🎂🤑

  6. The helicopter was scrapped due to multiple reasons: 1. It was landed illegally 2. it contained crystal meth. These both combined when asking for authorisation made it eligible to be scrapped. Therefor due to the illegal activities which where conducted in this vehicle no matter how much they would cost will still get scrapped. Sorry if you feel you have been hard done by however the law is the law feel free to take this to a lawyer. I also don't remember this too much as it was a couple of days ago now but that is all that I can recall from this situation.
  7. Nice green name, Kermit approves 

  8. I will repeat what I previously stated as I don’t believe it was made clear. At the 2:00 point in your video you proceeded to rob Daniel2sec and threaten him multiple times with words like “blow your head off” and pointing a large calibre weapon pointed directly at his face. This then ends at the 3:15 mark after which you drive off. Exactly 1 minute later in your video, 4:15, we reappear and you repeat an order you gave to Daniel2sec “I thought I told you go Kavala mate” after which myself and Daniel2sec initiated upon your tires. You clearly acknowledged this as you proceeded to speed off misjudging your ability resulting in your tires being shot at. You should’ve been fully aware that when a vehicle’s tires are shot at there is the possibility of bullets hitting the occupants. I will respond to your points as you raise them. Yes, I admit I read what you previously stated wrong. However I believe I did all in my power to do right by my actions. To correct this situation there is only a few things I can do: offer comp, apologise for my actions and attempt to correct them which I believe I did when I called the medics to revive Lacey and let her go free. I understand where you are coming from here, when you say comp means nothing, for a lot of people the money isn't the issue. However, I strongly disagree when you say "saying this means nothing". How can someone attempting to correct their actions by offer comp and apologising "mean nothing"? This is an adult community after all and a lot of mistakes are made on a daily basis on the server which are corrected by the party in the wrong by apologising after which both sides move on. No. If this was the case and I truly wished to kill Lacey I would've ads and pointed accordingly. Instead in the heat of the moment I spray at the lower end of the vehicle, attempting to kill the tires, not the occupants. In hindsight obviously I should've taken more care when shooting the tires, but in heat of the moment situations such things can easily occur. The reason for my evidence being uploaded in snippets is to make it easier for reviewing staff, as I believe they represent the key points of my defence, also as I have a poor internet connection meaning that uploading approx. 5 minutes of footage would be difficult. This is completely irrelevant from this report so I don't know why you put that for. Now I ask you why are you the one reporting me as the only person that was affected was Lacey, surely she should be the one reporting me if she had a issue with it or even messaging me but you're the one here reporting me for something that I had done to Lacey and even the evidence you provided is from her POV. I would like Lacey to comment on this report about her thoughts on it because it just seems to me that John you are someone who is a report happy person and have reported me for something I did to another person which I tried in my best ability to make that mistake right by getting Lacey revived and letting her go along with telling her that I was sorry.
  9. Okay, let me start from the beginning, so we were on patrol and Daniel told us that there were armed people on him so we went over towards Daniel and find out that he had been robbed and Angelfall had seen the people in Daniel’s stolen car driving around. So when I arrived I was going to arrest them as they had just robbed an officer and at 2:48 of their video they threaten Daniel’s life and stole his car but John got in his car, I told him that his tyres would be shot and it didn’t look like he was slowing down at all but instead turned the car and carried on driving so I shot at the car. After shooting at the car, I disabled it and realised that I had killed Lacey by mistake. After I killed Lacey by mistake, I got her off the side of the road and told her that I was sorry and I never meant to kill her. I then got the medic to arrive and help her up so that she never lost anything and then I let her go as I honestly never meant to kill her when I shot at the car. After that, I went to where` John was bleeding out and attempted to drag him to the medic but he never wanted to and just kept saying stop dragging me or I will PCC all of you constantly so I stopped dragging him. Shortly after, I got a message from John and I told him that I never meant to kill Lacey and I was sorry and he said that it has happened twice now that the cops have said this so he went and said he will get a staff opinion and he closed the chat and went on to report me. At no point what so ever do I feel like John tried to resolve this with me as he stated that he did attempt to resolve it with me. I even said sorry on the messages and you say that you accept the apology yet you report me anyway which I feel like you are just trying to get me banned for a mistake that I had made which I tried to fix by getting Lacey revived and letting her go and was going to get you revived but you respawned anyway. I don’t see the point in you reporting me for me making an honest mistake and even after me saying that I was sorry for what I had done and don’t see how I can make this right after letting Lacey go as I did kill her by mistake. I would also like to add that you also killed the civilian even though you told him to get out the truck or you will shoot him and he complied by getting out yet you shot him even though he pulled a gun and never shot at all yet you kill him anyway hmmm RDM? http://plays.tv/video/59c53d98b32bd77ba5/saying-sorry-in-game-for-my-mistake - Helping her off the side of the road and saying sorry and how I never meant to kill her https://plays.tv/video/59c548665449b4e12a/medic-helping-lacey - Medic reviving her so he never lost any gear from my mistake and if she did then I would have gave compensation for the gear she lost due to my mistake of her being killed. https://plays.tv/video/59c5495bc59cbf8726/trying-to-help-john - Tried to get John revived but clearly didn’t want to be helped https://gyazo.com/7c28767d9de9228e85bfb073308cf71b - Shows that Lacey did get revived https://gyazo.com/d4df4907003fee9664da29f9fd07b9cf - Chat log of when John messaged me on teamspeak https://gyazo.com/4146419f35b5267ee8dccb08eec7a510 - This is when I shot and you can see that the cross hair is big which makes it hard for me to know where the bullet would hit and unfortunately it killed Lacey
  10. Welcome back!! don't forget to read the server rules since there are some new ones sir! https://www.roleplay.co.uk/rules

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