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CSI Owen

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  1. Oh god, not this again 😂
  2. So scary, please don't hurt us
  3. Flip a coin
  4. Don't bother with the stream bit, just gimme now. Save everyone some time ;)
  5. That feeling when your Insurance goes up £130 than the previous year. Damn Black Box 😂

    1. VikRambo


      Not surprised considering you drive like you fly.... 


      exdee :)

  6. I doubt that they were 'Changing' the laws. The laws are indeed written down https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cqY3FuduxnBOyfAwMm_-JUxrr1i51XtZ5DFUwGL8kEc/edit
  7. You've already been linked this :)
  8. It's still the police
  9. Congrats on CSI cunt 


  10. Recruitment Team May Statistics Applications Processed: 249 Success Rates: 52.61% Accepted: 131 Denied: 118 Re-Invitations: 47 Daily Average: 8.30 Kind Regards, CSI Owen and CSI TikTak Recruitment Team Command Roster
  11. Academy June Statistics Total Database Entries: 1102 Total Applications: 249 Total Interviews: 162 Total FTC's: 131 Total FTT's: 96 Total PA's: 63 Total Modules: 124 Total FA's: 4 Thank you to all Academy members for everything that you do for the police. Kind Regards, Academy Command! CSI Owen SI Masis CI mryan19 | CI Fallen | CI James Travers
  12. Ford Focus RS - w/ mid range color correction and personal signature - 4K Resolution.


  13. I like it.
  14. Whoo.. Finally have a new job! :)

    1. Mattch


      You don't do any work anyway

    2. CInsp James Travers

      CInsp James Travers

      Interview in shorts with a shirt and tie ye?

    3. INS Dan Barretto

      INS Dan Barretto