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  1. As a Twitch Streaming I would like an option to turn OOC Chat off. 70% of the stuff in there is people 'Metagaming' and its ruining my immersion, takes up 1/3 of the screen. Twitter messages should be a notification at the bottom right saying; (Playername) has tweeted a message. Then you're able to read those tweets on your phone. That is what I would like to see being changed.
  2. tenor.gif?itemid=7868864
    Another FiveM Test-run tonight! #Hype

  3. 😴 Stream has ended... Thanks for all the love! Also huge thanks to @Stealthee for providing us with yet another FiveM Test-run, it was extremely enjoyable! Have a great night, see you lot tomorrow!

    Ronald Strauss

  4. @Stealthee and other Developers, Amazing work so far, I've really enjoyed testing out the FiveM Server tonight. Loads of RP opportunities, Can't wait to patrol the streets as a Road Traffic Officer. ❤️    P.s.  Extremely impressed with the stability of the Server, after @Ciaran did some magic.

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    2. Scorpex


      @Ronald Strauss Yup..... and I did drive over the spikes omg, didn't show up on my screen lol!

    3. Fluqi


      @Busterguy - You straight up disappeared btw. I saw you turn the corner, less than 5 seconds later I turn that corner. You're gone. 🤣

    4. Nuclear


      I might go for cops on fiveM i love the skins and the change of gameplay would do me well


  5. How do you intend to persuade people to do those types of Drug-runs, when it's currently much easier/safer for you to purchase a border-pass and do Poseidon Drugs instead, Poseidon won't harm you, because you purchased their border-pass, they currently don't take a cut of the profit. (I believe you should take like 20% of their profit, makes more sense for a cartel.) Don't get me wrong, I would love to see an increase in drug trafficking on our side of the border, however I don't see it happening soon... Poseidon drugs currently is High Reward, Low Risk. (Occasionally Police conduct
  6. Offoard (Communications) Brief Summary: Introducing a different version of the Off-road in your local Dealership. Detailed Suggestion: Morning, Suggestion is plain and simple, make this vehicle available in your local Car Dealership, it's a cool looking variation of the Off-road, that could potentially be used for different scenarios. When the Contact DLC was released we even spoke about using the model as a 'Communications vehicle' in the Police, however that was months ago... There are other color options as well, such as Green, LDF, Forest Ranger and Black, lets
  7. Your In-game name CSI Ronald Strauss [6852] Name of the player(s) you are reporting El Novato & Theob Date of the incident 12/08/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 22 What best describes this incident ? Other Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident After almost being involved in a Traffic accident with the Box truck at the beginning of the video, I decided to pull it over for driving without any headlights. He decided to evade from Police, however we noticed an armed robbery be
  8. Your In-game name CSI Ronald Strauss [6852] Name of the player(s) you are reporting Franck Tartan Date of the incident 12/08/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 22 What best describes this incident ? Other Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident Patrolling the streets of Altis, noticed a citizen driving without headlights, decided to pursue the individual. After a few twists and turns he decided to drive back towards Kavala, where he ditched his vehicle inside the water (Combat Stor
  9. tenor.gif?itemid=4246425

                                 4 Years... Time flies! 🥳

  10. MoKt4QY.png

    *Coffee machine grinding the beans in the background.* 

    (Day 001) Leaving the Kavala Police Station, another day of Frontline Policing,
    Are you witnessing any suspicious behavior? Report it to your local authorities.


    CSI Ronald Strauss [6852]


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    2. ShaunLAD


      @Stavik how is that roleplay lol 

    3. Stavik


      @ShaunLAD cause i know by looking at it and you dont.

    4. ShaunLAD
  11. @REEEEEEagan When Rebels suggest something on the forums they do it to benefit themselves as well, that's what @CI Nomad is trying to say. (!) Maybe have a different look on the situation.. Maybe the reason the Police decide to end the AR Weapon Cache aggressively is because it's already the 4th-time this hour they had to respond to it. If things are extremely repetitive and happen as often as the AR Weapon Cache it starts to get boring? That's the same with Fuel Stations, you respond to them, at 80% of them you receive the same role-play story. In 20% of the situations you allowed the
  12. @REEEEEEagan Currently the AR Weapon Cache is an easy target, it's being hit 3/4 times per hour. Those situations you're describing could be interesting and fun to deal with, sure not every Officers enjoys dealing with that kinda stuff, however there is a whole section within the Police which enjoys the In-depth/Slow role-play scenarios. Police Officers aren't 'Robots', we're also using our free-time to enjoy ourselves, to provide role-play and interaction. Also I noticed your comment, about everybody that replied is within the Police Services, that's because it mainly to Police that nee
  13. @MrLongSlong The comment you made just shows how much of a "Community" player you're. Lets turn it around. You decided to be a Rebel, nobody is forcing you. Yet the majority of you complain about how expensive everything is, how this should be changed and so on? It's the same thing. Yes, We're here to provide Roleplay/Response to whatever happens on the island. However everything needs to be balanced, right now it isn't. I personally wouldn't mind less 'Rebel' activity, because I enjoy the Policing side of the Police Service. However stop thinking about yourselves, and remember it's import
  14. @Nuclear Compared to two years ago this Server has turned into a Wasteland Server, just look at the equipment our 'Criminals' have on the island? The issue @Police Man Reiss is bringing up is a valid one. The majority of the AR Weapon Cache situations are firefight generators. As Police Officers it becomes extremely repetitive when you respond to the same compound 3/4 times per hours, because another groups starts breaking down the doors. If you wanna see more role-play, then less scripted events/scenarios, were someone just walks towards either a sign and/or door to start something. In
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